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51                    <h1>Older news</h1>
53  <div class="h2-1">
54    <h2>[2003-01-29] Frozen-Bubble elected "Best Free Game"</h2>
55  </div>
56<p>The <a href="">Linux Game Tome</a> organized the first ever <a href="">elections to honor the Linux community's favorite games</a>. 281 games and libraries were proposed, and 4417 votes occurred.</p>
57<p>Frozen-Bubble won the <i>"Best Free Arcade Game"</i>, with 16% of the votes in this category, the two followers only obtaining 11%.</p>
58<p>But among the whole, Frozen even won the <i>"Best Free Game"</i> (any category)! Of course, voting has been tighter: FB gets 12% as well as the runner-up.</p>
59<p>Frozen-Bubble also won the <i>"Best Sound/Music"</i> category: as usual many congrats to Matthias for his talent recognized once again. In this vote, it's Dunkerque: FB obtains 19% of the votes while the second one only gets 12%.</p>
60<p>Let's note that in the <i>"Best Graphics"</i> category, FB comes 4th (with 11%) but the 3 first games are actually proprietary games ; therefore in this category it's a moral victory for Ayo - well deserved as well.</p>
61<p>One question remains, though: how on earth are we gonna do better, next year? :-)</p>
63  <div class="h2-2">
64    <h2>[2003-01-20] We were slashdotted!</h2>
65  </div>
66<p>An <a href="">article</a> on the famous slashdot news site referred directly <tt></tt>! This resulted in an impressive peak of <b>16227 visits</b> on 2003-01-15 - compare that with the traditional average of 250-300 visits a day, and you can feel the slashdot effect :).</p>
67<p>Daily news: a new version of Frozen-Bubble will be released soon (e.g. "weeks") adding a <b>level editor</b> contributed by Kim and David Joham - stay tuned! </p>
69  <div class="h2-3">
70    <h2>[2002-10-17] Frozen Bubble on Yopi</h2>
71  </div>
72<p>Alexandre Boeglin has managed to have Frozen Bubble working on the Yopi, a PDA running Linux! Impressive and fun :).</p>
73<p> You may get information about the Yopi on <a href="">Linux Devices</a>, and have a look at Alexandre's website to discover <a href="">how does
74this work</a>.</p>
75<p>Daily news: the site has reached more than 50,000 hits/visits (this counts only the hits on the first page) - there are around 250 hits per day, as you can see on <a href="">the little graphics</a> already linked in the top banner; still no 1.0 version of Frozen Bubble because still waiting for more levels.. and busy with other things (including another game project ;p). </p>
77  <div class="h2-4">
78    <h2>[2002-05-22] Frozen Bubble 0.9.3</h2>
79  </div>
80<p>At last, the long-awaited new version of Frozen Bubble is out. This release brings mostly bug fixes, but also a couple of added features thanks to user suggestions and even some user contributions. Among others, it features the often-asked-for <a href="">special bubbles</a> for <b>colourblind</b> people (start frozen-bubble with the <b>-cb</b> option).</p>
81<p><b>But</b> I'm still waiting for more levels to release 1.0.0! I'd really like to provide 100 levels for this release, so please contribute new levels! Please see the older news from "2002-02-20" down in these news.
84  <div class="h2-5">
85    <h2>[2002-03-20] Special Demo Version available</h2>
86  </div>
87<p>Some people requested that a Windows version be available. I already happen to not like Windows very much, but since I work for a free software company, I'm certainly not gonna spend some time porting the game to Windows.</p>
88<p><b>But...</b> there is a solution for people who don't have Gnu/Linux, or who run a lousy Linux distro for which a binary package of Frozen-Bubble is not available! </p>
89<p>A special Demo Version, containing just a Linux kernel, basic libraries, XFree86 the graphical environment, Frozen-Bubble, and a bunch of glue based on the Mandrake installation program, is worth only 22 Mbytes of pure happiness :-). Available as a CDROM ISO image, or as a boot floppy bootstrapping the program from a Windows partition, please surf the Downloads section and grab your copy.</p>
91  <div class="h2-1">
92    <h2>[2002-02-20] Level contributions welcome</h2>
93  </div>
94<p>I plan to release the stable 1.0 version of Frozen-Bubble sometimes in March or April, and I'd like to provide at least <b>100 different levels</b>, so user contributions are very warmly welcomed!</p>
95<p>Please use a text editor on the file <tt>/usr/share/frozen-bubble/data/levels</tt>, and try to create new levels, you'll see that the file format is very straightforward: a "<tt>-</tt>" for a hole and a number for the colour number of the bubble (0: black; 1: white; 2: blue; 3: green; 4: yellow; 5: purple; 6: red; 7: orange). You may then send the levels you've added (not the whole "levels" file please) by email to <a href="mailto:newlevels at frozen-bubble dot org">newlevels at frozen-bubble dot org</a>.</p>
97  <div class="h2-2">
98    <h2>[2002-02-08] Frozen Bubble 0.9.2</h2>
99  </div>
100<p>We've had some great feedback after publishing 0.9.1; <b>9,000 hits in 48 hours</b> so far on this website, thanks to many Linux news sites relaying the announce. There are now contributions of binary packages for Debian, Red Hat and a few other distributions, and it is time to publish the 0.9.2 version which fixes a few problems (see "changes" on the Download section).</p>
102  <div class="h2-3">
103    <h2>[2002-02-06] Frozen Bubble is published</h2>
104  </div>
105<p>Today is the release of <b>Frozen-Bubble 0.9.1</b>. After a couple of months of development (see the MakingOf section), we're now ready to publish an already pretty polished game, with all the features we wanted at the beginning: both 1p and 2p game, nice gfx, nice music. Enjoy!</p>
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