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3  <head>
4          <title>About Mondo Rescue</title>
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6  </head>
7  <body>
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11        <h1>About Mondo Rescue</h1>
12  <div class="h2-1">
13    <h2>What is Mondo Rescue ?</h2>
14  </div>
15  <p>
16       <B>Mondo is reliable.</B> It backs up your GNU/Linux server or
17       workstation to tape, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R[W], DVD+R[W], NFS or hard disk partition. In the
18       event of catastrophic data loss, you will be able to restore all of
19       your data [or as much as you want], from bare metal if necessary.
20       Mondo is in use by Lockheed-Martin, Nortel Networks, Siemens, HP,
21       IBM, NASA's JPL, the US Dept of Agriculture, dozens of
22       smaller companies, and tens of thousands of users.</P>
24       <p>
25       <B>Mondo is comprehensive.</B> Mondo supports LVM 1/2, RAID, ext2, ext3, ext4,
26       JFS, XFS, ReiserFS, VFAT, and can support additional filesystems
27       easily: just e-mail the <A HREF="/support.shtml">mailing list</A>
28       with your request. It supports software raid as well as most hardware raid controllers. It supports adjustments in disk geometry,
29       including migration from non-RAID to RAID. It supports BIOS and UEFI boot modes. Mondo runs on all major
30       Linux distributions (Fedora, RHEL, OpenSUSE, SLES, Mageia, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo) and is getting better all the time. You may even
31       use it to backup non-Linux partitions, such as NTFS.</P>
32       <p>
33       <B>Mondo is free!</B> It has been published under the GPL v2 (GNU Public
34       License), partly to expose it to thousands of potential beta-testers
35       but mostly as a contribution to the Linux community.
36       </P>
37  <div class="h2-2">
38          <h2>Mondo Rescue References</h2>
39  </div>
40       <p>
41       Here are some external references to Mondo. [<A HREF="">PCQuest</A>]
42        [<A HREF="">TechRepublic</A>]
43        [<A HREF=";admit=716493758+1065611144746+28353475">HP</A>]
44        [<A HREF="">SSC</A>]
45        [<A HREF=";admit=716493758+1065611473837+28353475">HP
46        again</A>] [<A HREF=";pid=1142">SFFTech</A>]
47        [<A HREF="">SuSE</A>]
48        [<A HREF=""></A>]
49        [<A HREF="">Linux Journal</A>]
50        [<A HREF="">LJ again</A>]
51        [<A HREF="">and again</A>]
52        [<A HREF="">CCP14</A>]</P>
53        <p>We also have <a href="">freshmeat</a>, <a href="">FSF</a>, <a href="">IDABC</a> entries.</p>
55  <div class="h2-3">
56          <h2>Who is behind Mondo Rescue ?</h2>
57  </div>
58        <p><A NAME="devteam"></A>Who
59        is in the Mondo Devteam?</P>
60      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
61      <I><B>Bruno Cornec</B></I><BR>
62      lead development, maintenance, documentation, web site, rpm packaging, Mandriva packaging</P>
63      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
64      <I><B>Andree Leidenfrost</B></I><BR>
65      co-development, maintenance, Official Debian packager</P>
66      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
67      <I><B>Victor Gattegno</B></I><BR>
68      Mailing list support, contributor</P>
69      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
70      <I><B>Didier Diaz</B></I><BR>
71      Mailing list support, contributor</P>
72      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
73      <I><B>Michael Shapiro</B></I><BR>
74      Code contributor</P>
75      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
76      <I><B>Lester Wade</B></I><BR>
77      Documentation contributor</P>
78      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
79      <I><B>Lars Rupp</B></I><BR>
80      Offical SuSE packager</P>
81      <p></p>
82  <div class="h2-4">
83          <h2>Who has been behind Mondo Rescue ?</h2>
84  </div>
85      <p><A NAME="old-devteam"></A>Who
86       has been in the Mondo Devteam?</P>
87      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
