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2<html xmlns="" dir="ltr" xml:lang="en" lang="en">
3  <head>
4    <title>Frozen Bubble - the official home</title>
5    <meta name="Author" content="Amaury" />
6    <meta name="keywords" lang="en" content="frozen bubble best addictive gnu linux arcade game" />
7    <meta name="description" lang="en" content="Frozen bubble" />
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14  <body>
15    <!--
16      Yup, we know this website may not be fully W3C compatible.
17      We tried our best, though, to make it viewable by the broadest audience (even Internet Explorer users).
19      Please send an email to the webmaster @ frozen-bubble,org should you have any problem accessing the website.
20    -->
21    <div id="topbanner">
22      <div id="links">
23        <a href=""></a> <a href="">LinuxGameTome</a> <a href="">SDLnow!</a>
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25      <div id="topinfo">
26        fbweb0.9.2      </div>
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28    <div id="body">
29      <div id="logo">
30        <a href=""><img src="/images/banner.png" alt="Frozen Bubble logo" title="Go to Frozen Bubble homepage" /></a>      </div>
31      <div id="navbar">
32        <ul>
33          <li><a href="" title="Frozen Bubble website homepage" >home</a></li>
34          <li><a href="" title="News about the game" >news</a></li>
35          <li><a href="" title="Download Frozen Bubble now !" >downloads</a></li>
36          <li><a href="" title="Artwork from the game" >artwork</a></li>
37          <li><a href="" title="Music from the game" >music</a></li>
38          <li><a href="" title="Frozen Bubble : the making of" >making&nbsp;of</a></li>
39          <li><a href="" title="Send us your feedback !" >feedback</a></li>
40          <li id="current" ><a href="" title="Having trouble running the game ?" >troubleshooting</a></li>
41        </ul>
42      </div>
43      <div id="main">
44        <div id="frametopleft">
45          <div id="frametop">
46            <div id="frametopright">
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49              <div id="framecontent">
50                    <!-- ##############  Main stuff goes here  ################ -->
51                    <h1>Having problems running Frozen Bubble ?</h1>
53<p><b>If you are colourblind, we already have what you're looking for:</b> please use the <tt>-cb</tt> commandline parameter, and bubbles will be printed
54with little geometrical symbols inside.</p>
56  <div class="h2-1">
57    <h2>Fix your problems</h2>
58  </div>
59<p>Most of the problems you can encounter with Frozen-Bubble don't require contacting us directly, and actually we can't fix most of them. </p>
60<p>First, please notice that we have developed this software on the Gnu/Linux platform. There are ports to other operating-systems, but we can't and don't want to support them. If you happen to be using Frozen-Bubble on FreeBSD, Windows or Mac OSX, please contact the authors of this "version" if you have trouble installing/running/whatever. Thank you.</p>
62  <div class="h2-2">
63    <h2>Troubleshoot most common problems on Gnu/Linux</h2>
64  </div>
65<p>First, please notice that we are not a Gnu/Linux vendor, we are not Debian, Gentoo or Mandrakesoft. So if you can't install it with apt-get, emerge, urpmi, yum or whatever, or if you managed to install it but it won't start or won't run properly, there are much higher chances this is a problem with your vendor, not with us. Try to think before contacting us: is your problem really with our software? or with how your vendor compiled/integrated it with the system? </p>
67<p>Now, to ease your life, we provide links to common problems you may encounter.</p>
69<li><u><tt>...cannot handle TLS data...</tt> message at startup</u>: it seems this is related with buggy or badly installed nvidia drivers (now you see that proprietary drivers add to the troubles, but anyway). Debian has a <a href=""> bugreport and a fix</a> for this one.</li>
70<li><u><tt>Can't locate in @INC...</tt> message at startup</u>: either you didn't install sdlperl, or you installed it at the wrong location. Check where the file "" was installed on your system and what is the @INC search path of perl, there are chances they don't match.</li>
71<li><u>crash with a <tt>SIGILL</tt> when trying to start a new game</u>: you're probably using buggy <tt>SDL-1.2.6</tt> on an Intel processors; please update to <tt>SDL-1.2.7</tt> or more recent.</li>
72<li><u><tt>Not a HASH reference at /usr/games/frozen-bubble line 310</tt> message at startup</u>: it seems that you're using an incompatible (too recent) version of perl-SDL. Either downgrade or apply <a href="/perl-SDL.patch">this patch</a>.</li>
74<p>If you have more to add, you may want to contact us: <img src="/images/mailto.png" alt="graphic email address" title="graphic email address" />.</p>
75                    <!-- ##############  Main stuff ends here  ################ -->
76              </div> <!-- Content -->
77            </div> <!-- Right -->
78          </div> <!-- Left -->
79        </div> <!-- Top -->
80          </div> <!-- Topright -->
81          <div id="framebottomleft">
82            <div id="framebottom">
83          <div id="framebottomright">
84            &nbsp;
85          </div> <!-- bottomright -->
86        </div> <!-- bottom -->
87          </div> <!-- bottomleft -->
88        </div> <!-- Topleft -->
89      </div> <!-- #main -->
90    </div> <!-- #body -->
91  </body>
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