source: branches/2.06/mondo/mondo/common/libmondo-fork-EXT.h @ 296

Last change on this file since 296 was 296, checked in by andree, 15 years ago

Replaced partimagehack with ntfsclone from ntfsprogs package. Replaced
all occurrences of strings 'partimagehack' and 'partimage' with 'ntfsprog'.

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1/* libmondo-fork-EXT.h */
3extern char *call_program_and_get_last_line_of_output(char *call);
4extern int run_program_and_log_to_screen(char *basic_call,
5                                         char *what_i_am_doing);
6extern int run_program_and_log_output(char *program, int);
7extern int eval_call_to_make_ISO(struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo,
8                                 char *basic_call, char *isofile,
9                                 int cd_no, char *logstub,
10                                 char *what_i_am_doing);
11extern int run_external_binary_with_percentage_indicator_OLD(char *tt,
12                                                             char *cmd);
13extern int run_external_binary_with_percentage_indicator_NEW(char *tt,
14                                                             char *cmd);
15extern int copy_from_src_to_dest(FILE *, FILE *, char);
16extern int feed_into_ntfsprog(char *input_device, char *output_fname);
17extern int feed_outfrom_ntfsprog(char *output_device, char *input_fifo);
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