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Last change on this file since 2696 was 2696, checked in by Bruno Cornec, 9 years ago
  • Adds preliminary support for hpacucli. Needs test
  • Fix a compilation issue due to bad fatal_error call (no param allowed)
  • Fix some HTML syntax issues in the docs page + link to Wiki articles
  • Boot size pushed to 20MB
  • A bit more precise for error msg from PBDI
  • Exits if the protocol used is not recognized (error with -n fs:// typo)
  • Adds support for r8169 net driver
  • Fix a cast issue
  • Precise a test case to avoid ambiguity
  • Die and related functions placed before any other code as used early, and ash doesn't support function declaration. So will solve #446 by exiting mindi before doing anything weird in it.
  • Fix #445 with another technical solution to avoid vg with similar names to b wrongly excluded (vgroot and vgroot-san e.g.) (Michael Shapiro)
  • Fix a bug on exclusion of path with common content (/home and /path/home e.g.) which was handled correctly only in a certain order (John Pearson <>)
  • mount-media function is now placed in libmondo-devices.c as used by more programs.
  • Avoids calling mount_media when it's not mandatory (change the way mondorestore was working up to now but could solve some bugs reported)
  • Add xhci support to mindi.
  • Rewrite Xen kernel support to use TryToFindKernelPath? systematically.
  • mindi now copies also the /lib/firmware content in order to have it for drivers needing it (bnx2 reported)
  • Push MAX_STR_LEN to 512 to allow supporting more exclude dir (2.2.10 and dyn allocation is the way to go there)
  • Add virtio driver to mindi
  • Initialize extra_cdrom_params in any case tp avoid passing null to cdrecord later on
  • Also escapes white spaces in gen_aux_list to avoid issues in getfacl call
  • Adds multiple missing drivers to mindi (mega_sr, ide_gd_mod, pata_jmicron, cp210x, dca, raid6_pq, xor async_tx, async_memcpy, async_xor)
  • Fix #434 by really testing thet udevd is not running already (chucky)
  • Adds support of pata_sil680 driver
  • Fix again #412 !! by removing calls to tee which voids the return value of the previous command
  • The way grub.unsupported was called for opensuse 11.2 was wrong. It should be done bfore calling grub-install which also exists. And tested for existence. Now this should fix #412.
  • Try to provide a workaround in code to the #401 (over-allocation of space due to rounding errors)
  • Fix a bug when using ACLs and file with spaces in their names by adding double quotes in getfacl invocation (Tom Mortell Also adding the same quotes on the touch commands made earlier.
  • Points to the current latest presentation instead of the old one
  • mondo-ref-card added to the docs web page
  • Add the mondoarchive reference card (Lester Wade)
  • Change useless comments for more useful ones
  • mindi is now able to handle compressed kernel with .gz or .bz2 suffix (case of OpenSuSE 11.2)
  • Improves logging for external binary
  • Improve Xen kernel detection and avoid false detection (Michael Shapiro)
  • Updated P2V doc from Lester Wade (

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1<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">
3<html xmlns="" dir="ltr" xml:lang="en" lang="en">
4  <head>
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6  </head>
7  <body>
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11        <h1>Mondo Rescue Documentations</h1>
12  <div class="h2-1">
13    <h2>Mondo Rescue HOWTO</h2>
14  </div>
15  <p>The Mondo Rescue HOWTO is available under various formats:</p>
16  <ul>
17          <li>A <a href="/docs/mondorescue-howto.html" target="_blank">single HTML</a> page.</li>
18          <li>A <a href="/docs/mondorescue-howto.pdf" target="_blank">PDF</a> document.</li>
19          <li>A <a href="/docs/mondorescue-howto.rtf" target="_blank">RTF</a> document.</li>
20          <li>A <a href="/docs/" target="_blank">PostScript</a> document.</li>
21          <li>A <a href="/docs/mondorescue-howto.txt" target="_blank">Text</a> document.</li>
22          <li><a href="/docs/mondorescue-howto/index.html" target="_blank">online</a>.</li>
23  </ul>
