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Log files are now consistent: mondoarchive.log for mondoarchive (containing also mindi.log) and mondorestore.log for mondorestore (copied from /tmp (ram) to /var/log (disk) at the end of the restore)
One include has been created for each bianry containing only that declaration ofr the moment, but which will be extended to include all local definitions (ps_* e.g.)
Doc updated accordingly
LOGFILE in restore process is now passed in the environment and not duplicated anymore
LogIt? is not redifined either
LOGFILE should be put in environment by mondoarchive for mindi's usage but that's a step left for later.

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9<h1>Support around Mondo Rescue</h1>
11    <div class="h2-1">
12      <h2>Help yourself</h2>
13    </div>
14    <p>First, when you have an issue, please try to read the various log files that Mondo Rescue produces. 99% of the time, the error is described in it in clear text. Those file are:
15    <ul>
16            <li><tt>/var/log/mondoarchive.log</tt></li>
17            <li><tt>/var/log/mindi.log</tt> (now included in the previous one if called from mondo)</li>
18            <li><tt>/var/log/mondorestore.log</tt></li>
19    </ul></p>
20    <p>Second look at the <a href="/docs.shtml">Mondo Rescue documentation</a> and the extensive FAQ section of the Mondo Rescue HOWTO, as a lot of good tip and tricks are provided there.</p>
21    <p>Third look at the <a href="">Mondo Rescue wiki</a> which may contain additional comments,and feel free to contribute by adding your remarks.</p>
22    <p>Fourth look at the <a href="">Mondo Rescue Mailing List Archives</a> as you're probably not the first with this problem.</p>
23    <p>Finally post on the <a href="">Mondo Rescue Mailing List</a> if you did not find what you were looking for, as there are more than 400 users there who could help you, including dev team members. <b>But</b>, they can only help you if your provide at least the above mentionned <b>2 first log files</b>.</p>
24    <p>If your think you found a bug in Mondo Rescue, please <a href="">fill a bug report</a> and also include the log files.</p>
25    <p>Likely, if you wish Mondo Rescue had your dreamed new shiny function, feel free to create a <a href="">feature request</a>.</p>
26    <div class="h2-3">
27            <h2>Mondo Rescue Mailing Lists</h2>
28    </div>
29    <p>There are 4 mailing lists for the Mondo Rescue Community:</p>
30    <ul>
31            <li>The <a href="">Mondo Rescue Announce Mailing List</a> with low traffic dedicated to annoucements around Mondo Rescue.</li>
32            <li>The <a href="">Mondo Rescue Itanium (aka ia64) Mailing List</a> with moderate traffic dedicated to discussions around Mondo Rescue port on the Intel Itanium processor based systems.</li>
33            <li>The <a href="">Mondo Rescue Mailing List</a> with most of the traffic dedicated to discussions around Mondo Rescue.</li>
34            <li>The <a href="">Mondo Rescue Developpers Mailing List</a> with moderate traffic dedicated to discussions between Mondo Rescue developpers.</li>
35    </ul>
36    <div class="h2-5">
37            <h2>Professional support services</h2>
38    </div>
39    <p>For commercial support contracts for Mondo Rescue please contact one of the following companies:
40    <ul>
41            <li><b><a href="">Linagora</a></b> (France) - Contact: <a href="">Support Service</a></li>
42            <li><b><a href="">TC2L</a></b> (Canada) - Contact: <a href="">Support Service</a></li>
43    </ul></p>
44    <p>For commercial enhancement and consulting services around Mondo Rescue,
45    please contact one of the following companies:
46    <ul>
47            <li><b><a href="">Hewlett-Packard</a></b> - Contact: <a href="">Free, Libre and Open Source Expertise Center</a></li>
48            <li><b><a href="">Harms Consulting</a></b> - Contact: <a href="">Consulting Department</a></li>
49    </ul></p>
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52  </body>
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