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  • Document the requirement to have grub from 6.6 minimum to have a working bootable media (6.5's grub doesn't work)
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1README for mondo/mindi usage on UEFI based systems
3A new replacement of the BIOS has emerged called UEFI.
5Depending on the boot mode you use (UEFI or BIOS), mondo and mindi will have to behave accordingly.
6Depending of your choice, software configuration, you may also use GPT or MBR as a file table format. Refer to README.ia64 for more details on how mondo and mindi deal with that.
8In BIOS mode, mindi uses sylinux as boot loader for the restore media. As this doesn't work reliably yet with UEFI other strategies have been usd:
9When using a distribution like RHEL6.x, then grub 0.97 will be used as boot loader for the restore media. During tests, we had success with grub-0.97-93.el6.x86_64 part of RHEL 6.6. In particular, the version provided with RHEL 6.5 doesn't boot !
10When using a distribution like RHEL7.x, or Debian 8, then grub 2.x will be used as boot loader for the restore media.
12If when booting in UEFI mode on a system, the current media made doesn't boot automatically, in order to restore your system, you'll have to go on the UEFI shell and do something like the following:
14Shell> FS0:
15FS0:\> CD EFI
17FS0:\EFI\BOOT\> grub
19This supposes that your drive is seen as first media (FS0), which can be confirmed using the map command at UEFI shell prompt. Search on the result line for CD related lines.
21Then you'll be at the standard boot menu to restore your system with the choice of options.
22You'll have to respect the case used in the example upper.
24For now, MondoRescue doesn't invoke efibootmgr to recreate menu entries, so you'll have to recreate them manually for now. Which also means that after the restore, during the next reboot, you may have to select on which device to boot as the menu may be worngly pointing to inexistant media. In some case the correct entry will automatically be added to your menu. If that's not the case, use efibootmgr from Linux to recreate it.
25We also do not support Secure Boot yet. So you'll have to boot the MondoRescue media with it disabled.
27Useful links:
31Useful commands:
32Shell> bcfg boot dump -v -b
34Please report any problem around that tool to
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