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2 <HEAD>
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10  <TITLE>QuickStart </TITLE>
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18    <TR>
20      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
21       Mondo Rescue and Mindi Linux HOWTO</TD>
22    </TR>
23    <TR>
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26       <A HREF="version.html" ACCESSKEY="P">Prev</A></TD>
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30       <A HREF="overview.html" ACCESSKEY="N">Next</A></TD>
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34   </P>
35  </DIV>
37   <A NAME="QUICKSTART"></A>Chapter 2. QuickStart</H1>
38  <UL>
39   <LI CLASS="mvd-P">
41    We recommend that you read the complete Mondo Rescue and Mindi Linux
42    HOWTO. However, if you are too busy or impatient, then please use
43    this QuickStart guide to stay out of trouble.</P>
44   <LI CLASS="mvd-P">
46    Install the tarball, RPM, or DEB mindi package and mondo package.
47    (see <A HREF="installation.html">Installation</A> for more details)</P>
48   <LI CLASS="mvd-P">
50    Execute as root (type<FONT FACE="Courier New"> 'su -' </FONT>to
51    become root if you are not logged in as root)</P>
55     <TR>
58         COLOR="BLACK">bash# mondoarchive</FONT></TD></TR>
59    </TABLE></P>
60   </DIV></UL>
64    <TR>
66      <P>
67       <A HREF="images/mamain.png"><IMG SRC="images/mamain-mini.png" WIDTH="160" HEIGHT="96" VSPACE="0" HSPACE="0" BORDER="0"></A></TD>
69      <P>
70       Choose from the list of supported backup media types. The media you
71       will use most often are CD-R, CD-RW, tape, NFS and hard disk. If you
72       want to backup/restore over a network, choose 'NFS'. If you want to
73       backup/restore to/from a local partition or if you simply want to
74       store the ISO images in a local directory until you have time or
75       facilities to burn them to CD's, choose 'hard disk'. If you choose
76       'CD-R[W]' or 'tape' then in general your hardware will be detected
77       and configured for you.</TD>
78    </TR>
79    <TR>
81      <P>
82       <A HREF="images/maburnproof.png"><IMG SRC="images/maburnproof-mini.png" WIDTH="160" HEIGHT="96" VSPACE="0" HSPACE="0" BORDER="0"></A></TD>
84      <P>
85       If you are backing up to CD-R[W] then Mondo will ask you if your CD
86       burner has BurnProof technology, is inside a laptop, or is otherwise
87       eccentric. If you are backing up to a tape streamer then you will not
88       see this message.</TD>
89    </TR>
90    <TR>
92      <P>
93       <A HREF="images/macompression.png"><IMG SRC="images/macompression-mini.png" WIDTH="160" HEIGHT="96" VSPACE="0" HSPACE="0" BORDER="0"></A></TD>
95      <P>
96       How much compression do you want? None, if your tape streamer has
97       built-in hardware compression. Maximum, if your CPU is blazingly
98       fast. Average should do just fine for most situations.</TD>
99    </TR>
100    <TR>
101     <TD WIDTH="17%" VALIGN=CENTER>
102      <P>
103       <A HREF="images/mainclude.png"><IMG SRC="images/mainclude-mini.png" WIDTH="160" HEIGHT="96" VSPACE="0" HSPACE="0" BORDER="0" LOOP="0"></A></TD>
104     <TD WIDTH="83%" VALIGN=CENTER>
105      <P>
106       If you want to backup the whole computer (excluding /tmp and /proc,
107       naturally) then leave this as<FONT FACE="Courier New"><FONT SIZE="2"> 
108       / </FONT></FONT>which is the default. Otherwise, specify subsets, (e.g.<FONT FACE="Courier New"><FONT SIZE="2"> 
109       /usr/local /home </FONT></FONT>) being sure to put a space in between
110       each path.</TD>
111    </TR>
112    <TR>
113     <TD WIDTH="17%" VALIGN=CENTER>
114      <P>
115       <A HREF="images/maexclude.png"><IMG SRC="images/maexclude-mini.png" WIDTH="160" HEIGHT="96" VSPACE="0" HSPACE="0" BORDER="0" LOOP="0"></A></TD>