88       <I>Hugo Rabson</I><BR>
89       original author: whithout Hugo you won't have any project today. </P>
90      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
91       <I>Stan Benoit</I><BR>
92       original beta testing; bugfixes</P>
93      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
94       <I>H&eacute;ctor Garc&iacute;a &Aacute;lvarez</I><BR>
95       original Debian release guru</P>
96      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
97       <I>Joshua Oreman</I><BR>
98       original FreeBSD port</P>
99      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
100       <I>Michael Clark</I><BR>
101       original PDF docs</P>
102      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
103       <I>Jesse Keating</I><BR>
104       original RPM packaging</P>
105      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
106       <I>Mikael Hultgren, Michael Clark, Scott Godin</I><BR>
107       major contributors</P>
108      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
109      <I>Mike Roark</I><BR>
110      Contributor SuSE packager</P>
111  <div class="h2-2">
112          <h2>Artwork of this site</h2>
113  </div>
114  <p>"I think I've already seen your look and feel somewhere"
116      <h3>Graphics made by Alexis Younes (Ayo73) and Amaury Amblard-Ladurantie</h3>
117    <p>These 2 incredible guys have accepted to let us reuse the design they made for the not less incredible game <a href="">Frozen Bubble</a>. Many thanks guys ! Just hope Mondo Rescue will help you some days as much as I played to frozen bubble myself :-)</p>
118    <p>Don't miss Ayo's site at <a href=""></a> as it provides all his artworks, some of them reusable.</p>
119  <div class="h2-5">
120          <h2>The Mondo Rescue Community</h2>
121  </div>
122      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
123      There are dozens of regular contributors and over 400 members of the mailing list. The user base is estimated at between 50,000 and 100,000.</P>
124      <p>A lot of people have helped the Mondo Rescue project during time. You really deserve that "Thank you" page.</p>
125      <p>If you're not listed here and you think you should be, please contact <a href="">us</a> and don't be embarrassed about it: if you have contributed, your name should be here.</p>
126      <h3>Sponsors</h3>
127    <p>These people helped financially the development of Mondo Rescue:</p>
128    <p>
130    Charles Acker, Tim Allen, Poe Chen (Flometrics), Cube Consulting Technology Group, Ali-Reza Anghaie,
131    Ugo Bellavance, John Blauveltt, Joe Baker, R. E. Baker, Stan Benoit, Fred Beondo, Bryan Bilyeu, J.R. Black, Perry Blalock, Michael Bockelie, Thomas Boilard, Dmitri Bosiers, Matthew Brett, Jocelyn Brouillard, Christopher Bryant, Benedikt Carda, Bruce Carlson, Bill Catlan,
132    Paul Cheshire, JT Chiodi, Matthew Cline, Michael Cocke, William Codington, Herve Collin, Bob Collins, Anthony A. Cooke, Joe Cooper, Joop Cousteau, Sam Cramer, Lachlan Cranswick, Roy Cromartie, John Croson, Graham Currie,
133    DaveD, Richard Damian, Andrew Davidson, Hakan Dedorsson, Randy Delfs, Shekhar Dhotre, Daniel Dickinson, Lloyd Dieter, David Disser, Warren Dodge, David Donovan, Nelson Doucet, Neil Dunbar, John Duinkerken,
134    Rolf Eichenseher, Don Erickson, Lukas Efler, Rodolfo Estrada,
135    Scott Farwell, Larry Finger, Santiago Flores, Michael Francis, David Franklin, Doreen Friesen,
136    Andreas Gartner, Brian Goodyear, Todd Gould, Robert Granger, Bruce Griffis, Scott Grimes, David Grubb,
137    Carrie Hallquist,  Steve Haworth, Douglas Heady, Stefan U Hegner, Greg Henderson, Karlheinz Herrmann, Hewlett-Packard, Robert Hieger, Robert F. Hill, John Holbrook, HP Intel Solution Center, John Huttley,
138    Paul Isaacs,
139    Maurice Janssen, William Jennings,
140    Ted Kaczmarek, Merwan Kashouty, Jesse Keating, Roy Kimbrell, Thomas Klettke, Barry Kline, Herman Knief, Edward Konz, Aaron Kulbe,
141    Andrew Latham, Robert E. Laughlin, Scott Leerssen, Andree Leidenfrost, Mark Lindsay, David Looney,
