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  • Add compatibility with the latest SSSTK + PSP content for HP ProLiant? + branding homogeneous now. We only take conrep out of the SSSTK pending a package availability. Using hpacuscripting now. Review of parameters called following test made.
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1README for mondo/mindi usage with tools to backup Hardware configuration
3Some Hardware Manufacturers such as HP provide tools to store the Hardware configuration of their systems, such as the BIOS setup, the RAID setup, ...
5Mindi has a script able to store the Hardware configuration and those parameters may be restored before launching mondorestore during the boot phase computed by mindi, in order to re-setup the machine as the original one.
7For the moment, only HP ProLiant systems are supported. If you have tools to allow support for other type of machines, feel free to contribute patches to that script. For details on how to use ProLiant tools, please look at the README.ProLiant file
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