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1Multiple parameters are available at restore time to modify its behaviour:
3nuke        To format and restore all files automatically
4interactive To restore some/all files interactively
5compare     To compare the archives with your filesystem
6expert      To boot to a command-line prompt (expert mode)
7RESTORE     To format and restore all files automatically
9debug       Call mondorestore with -K99
10denymods    List of modules to NOT load (using denymods="mod1 mod2")
11donteject   mondorestore will not eject the CD
12            Useful if your PC's case has a concealed CD-ROM drive
13excludedevs Exclude those devices from restoration process
14            No LVM action done such as pvcreate, and no partitioning
15            They are removed from /tmp/mountlist.txt and /tmp/i-want-my-lvm
16            (using  excludedevs="dev1 dev2")
17forcemods   List of modules to load first (using forcemods="mod1 mod2")
18net         Activate network support
19nodmraid    Do not try to start dmraid support
20nohw        Do not call the mindi-rsthw script to restore your HW configuration
21nolvm       Do not try to start LVM support
22nomd        Do not try to start mdadm support
23nompath     Do not try to start multipath support
24nopart      Do not try to partition drives at restore time
25noresize    Do not resize partitions using a factor of (New size)/(Old size)
26            to use your unallocated hard disk space
27obdr        Call mondorestore with -o and the tape device
28obdrmods    List of modules to remove to reset the OBDR tape device using them
29            to place it in sequential mode. A default list is already embedded.
30            (using obdrmods="mod1 mod2")
31pre         Execute a pre-configuration script before calling mondorestore.
32            Could be located on an NFS share or in the initrd.
33            Should be executable. (using pre=/tmp/isodir/
34post        Execute a script before rebooting the machine after the restoration
35            Could be located on an NFS share, the restored disk or the initrd
36            Should be executable.  (using post=/tmp/isodir/
37quiet       Do not print information msgs for easier tracking of error messages
38serial      Device for the serial console. By default /dev/ttyS0.
39            Pass also console=ttySx for your kernel. (using serial=/dev/ttySx)
40            Serial takes precedence over console for mindi.
41textonly    Do not call the GUI. Unattractive but workk around if Newt has bugs
42usb         USB device name of backup content (not partition).
43            Help solve device renaming at restore time. (using usb=/dev/sdx)
45Look also at README.pxe for additional parameters linked to the PXE/Network usage
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