source: branches/2.2.5/mondo/src/common/libmondo-mountlist.h @ 1855

Last change on this file since 1855 was 1295, checked in by Bruno Cornec, 13 years ago
  • evaluate_drive_within_mountlist is a private function
  • support UUID in mondorestore (Improvements for #103)
  • Fix a bug in size computation for cciss and similar devices needing a p before their partition name
  • Property svn:keywords set to Id
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1/* libmondo-mountlist.h
2 * $Id: libmondo-mountlist.h 1295 2007-04-11 18:59:49Z bruno $
3 */
6int evaluate_mountlist(struct mountlist_itself *mountlist,
7                       char *flaws_str_A, char *flaws_str_B,
8                       char *flaws_str_C);
9int find_device_in_mountlist(struct mountlist_itself *mountlist,
10                             char *device);
11int look_for_duplicate_mountpoints(struct mountlist_itself *mountlist,
12                                   char *flaws_str);
13int look_for_weird_formats(struct mountlist_itself *mountlist,
14                           char *flaws_str);
15int make_list_of_drives_in_mountlist(struct mountlist_itself *,
16                                     struct list_of_disks *);
17long long size_of_specific_device_in_mountlist(struct mountlist_itself
18                                               *mountlist, char *device);
21int load_mountlist(struct mountlist_itself *mountlist, char *fname);
22void sort_mountlist_by_device(struct mountlist_itself *mountlist);
23int save_mountlist_to_disk(struct mountlist_itself *mountlist,
24                           char *fname);
25void sort_mountlist_by_mountpoint(struct mountlist_itself *mountlist,
26                                  bool reverse);
27void sort_mountlist_by_device(struct mountlist_itself *mountlist);
28void swap_mountlist_entries(struct mountlist_itself *mountlist, int a,
29                            int b);
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