source: branches/2.2.5/mindi-busybox/testsuite/tar/tar-extracts-all-subdirs @ 1765

Last change on this file since 1765 was 1765, checked in by Bruno Cornec, 12 years ago

Update to busybox 1.7.2

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2mkdir -p foo/{1,2,3}
3mkdir -p foo/1/{10,11}
4mkdir -p foo/1/10/{100,101,102}
5tar cf foo.tar -C foo .
6rm -rf foo/*
7busybox tar xf foo.tar -C foo ./1/10
8find foo | sort >
9rm -rf foo/*
10tar xf foo.tar -C foo ./1/10
11find foo | sort >logfile.gnu
12cmp logfile.gnu
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