source: branches/2.04_berlios/mondo/mondo/common/libmondo-archive.h @ 2708

Last change on this file since 2708 was 2708, checked in by Bruno Cornec, 9 years ago

r4184@localhost: bruno | 2011-01-27 15:52:51 +0100

  • Adds support for hpsa driver (new HP Smart Array driver)
  • Property svn:keywords set to Id
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1/* libmondo-archive.h
2 * $Id: libmondo-archive.h 2708 2011-01-27 18:31:44Z bruno $
3 */
5int archive_this_fileset (struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo, char *filelist, char *fname, int setno);
6int backup_data(struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo);
7int call_mindi_to_supply_boot_disks (struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo);
8bool can_we_fit_these_files_on_media (struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo, char*files_to_add, ...);
9int do_that_initial_phase (struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo);
10int do_that_final_phase (struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo);
11int figure_out_kernel_path_interactively_if_necessary(char*kernel);
12bool get_bit_N_of_array(char*array, int N);
13int make_those_slices_phase (struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo);
14int make_those_afios_phase (struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo);
15int make_slices_and_images (struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo, char *biggielist_fname);
16int make_iso_fs (struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo, char *destfile);
17int make_afioballs_and_images (struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo);
18extern int (*move_files_to_cd) (struct s_bkpinfo *, char *, ...);
19int _move_files_to_cd (struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo, char *files_to_add, ...);
20extern int (*move_files_to_stream) (struct s_bkpinfo *, char *, ...);
21int _move_files_to_stream (struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo, char *files_to_add, ...);
22int offer_to_write_boot_floppies_to_physical_disks(struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo);
23void pause_and_ask_for_cdr (int, bool*);
24void set_bit_N_of_array(char*array, int N, bool true_or_false);
25int slice_up_file_etc (struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo, char *biggie_filename,
26        char *partimagehack_fifo,
27           long biggie_file_number, long noof_biggie_files, bool use_partimagehack);
28int verify_data(struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo);
29void wipe_archives (char *d);
30int write_image_to_floppy (char *device, char *datafile);
31int write_image_to_floppy_SUB (char *device, char *datafile);
32int write_iso_and_go_on (struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo, bool last_cd);
33int write_final_iso_if_necessary (struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo);
34int call_growisofs (struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo, char *destfile);
35int make_afioballs_and_images_SINGLETHREAD (struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo);
36int archive_this_fileset_with_star (struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo, char *filelist, char *fname,
37          int setno);
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