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WARNING: Not tested yet ! Will be stabilized in next hours.
this patch changes the interface between mindi and mondo.
Everything is now managed through either MONDO_CACHE/mondo-restore.cfg
and MONDO_CACHE/mindi.conf (an additional configuration file)
This removes all the one line files NFS-*, ... that where used
in an anarchic way. Now everything computed by mondo is
under mondo-restore.cfg and everything related to mindi in mindi.conf

Still needed are the removal of the 2 parameters to mindi,
but that will be done after when a clear line is drawn between
where files are put by each tool.

MONDO_TMP and MINDI_TMP should be reserved for temporary files
MONDO_CACHE and MINDI_CACHE for end results and communication
between tools.
These changes were made in order to prepare the USB support in mondo

A first step in the right direction, but still some work to do
before it's working again.
Testers please be warned.

File size: 291 bytes
2## Process this file with Automake to generate `'
4AM_CPPFLAGS = -DMONDO_SHARE=\"$(pkgdatadir)\" -DMONDO_CONF_DIR=\"$(sysconfdir)\" -I${top_builddir}/src/include
6## libmr
7noinst_LIBRARIES = libmr.a
9libmr_a_SOURCES  = mr_conf.c mr_str.c mr_mem.c mr_err.c mr_msg.c mr_file.c
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