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3MondoRescue supports OBDR mode.
5You need to use the options -o and -t of mondoarchive to activate it.
6You may also need an additional software (hpsa_obdr_mode) if using HP ProLiant servers, in order to put th tape drive in the right mode from the command line (also in case of problem after OBDR boot, when the drive doesn't come back alone into tape mode Cf:
7That software is available from and +
9Here is an example script showing how to setup the tape based DR correctly completely from the CLI on SLES 10 on a ProLiant server using an internal SAS DAT 160 tape drive:
11# Create some temp dirs for mondoarchive
12mkdir -p /mondo/images /mondo/sratch /mondo/tmp
13# Re-read the bus content
14echo "engage scsi" > /proc/driver/cciss/cciss1
15# Load the tape device driver
16modprobe st
17# Force the tape drive to be in tape mode
18hpsa_obdr_mode -m tape /dev/cciss/c1d0
19# Create the Disaster Recovery bootable tape
20mondoarchive -G -N -O -E "/mondo" -t -o -d /dev/st0 -T /mondo/tmp -S /mondo/scratch
21# Force the tape drive to be in CD mode (bootable mode aka OBDR)
22hpsa_obdr_mode -m cd /dev/cciss/c1d0
25The machine is backed up and then rebooted in the OBDR mode ... without using the button ;-)
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