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138      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
139       <FONT FACE="Arial Black,Arial,Helvetica"><FONT SIZE="4">Articles</FONT></FONT></P>
140      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
141       <A HREF="">PC Quest</A> <A HREF=";file=article&amp;sid=71">LinuxTip</A> <A HREF="">Linux
142        Journal - 2003</A> <A HREF="">Linux
143        Journal - 2001</A> <A HREF="">NewsForge</A> <A HREF="">Linux.Com</A></P>
144      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
145       Check out <A HREF="">these</A> <A HREF=";admit=716493758+1065611144746+28353475">references</A> <A HREF="">to</A> <A HREF="">Mondo</A> <A HREF=";admit=716493758+1065611473837+28353475">Rescue</A> <A HREF=";pid=1142">here,</A> <A HREF="">here,</A> 
146       and <A HREF="">here</A>.
147        That last one plays the role of a sorbet, to clear the palate. Oh,
148       and we made top 5 of the <A HREF="">OS Global</A> 
149       list of backup solutions.</P>
150      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
151       <FONT FACE="Arial Black,Arial,Helvetica"><FONT SIZE="4">News</FONT></FONT></P>
152      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
153      <I>July 13th, 2004</I></P>
154Mondo and Mindi's new snapshots support ACLs and extended attributes (if your distro
155does). That slows down the backup process by 15-20%. This will be reduced to 5-10% in
156the development branch (when that opens). Stability is more important than speed.
157      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
158      <I>June 29th, 2004</I></P>
159Mondo 2.02 and Mindi 1.02 are out. They are much more supportive of older distros and are
160less likely to trigger the kernel/fdisk/ioctl() problem which some LVM users encounter
161not just with Mondo but with Linux distro installers such as the ones used by Mandrake
162and SuSE.
163      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
164      <I>June 21st, 2004</I></P>
165Mondo 2.01 and Mindi 1.01 are out. There were two showstoppers, both affecting Windows users who backup to tape. There were also some spurious error messages and some minor bugs which I took the time to fix.
167It looks as if Partimage 0.6.2 does not support Windows XP (64-bit edition)'s version of NTFS yet. Time will tell. 64-bit users, be warned.
168      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
169       <I>June 18th, 2004</I></P>
170Mondo 2.0 and Mindi 1.0 are out, finally. Enjoy.
171      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
172       <I>April 19th, 2004</I></P>
173Mindi-0.9x used to copy the kernel directly to the 1.44MB boot floppy (if 1.72MB boot/root floppy
174was too small to accommodate the kernel and the rootfs). Now it uses LILO. That way, it's more
175compatible with modern kernels.
176      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
177       <I>April 18th, 2004</I></P>
178I've added experimental <i>star</i> support and AMD64 support to the development branch. The
179new 64-bit distros are Fedora Core 1, Fedora Core 2, SuSE 9.0 and Mandrake 10.0, of which MDK10
180and SUS9 are good. By 'good', I mean I've backed up and restored them using the 1.7x/0.9x snapshots. I have not even tried to do that with the FC distros yet.
182I have also added the '-b' command-line switch, to let users specify the internal tape block
183size to be used by mondoarchive and mondorestore. Tape streamers should accept a sensible block
184size of, say, 32KB which is Mondo's default but some drives just don't want that. This is what
185happens when tape streamer vendors do not talk to kernel driver writers. God bless them all.
187Someone told me yesterday that Mondo is the only Open Source DR (Disaster Recovery) solution on
188the block. That is either a good thing or a bad thing. It could mean Mondo is a lightning rod
189that attracts the best developers and therefore gets the most users, so no-one else bothers
190competing. More likely is that Mondo is adequate (not great, just adequate) so the alternatives
191(and there must be some) don't get the attention they deserve, simply because most users don't
192look very hard for alternatives to adequate solutions.
194Of course, it's possible that Mondo is so inferior that users stick with Closed Source
195solutions like Veritas, BRU, Lone Tar and Arkeia. Perhaps only the cash-strapped and the
196politically extreme use Mondo. I don't know. I only see the bug reports, which is fine because
197that's my job but it does mean I don't get a realistic picture of Mondo's use in the real world.
