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  • Update the ia64 doc as no binary is needed anymore on this platform (perl script is directly used)
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1README for mondo/mindi usage on ia64
3Linux distributions on ia64 uses a different file table format than on i386, called GPT instead of MBR. The fdisk command used by mindi/mondo to determine all aspects related to the disc hasn't been adapted yet to handle GPT. Only the parted command is able to do it.
5So a perl script called was written that will take as input all the order that mindi/mondo pass to fdisk, translate them to be given to parted and print the result in fdisk format. So this is a filter allowing fdisk replacement. It's only used on ia64. On other archs, parted2fdisk is a link to fdisk.
7Thus mindi/mondorestore commands launched by root will pass all their call to parted2fdisk on ia64 instead of the real fdisk, and be able to support the GPT format. It will call fdisk and parted for its work.  (Note again that on ia32 parte2fdisk is in fact a link to fdisk to avoid any compatibility issue)
9The script will setup everything correctly for you.
11Note that supports currently only the -l and -s options as well as the commands p,n,d,w,t,a,q
13On Itanium systems you won't generally find an installed isolinux.bin file which is required by mindi to create the bootable images. You'll generally have to take an i386 package for your distribution and install it on your itanium system so that you provide the required missing file.
15On SLES 10, fdisk is not provided anymore. You'll have to rebuild the util-linux package by desactivating fdisk removal in the spec file.
17Please report any problem around that tool to
202013-06-08 no binary made anymore, only perl scripts
212005-12-12 parted2fdisk used everywhere
222005-03-23 Explain compilation and backup/restore split
232004-09-16 Initial file
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