116     <TD WIDTH="83%" VALIGN=CENTER>
117      <P>
118       If you are backing up your whole computer then you might want to
119       exclude certain directories, e.g. /shared/MP3. Please specify them in
120       the 'exclude directories' dialog box. Please put a space in between
121       each path, e.g.<FONT FACE="Courier New"><FONT SIZE="2"> 
122       /shared/private /scratch /nfs /windows</FONT></FONT></TD>
123    </TR>
124    <TR>
125     <TD WIDTH="17%" VALIGN=CENTER>
126      <P>
127       <A HREF="images/makernel.png"><IMG SRC="images/makernel-mini.png" WIDTH="159" HEIGHT="97" VSPACE="0" HSPACE="0" BORDER="0" LOOP="0"></A></TD>
128     <TD WIDTH="83%" VALIGN=CENTER>
129      <P>
130       Is your kernel sane? Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSE and Slackware users
131       should in general say 'yes' because these vendors are good at
132       producing reliable kernels. If you are using Debian, Gentoo or LFS
133       then your kernel might be non-standard, in which case say 'no' to use
134       Mondo's failsafe kernel.</TD>
135    </TR>
136    <TR>
137     <TD WIDTH="17%" VALIGN=CENTER>
138      <P>
139       <A HREF="images/maverifyq.png"><IMG SRC="images/maverifyq-mini.png" WIDTH="160" HEIGHT="96" VSPACE="0" HSPACE="0" BORDER="0"></A></TD>
140     <TD WIDTH="83%" VALIGN=CENTER>
141      <P>
142       If you want to verify the archives after writing them to media, say
143       'yes' here. If you have absolute faith in your hardware and your
144       Linux distribution, say 'no'... and a little prayer.</TD>
145    </TR>
146    <TR>
147     <TD WIDTH="17%" VALIGN=CENTER>
148      <P>
149       <A HREF="images/maproceedq.png"><IMG SRC="images/maproceedq-mini.png" WIDTH="160" HEIGHT="96" VSPACE="0" HSPACE="0" BORDER="0" LOOP="0"></A></TD>
150     <TD WIDTH="83%" VALIGN=CENTER>
151      <P>
152       If you are sure you want to go ahead, say 'yes' and find something
153       else to do while Mondo backs up your computer. If you say 'no' then
154       you will be unceremoniously dumped at the shell prompt. :-)</TD>
155    </TR>
156    <TR>
157     <TD WIDTH="17%" VALIGN=CENTER>
158      <P>
159       <A HREF="images/1.png"><IMG SRC="images/1-mini.png" WIDTH="160" HEIGHT="96" VSPACE="0" HSPACE="0" BORDER="0"></A></TD>
160     <TD WIDTH="83%" VALIGN=CENTER>
161      <P>
162       The backup process will now commence. There are some pre-backup tasks
163       to be carried out first but the backup is essentially underway. To
164       simplify the backup process, you were asked a series of questions.
165       Next time, if you like, you could call mondoarchive with various
166       command-line switches to control its behavior, instead of answering a
167       series of questions. See the man page for details.</TD>
168    </TR>
169    <TR>
170     <TD WIDTH="17%" VALIGN=CENTER>
171      <P>
172       <A HREF="images/3.png"><IMG SRC="images/3-mini.png" WIDTH="160" HEIGHT="96" VSPACE="0" HSPACE="0" BORDER="0"></A></TD>
173     <TD WIDTH="83%" VALIGN=CENTER>
174      <P>
175       Mondo will make a catalog of all files to be backed up. This may take
176       up to five minutes. The list of files will be divided into sets,
177       approximately 4 MB (before compression) of files per set. This
178       typically takes one minute.</TD>
179    </TR>
180    <TR>
181     <TD WIDTH="17%" VALIGN=TOP>
182      <P>
183       <A HREF="images/4.png"><IMG SRC="images/1-mini.png" WIDTH="160" HEIGHT="96" VSPACE="0" HSPACE="0" BORDER="0" LOOP="0"></A></TD>
184     <TD WIDTH="83%" VALIGN=TOP>
185      <P>
186       Mondo calls Mindi. Mindi generates bootable floppy disk images and
187       auxiliary data disk images which are based on your existing Linux