142    Scott Mace, Jonathan Manning, Andrew McDade, Norrie McKinley, Shannon McMurtrey, Sasha Mitelman, Bruce Martin, Chris Mason, Roy McBroom, Brian Moore, Dellae McKenzie, Douglas McIntosh, George McQuade, TJ Meadows, Bill Mixter, Mark Jed Murphy,
143    Mark Newman, Mark Nienberg, Zina Nieuwland,
144    James Ots, Bill Ott, Fergus O'Rorke,
145    Danny Patel, Sean McPherson, Benjamin Merembeck, Sasha Mitelman, Danny Patel, Andreas Pirrung, Randall Potvin, Frank Precissi, David Price,
146    Robert Ragosta, Scott Redford, Kevin Rennert, James Richard, Eric Roark, Seth Rothberg,
147    Daniel Sabo, Dan Sanderson, Anatole Sarko, Mark Schmidt, Knut Schneider, Neil Schneider, Efren Seldura, Michael Sestak, Michael Shehan, David Schaub, Edward Sheldrake, Rei Shinozuka, Thomas Simmons, Bradley Sims, Eric Sixt, Andreas Söchtig, SolarPC, Jeffrey Sofferin, Squeegy, Stephen Squier, Marius Steurer, Neil Stevens,
148    Hal Thompson, Louis Townsend, Dale Tronrud, Pinhas Tsruya,
149    Derek Verbeeck,
150    Dean Wadsworth, Jason Ware, Wynja Web, Benjamin Weiss, Roger West, J. Whitacre, Glenn Williams, Bob Wooden, David Wilson, David Wrisley,
151    Gregory Yasko, Chris Young,
152    Tobias Zetterkvist, Zuehike Engineering AG.</P>
153     <h3>Contributors</h3>
154    <p>These people helped technically the development of Mondo Rescue:</p>
155    <p>
156           Fayrouz Abdelkhalek, AlfOS, Alphaome, H&eacute;ctor Garc&iacute;a &Aacute;lvarez, Erik Andersen,
157           Dagfinn Bakken, Sergio Javier Belkin, Stan &quot;Troff&quot; Benoit, Eric Boo, Fran Boon, Braindead, Fr&eacute;d&eacute;ric Brin, Alex Butcher,
158           Cafeole, Rick Calder, Dean Carpenter, Michael &quot;Miark&quot; Clark, Gene Cooper, Joe Cooper, Bruno Cornec, Joop Cousteau, Rhys Cuff,
159           Conor Daly, Bill Davidsen, Mike Davis, Phillip Deackes, Randy Delfs, Aaron Digulla, Krzysztof Dubowitz,
160           Dave Ellis,
161           Fred Feirtag, Johannes Franken,
162           Charles Galpin, Stuart D. Gathman, Andrew Glass, Daniel Grandjean, Dave Granz, Ralph Grewe,
163           Mark Hannah, Ole Hanson, Chad Harrelson, John Harrison, Lee Harvey, Bradley Hartin, Rick Haskin, David Hess, Robert W. Holder, Mikael Hultgren, John Huttley,
164           Jesse &quot;KP&quot; Keating, Donald Kerns, David Kim, Andreas Kotowicz, Maciej Kulasa, Charly K&uuml;hnast,
165           Fabrice Laborie, Andree, Leidenfrost, Jan-Eric Lindh, Gary Lowder,
166           John Mann, Markus Markert, Markus Marquardt, Jean-David Marrow, Marshall McMullen, Roger Merchberger, Benjamin Mickens, Jeff Miller, Michael Moellney, Eberhard Moenkeberg, Andreas Mohr, Jason Murray, Philippe de Muyler,
167           Matija Nalis, Doug Nordwall, Kosaku Nagasaka,
168           Marcus Oberhumer, Joshua Oreman, Jay Osborne,
169           Packetknife and co., Paolo, Michael Ralph Pape, Frank Petzold, Steve Pitts, Dave Polniak, John Price, Terry Pritchard,
170           Avatar Roadkill, Tobias Reckhard, Mike Roark,
171           Petre Scheie, Heiko Schlittermann, Roger Schmeits, Jochen Schmitt, Doc Shepler, Chris Siebenmann, Harold Sinclair, &Oslash;ystein Skadsem, Adam Sleight, Bryan Smith, Carl Wilhelm Soderstrom, Sergey Sokolov, Suzhe &amp; Lonius, Steve Swantz,
172           Christian Titulaer, TLC, Tom (Consultant),
173           Nick Uniatowski, UnSpawn,
174           Jeroen Van Pelt, Ronald Verlaan, Bruno Vidal, Carlos Vidal,
175           Webdragon, Art Wells, Joachim Wickman,
176           Stephan Zegherd,
178           </p>
180  <div class="h2-1">
181          <h2>The Mondo Rescue Coopetitors</h2>
182  </div>
183      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
184      <P>
185      Mondo Rescue was first created because there was nothing like
186      it available at that time under a free license. Nowadays,
187       Mondo Rescue is not the only good, free disaster recovery solution for
188       Linux. You may wish to try <A HREF=""><B>ReaR</B></A>.
189       Another tool is <A HREF="">Clonezilla</A>.</P>
190      <P>
191       Comments? Suggestions? Click <A HREF="/support.shtml">here</A>
193                    <!--#include virtual="/bottom.shtml" -->
194  </body>
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