source: branches/2.04_berlios/mondo/mondo/common/libmondo-filelist.h @ 2708

Last change on this file since 2708 was 2708, checked in by Bruno Cornec, 10 years ago

r4184@localhost: bruno | 2011-01-27 15:52:51 +0100

  • Adds support for hpsa driver (new HP Smart Array driver)
  • Property svn:keywords set to Id
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1/* libmondo-filelist.h
2 * $Id: libmondo-filelist.h 2708 2011-01-27 18:31:44Z bruno $
3 */
5int chop_filelist (char *filelist, char *outdir, long maxsetsizeK);
6int call_filelist_chopper (struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo);
7void free_filelist (struct s_node *filelist);
8int get_last_filelist_number (struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo);
9int add_string_at_node (struct s_node *startnode, char *string_to_add);
10struct s_node *load_filelist (char *filelist_fname);
11void reload_filelist (struct s_node *filelist);
12void save_filelist (struct s_node *filelist, char *outfname);
13void toggle_all_root_dirs_on (struct s_node *filelist);
14void toggle_path_expandability (struct s_node *filelist, char *pathname, bool on_or_off);
15void toggle_path_selection (struct s_node *filelist, char *pathname, bool on_or_off);
16void toggle_node_selection (struct s_node *filelist, bool on_or_off);
17int prepare_filelist (struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo);
19long save_filelist_entries_in_common(
20            char*needles_list_fname,
21            struct s_node *filelist,
22            char*matches_fname, bool use_star);
23struct s_node *find_string_at_node (struct s_node *startnode, char *string_to_find);
25int add_list_of_files_to_filelist(struct s_node *filelist, char*list_of_files_fname, bool flag_em);
26void show_filelist (struct s_node *node);
27int get_fattr_list(char*filelist, char*fattr_fname);
28int get_acl_list(char*filelist, char*acl_fname);
29int set_fattr_list(char*masklist, char*fattr_fname);
30int set_acl_list(char*masklist, char*acl_fname);
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