source: branches/2.2.10/mondo/src/common/libmondo-files.h @ 2569

Last change on this file since 2569 was 2569, checked in by bruno, 9 years ago

svn merge -r 2545:2567 /mondorescue/branches/2.2.9

  • Improve device exclusion for LVM by adding support for symlinks and mapper systematically at all levels (PV, VG, LV). Shoul

d really provvide the best support possible for LVM exclusion.

  • Now supports also exclusion of LVs directly
  • Improve mindi by handling excluded devices earlier in the loop.
  • Fix LV exclusion when VGs are excluded (the excludedvgs file has to be removed at start and end of analyze-my-lvm not in fu

nctions, as they are called multiple times)

  • Rename some variables exported to avoid accidental conflict (EXCLUDE_DEVS => MINDI_EXCLUDE_DEVS and ADDITIONAL_BOOT_PARAMS


  • setfattr also needs the -h flag to restore attributes on symlinks, not on the target file (which may not exist BTW). Should solve #388.
  • Using forcemods="mod1 mod2" will now do something and load those modules first
  • Update web page on distributions to download
  • Add support for ums_cypress module in mindi
  • Fix acl backup which was completely wrong.
  • Fix a bug where LV were not created anymore if no exclusion !!
  • In analyze-my-lvm only use pv.tmp2 when it exists to avoid error msgs

-Adds support for links to modules (.ko pointing to .o) such as with VMWare extensions

  • Adds i-want-my-lvm content in mindi log file
  • Adds vmxnet3 driver support to mindi for some VMWare versions
  • Fix a typo in the way device mapper files where excluded
  • use option -h of getfattr to *not* follow symlinks, which breaks RHEL 5.4 as reported in #388. However, getfacl doesn't provide such an option.
  • Adds some logs for filelist creation
  • Remove option -P from getfattr which may also skip symlinks - Attempt to solve #388
  • Exclude rpc_pipefs type of filesystems from find
  • Suppress unused mode_of_file function
  • Property svn:keywords set to Id
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1/* libmondo-files.h
2 * $Id: libmondo-files.h 2569 2010-02-02 09:40:28Z bruno $
3 */
5#include "crcttt.h"
8unsigned int updcrc(unsigned int crc, unsigned int c);
9unsigned int updcrcr(unsigned int crc, unsigned int c);
10char *calc_checksum_of_file(char *filename);
11long count_lines_in_file(char *filename);
12bool does_file_exist(char *filename);
13void exclude_nonexistent_files(char *inout);
14char *figure_out_kernel_path_interactively_if_necessary(void);
15char *find_home_of_exe(char *fname);
16int get_trackno_from_logfile(char *logfile);
17int grab_percentage_from_last_line_of_file(char *filename);
18char *last_line_of_file(char *filename);
19off_t length_of_file(char *filename);
20int make_checksum_list_file(char *filelist, char *cksumlist,
21                            char *comppath);
22int make_hole_for_file(char *outfile_fname);
23void make_list_of_files_to_ignore(char *ignorefiles_fname,
24                                  char *filelist_fname,
25                                  char *cklist_fname);
26long noof_lines_that_match_wildcard(char *filelist_fname, char *wildcard);
27long size_of_all_biggiefiles_K();
28long long space_occupied_by_cd(char *mountpt);
29int whine_if_not_found(char *fname);
30int write_one_liner_data_file(char *fname, char *contents);
32void copy_mondo_and_mindi_stuff_to_scratchdir();
33void store_netfs_config();
34void estimate_noof_media_required(long);
35bool is_this_file_compressed(char *);
44int make_hole_for_dir(const char *outdir_fname);
45long size_of_partition_in_mountlist_K(char *tmpdir, char *dev);
46int make_grub_install_scriptlet(char *outfile);
48int read_one_liner_data_file(char *fname, char *contents);
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