188       distribution and filesystem. That way, you can be sure Mondo's tools
189       will be compatible with your existing filesystems and binaries:
190       Mondo's tools <I>are</I> your tools. Mindi takes up to five minutes
191       to run.</TD>
192    </TR>
193    <TR>
194     <TD WIDTH="17%" VALIGN=CENTER>
195      <P>
196       <A HREF="images/5tape.png"><IMG SRC="images/5tape-mini.png" WIDTH="160" HEIGHT="96" VSPACE="0" HSPACE="0" BORDER="0"></A></TD>
197     <TD WIDTH="83%" VALIGN=CENTER>
198      <P>
199       Finally, Mondo begins backing up your computer. This process may take
200       a few minutes or a few hours, depending on how much data you are
201       archiving, how fast your CPU is, how much RAM you have, and so on. It
202       will backup your regular files and then your large files (files
203       larger than approximately 32MB). If you have opted to verify your
204       backups, Mondo will do that too.</TD>
205    </TR>
206    <TR>
207     <TD WIDTH="17%" VALIGN=CENTER>
208      <P>
209       <A HREF="images/10cd.png"><IMG SRC="images/10cd-mini.png" WIDTH="160" HEIGHT="96" VSPACE="0" HSPACE="0" BORDER="0"></A></TD>
210     <TD WIDTH="83%" VALIGN=CENTER>
211      <P>
212       Do you want to create a boot floppy at the end? Yes, if you're a tape
213       or NFS user. No, if you are using CD-R[W]'s <I>and</I> your computer
214       supports bootable CD's. Tape users only need one floppy but other
215       users may need more. Mondo will advise accordingly.</TD>
216    </TR>
217   </TABLE></P>
218  </DIV>
219  <UL>
220   <LI CLASS="mvd-P">
221   <P ALIGN=LEFT>
222    Try to boot from the first CD of the backup (or the first floppy, if
223    you made floppies). Choose 'Compare Mode' by typing<FONT FACE="Courier New"><FONT SIZE="2"> 
224    compare </FONT></FONT>at the boot screen.</P>
225   <LI CLASS="mvd-P">
226   <P ALIGN=LEFT>
227    If you can boot, fine. If not, make a Mindi &quot;Test&quot; CD to
228    checkout the compatibility of your system. (see <A HREF="testingmindi.html">Testing
229     Mindi</A> for more details). Remove the CD/floppy; boot your
230    computer as usual; execute as root</P>
232   <P ALIGN=LEFT>
234     <TR>
237         COLOR="BLACK">bash# mindi</FONT><BR><FONT
238         COLOR="BLACK">bash# cd /root/images/mindi </FONT></TD></TR>
239    </TABLE></P>
240   </DIV>
241   <P ALIGN=LEFT>
242    (for CD-R)</P>
244   <P ALIGN=LEFT>
246     <TR>
249         COLOR="BLACK">bash# cdrecord dev=0,0,0 speed=4 -eject -v mindi.iso </FONT></TD></TR>
250    </TABLE></P>
251   </DIV>
252   <P ALIGN=LEFT>
253    (for CD-RW)</P>
255   <P ALIGN=LEFT>
257     <TR>
260         COLOR="BLACK">bash# cdrecord dev=0,0,0 speed=4 blank=fast -eject -v mindi.iso </FONT></TD></TR>
261    </TABLE></P>
262   </DIV>
263   <P ALIGN=LEFT>
264    Reboot your system with the created Mindi CD, with the BIOS set to
265    boot from CD. If the result is a command line in 'Expert' mode, your
266    system checks out. Remove the CD and reboot your system.</P>
267   <LI CLASS="mvd-P">
268   <P ALIGN=LEFT>
269    If you still cannot boot from Mindi's CD then please e-mail the <A HREF="../../feedback/feedback.html">mailing
270     list</A> for help.</P>
271   </UL>
273   When making a backup on a live system, there will always be processes
274   running that will write out data on the system after you have made
275   the backup and before you have made the compare, this will result in
276   difference showing up when comparing your backup. For a full
277   explanation and what can be done to avoid this, please read this section.</P>
278  <UL>
279   <LI CLASS="mvd-P">
280   <P ALIGN=LEFT>
281    This QuickStart covers the ideal case. Upon receiving any system
282    feedback/errors, read each related HOWTO section.</P>
283   <P ALIGN=LEFT>
