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2 <HEAD>
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8  <TITLE>Restore </TITLE>
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11 <LINK REL="HOME" HREF="index.html" TITLE=" Mondo Rescue and Mindi Linux HOWTO "><LINK REL="UP" HREF="faq.html" TITLE=" Troubleshooting/FAQ "><LINK REL="PREVIOUS" HREF="faqcompare.html" TITLE=" Compare "><LINK REL="NEXT" HREF="faqhugo.html" TITLE=" Hugo "></HEAD>
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19       Mondo Rescue and Mindi Linux HOWTO</TD>
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24       <A HREF="faqcompare.html" ACCESSKEY="P">Prev</A></TD>
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27       Chapter 10. Troubleshooting/FAQ</TD>
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34   </P>
35  </DIV>
37   <A NAME="FAQRESTORE"></A>10.8. Restore</H1>
38  <DL>
40    <DT CLASS="mvd-P">Q: <A HREF="faqrestore.html#AEN822">Can Mondo help
41    me move/resize/re-allocate my partitions?</A><BR>
42    <DT CLASS="mvd-P">Q: <A HREF="faqrestore.html#AEN827">My zip drive is
43    a SCSI drive. When I restore, Mondo craps out, saying it can't mount
44    the drive (because there is no disk in it). What do I do?</A><BR>
45    <DT CLASS="mvd-P">Q: <A HREF="faqrestore.html#AEN832">I received a
46    message like, 'Fileset NNN failed' during restore. What does it mean.</A><BR>
47    <DT CLASS="mvd-P">Q: <A HREF="faqrestore.html#AEN837">Why does my
48    ext3 partition have less space free than when I backed it up?</A><BR>
49    <DT CLASS="mvd-P">Q: <A HREF="#SEGF">When I restore after booting
50    from the CD/floppies, I sometimes get errors like, &quot;Running out
51    of memory&quot; or &quot;Segmentation fault&quot;. What is going on?</A><BR>
52    <DT CLASS="mvd-P">Q: <A HREF="#LVM">I can't nuke-restore my LVM or
53    RAID or LVM-on-RAID setup. I have to do it manually. What now?</A></P>
54   </DL>
56   <A NAME="AEN822"></A><B>Q: </B>Can Mondo help me
57   move/resize/re-allocate my partitions?</P>
59   <B>A: </B>Yes. Just backup your system in Interactive Mode using
60   Mondo. Edit the mountlist when prompted.</P>
62   <A NAME="AEN827"></A><B>Q: </B>My zip drive is a SCSI drive. When I
63   restore, Mondo craps out, saying it can't mount the drive (because
64   there is no disk in it). What do I do?</P>
66   <B>A: </B>Restore in Interactive Mode. Delete the SCSI drive from the
67   mountlist before you restore. Then Mondo won't try to partition or
68   format it. Next time you backup, use -E /dev/sdd (or whatever your
69   zip drive is). The /dev entry will be excluded from the mountlist but
70   not from the filelist. So, when you restore, you won't accidentally
71   reformat your zip disk. However, after restoring, you will find that
72   /dev/sdd (the _file_) will still be present in your /dev directory.
73   Cool, eh?</P>
75   <A NAME="AEN832"></A><B>Q: </B>I received a message like, 'Fileset
76   NNN failed' during restore. What does it mean.</P>
78   <B>A: </B>It usually means either you had a very large (&gt;2GB) file
79   which was not archived owing to a flaw in your distro or your
80   filesystem has changed in relation to the backup.</P>
82   <A NAME="AEN837"></A><B>Q: </B>Why does my ext3 partition have less
83   space free than when I backed it up?</P>
85   <B>A: </B>Mondo creates a 10MB journal file area. Your journal was
86   probably smaller than that, hence the difference.</P>
87  <DL>
89    <DT CLASS="mvd-P"><B><A NAME="SEGF"></A>Q:</B> When I restore after
90    booting from the CD/floppies, I sometimes get errors like,
91    &quot;Running out of memory&quot; or &quot;Segmentation fault&quot;.
92    What is going on?</P>
94    <DT CLASS="mvd-P"><B>A:</B> It sounds as if you are running out of
95    disk space, probably ram disk space. Type 'df -m' to see which
96    partitions are running low on space. Please send as much information
97    as you can to the mailing list. This problem is believed to have been
98    fixed in 1.63 and 1.71.</P>
99   </DL>
101   <A NAME="LVM"></A><B>Q:</B> I can't nuke-restore my LVM or RAID or
102   LVM-on-RAID setup. I have to do it manually. What now?</P>
104   <B>A: </B>You said it yourself. You have to do it manually. :) Sorry
105   but that's about it. At least you have all the tools to do it. I
106   assume you know how. If you don't, look at i-want-my-lvm (a script on
107   the ramdisk) if you're using LVM. It should give you a few clues.
108   RAID is harder but in general Mondo's RAID support is good. After
109   you've prepped and formatted your drives, run mondorestore again but
110   say 'no' when asked if you want Mondo to prep or format your drives.</P>
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118       <A HREF="faqcompare.html" ACCESSKEY="P">Prev</A></TD>
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120      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
121       <A HREF="index.html" ACCESSKEY="H">Home</A></TD>
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123      <P ALIGN=RIGHT>
124       <A HREF="faqhugo.html" ACCESSKEY="N">Next</A></TD>
125    </TR>
126    <TR>
127     <TD WIDTH="33%" VALIGN=TOP>
128      <P ALIGN=LEFT>
129       Compare</TD>
130     <TD WIDTH="34%" VALIGN=TOP>
131      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
132       <A HREF="faq.html" ACCESSKEY="U">Up</A></TD>
133     <TD WIDTH="33%" VALIGN=TOP>
134      <P ALIGN=RIGHT>
135       Hugo</TD>
136    </TR>
137   </TABLE>
138 </BODY>
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