24  <p>The Mondo Rescue HOWTO has also been translated in german by Magnus Rasche (</p>
25  <ul>
26  <li>A <a href="/docs/mondorescue-howto-de.pdf" target="_blank">PDF</a> document. (<a href="">Reference</a> site)</li>
27  </ul>
29  <div class="h2-3">
30    <h2>Mondo Rescue man pages</h2>
31  </div>
32  <p>The Mondo Rescue man pages are available under various formats:</p>
33  <ul>
34          <li>mondoarchive</li>
35            <ul>
36                <li>A <a href="/docs/mondoarchive.8.html" target="_blank">HTML</a></li>
37                <li>A <a href="/docs/mondoarchive.8.pdf" target="_blank">PDF</a></li>
38                <li>A <a href="/docs/" target="_blank">PostScript</a></li>
39                <li>A <a href="/docs/mondoarchive.8.txt" target="_blank">Text</a></li>
40            </ul>
41          <li>mondorestore</li>
42            <ul>
43                <li>A <a href="/docs/mondorestore.8.html" target="_blank">HTML</a></li>
44                <li>A <a href="/docs/mondorestore.8.pdf" target="_blank">PDF</a></li>
45                <li>A <a href="/docs/" target="_blank">PostScript</a></li>
46                <li>A <a href="/docs/mondorestore.8.txt" target="_blank">Text</a></li>
47            </ul>
48          <li>mindi</li>
49            <ul>
50                <li>A <a href="/docs/mindi.8.html" target="_blank">HTML</a></li>
51                <li>A <a href="/docs/mindi.8.pdf" target="_blank">PDF</a></li>
52                <li>A <a href="/docs/" target="_blank">PostScript</a></li>
53                <li>A <a href="/docs/mindi.8.txt" target="_blank">Text</a></li>
54            </ul>
55  </ul>
57  <div class="h2-2">
58    <h2>Other Documents</h2>
59  </div>
60  <p>Here are some other documents seaking of Mondo Rescue:</p>
61  <ul>
62          <li>A Mondo Rescue <a href="/docs/mondo-intro.pdf" target="_blank">introduction</a> (in French) made by Gallig Renaud.
63          <li>A Mondo Rescue <a href="" target="_blank">presentation</a> made by Bruno Cornec. (Older versions also available: <a href="/docs/mondo-presentation-v1.pdf" target="_blank">v1</a>,<a href="/docs/mondo-presentation-v2.pdf" target="_blank">v2</a>)
64          <li>A mondoarchive <a href="/docs/mondo-ref-card.pdf" target="_blank">reference card</a> made by Lester Wade..
65          <li><a rel="license" href=""><img alt="Creative Commons License" style="border-width:0" src="" /></a> <span xmlns:dc="" href="" property="dc:title" rel="dc:type"><a href="">Linux P2V migrations using MondoRescue</a></span> by <a xmlns:cc="" href="" property="cc:attributionName" rel="cc:attributionURL">Lester Wade</a> is licensed under a <a rel="license" href="">Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License</a>.<br />Based on a work at <a xmlns:dc="" href="/docs/p2v.odt" rel="dc:source"></a>.
66          <li>A now obsoleted by the previous Mondo Rescue hardware migration (including P2V with VMWare) <a href="/docs/hwmigration.pdf" target="_blank">guide</a> made by Gallig Renaud, Eric Montaut and François-Xavier Horel. (<a href="/docs/HOWTO-_Deploy_Linux_from_SCSI_to_SATA.pdf" target="_blank">previous version</a>)
67          <li><a rel="license" href=""><img alt="Creative Commons License" style="border-width:0" src="" /></a> <span xmlns:dc="" href="" property="dc:title" rel="dc:type">The <a href="/docs/LabMondoRescue.pdf" target="_blank">MondoRescue Lab</a></span>: Experience yourself MondoRescue by following those Lab instructions ! Should provide you with at least 2 hours of fun discovering the tool with detailed explanations. This Lab has been developed for an internal HP Open Source and Linux Event I contributed to organize (TES 2009). Highly recommended to have a good tour of the features. By <a xmlns:cc="" href="" property="cc:attributionName" rel="cc:attributionURL">Bruno Cornec</a> and licensed under a <a rel="license" href="">Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License</a>.<br />Based on a work at <a xmlns:dc="" href="/docs/LabMondoRescue.odt" rel="dc:source"></a>.
68          <li>Other useful docs can be found on the <a href="">Wiki</a>
69  </ul>
71<!--#include virtual="/bottom.shtml" -->
72  </body>
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