284    <B>Example 2-1. A test backup of your /home directory to CD-Rs using
285    the command line</B></P>
287   <P ALIGN=LEFT>
289     <TR>
292         COLOR="BLACK">bash# mondoarchive -OVc 4 -I /home -gF</FONT></TD></TR>
293    </TABLE></P>
294   </DIV>
295   <P ALIGN=LEFT>
296    The 'c' means you must be writing to CD-Rs, not CD-RWs (the latter
297    would require 'w' instead of 'c'). The '4' is the speed of your CD
298    writer. The string after -I is the path to be backed up. The '-gF'
299    means you are going to see the pretty yellow-on-blue screen instead
300    of the boring white-on-black screen. :) It also means Mondo will not
301    offer to create physical boot floppies for you. It is assumed that
302    you are able to boot from the CD which Mondo has generated.</P>
303   <P ALIGN=LEFT>
304    <B>Example 2-2. A backup of your whole filesystem to NFS using the
305    command line</B></P>
307   <P ALIGN=LEFT>
309     <TR>
312         COLOR="BLACK">bash# mkdir -p /mnt/nfs</FONT><BR><FONT
313         COLOR="BLACK">bash# mount /mnt/nfs</FONT><BR><FONT
314         COLOR="BLACK">bash# mondoarchive -OVn -gF</FONT><BR><FONT
315         COLOR="BLACK">[...]</FONT><BR><FONT
316         COLOR="BLACK">bash# umount /mnt/nfs</FONT><BR><FONT
317         COLOR="BLACK">bash# cdrecord dev=0,0,0 speed=4 -eject -v /root/images/mindi/mindi.iso</FONT><BR><FONT
318         COLOR="BLACK"></FONT></TD></TR>
319    </TABLE></P>
320   </DIV>
321   <P ALIGN=LEFT>
322    Note that you have to mount the NFS partition, backup to it, unmount
323    it, and create a boot CD to allow you to restore from scratch if
324    necessary. To reassure yourself that you will be able to restore from
325    the NFS share even if your PC is wiped, please boot from the Mindi CD
326    and type 'compare'. The on-screen instructions from that point on
327    should be sufficient.</P>
328   <P ALIGN=LEFT>
329    <B><A NAME="AEN100C"></A>Example 2-3. A backup of your whole
330    filesystem to tape using the command line</B></P>
332   <P ALIGN=LEFT>
334     <TR>
337         COLOR="BLACK">bash# mondoarchive -OVt -d /dev/st0 -9 -L -g</FONT></TD></TR>
338    </TABLE></P>
339   </DIV>
340   <P ALIGN=LEFT>
341    In this case, we assume Syslinux is incompatible with your boot
342    media. For some reason, some BIOSes just don't like Syslinux. If you
343    find this to be the case for your computer, please use '-L' to force
344    Mondo to use LILO instead of Syslinux as the boot loader for its
345    CD/floppies. (NB: This has nothing to do with which boot loader your <I>hard
346     drive</I> uses.) Also, it is a good habit to specify your tape
347    streamer with '-d &lt;device&gt;'. You don't usually need to but it's
348    good to be on the safe side. Some computers call your tape streamer
349    /dev/osst0, some call it /dev/ftape, ...</P>
350   </UL>
353   <HR ALIGN=LEFT WIDTH="100%" SIZE="2">
354   <TABLE WIDTH="100%" CELLPADDING="0" CELLSPACING="0" BORDER="0" SUMMARY="Footer navigation table">
355    <TR>
356     <TD WIDTH="33%" VALIGN=TOP>
357      <P ALIGN=LEFT>
358       <A HREF="version.html" ACCESSKEY="P">Prev</A></TD>
359     <TD WIDTH="34%" VALIGN=TOP>
360      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
361       <A HREF="index.html" ACCESSKEY="H">Home</A></TD>
362     <TD WIDTH="33%" VALIGN=TOP>
363      <P ALIGN=RIGHT>
364       <A HREF="overview.html" ACCESSKEY="N">Next</A></TD>
365    </TR>
366    <TR>
367     <TD WIDTH="33%" VALIGN=TOP>
368      <P ALIGN=LEFT>
369       Version</TD>
370     <TD WIDTH="34%" VALIGN=TOP>
371      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
372       &nbsp;</TD>
373     <TD WIDTH="33%" VALIGN=TOP>
374      <P ALIGN=RIGHT>
375       Overview</TD>
376    </TR>
377   </TABLE>
378 </BODY>
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