199On the one hand, now and then, people tell me, 'We love Mondo, it's the best thing we've found
200for our purposes, we use it on dozens of PCs, etc.' and then other people tell me, 'It doesn't
201run on our hardware, it doesn't like your tape streamers, etc.' It's odd. It's almost as if
202- *gasp* - Mondo runs for some users but not others. The trouble is that the 'others' seem
203rarely to come to the mailing list with their problems. They prefer to bitch about them. That's
204typical of consumers, really. This is why I have some sympathy for Customer Service depts at
205companies such as Dell. The good ones try to help but they are usually kicked in the teeth because the customer has already been on the receiving end of bad customer service, often from
206someone at the same company as the good CSR.
208It's like dating. You, the new girlfriend, often end up having to pick up the pieces and
209clear up the mess left by your date's previous girlfriend. Let's face it, all the best men
210are taken and usually by bitches, so your only hope of finding a nice boyfriend is to make
211friends with nice, attached guys and wait for their bitchy girlfriends to dump them. At least
212then you'll know what you're dealing with.
214But back to software. Does anyone realize how hard it is to run a project like this? The paying
215customers do, which is funny because they're the ones who complain the least. It's the non-paying users who tend to do the most complaining and put the least effort into fixing the problems
216they encounter, which is a pity because the source code is right there.
218So many people seem oblivious to the fact that I am under no obligation to publish the binaries
219on the Internet at all. I could simply sell the CD, remove the source code (and binaries) from
220the website, and that would be that. I could leave CVS access there for the hardcore hobbyists.
221People don't read the GPL and they don't understand, I do this because I want to, not because
222there is a philosophical gun to my head. It's pathetic when people get something for free (including its recipe), don't like its quality, bitch about it <i>and then</i> expect someone
223else to do something about it. These are the same people who misread the GPL and complain when
224they can't get their snort of Open Source coke for free anymore.
226I don't mind providing the source code. I don't mind publishing it on the Internet (Which I'm under no obligation to do). I don't mind giving free technical support via the mailing list (which, again, I'm under no obligation to do). I do mind when total strangers e-mail me, telling me Mondo sucks, providing me with no technical information, expecting me to solve their problems <i>for free</i>, then getting all butt-hurt when I point out that I'm not a free resource and that my time has value. The website makes it clear: there's a mailing list, there's a web forum, and also there's a PayPal button if you want 1-on-1 technical support from me. Yet, people keep trying it on. Does it hurt to be that stupid? It should.
228Some people will read this rant and think I have a bad attitude. If you think that, consider the possibility that certain members of the Open Source community have been jumping on my last nerve for nearly 5 years. If you have the patience of Job, you're welcome to take my place and see how long that patience lasts. In the meantime, suspend your judgement and consider why I feel the way I feel about the way people behave. If you took your attention away from my attitude ant directed it towards the people who gave it to me, you might not like what you see... but of course, it's much easier to dislike one man's attitude than it is to acknowledge the poor quality of behavior exhibited by a significant proportion of the Open Source community.
230It's human nature. People will try it on, day and night. Men carpet-bomb women with crass invitations in the hope that one woman will accept (and there is usually one who does because of low self-esteem or a sick curiosity). Employers publish advertisements and recruit people at ridiculously low levels of pay for absurdly difficult jobs because that's how the Free Market works. I'm offering X for $Y; there will be someone to buy it. There might be only one person (hence the supply/demand curves and their interaction) but there will always be someone. Even Hitler had a girlfriend, which just goes to show, no matter what kind of person you are, you can find your match. The same is true in Open Source. No matter how crappy your program, someone will (a) use it and (b) write you a long e-mail about how you could improve it. They will also (c) offer no real help for you to achieve [b].
231      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
232       <I>March 30th, 2004</I></P>
233      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
234       I'm adding SuSE 8.1 and Fedora Core 2 support at the moment. Watch
235       this space (not literally).</P>
236      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
237       <I>March 27th, 2004</I></P>
238      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
239       New snapshots are out. Lots of bugs have been fixed. Please try these
240       latest releases and send your feedback to the mailing list or web forum.</P>
241      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
242       <I>March 25th, 2004</I></P>
243      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
244       I'm back in England to re-sit an exam. In the meantime, I've modified
245       Mondo to backup NTFS partitions under Knoppix. Accordingly, new
246       snapshots (Mondo 1.75_20040329 and Mindi 0.95_20040329) will be
247       releasedon Monday for public consumption. To use them:-</P>
248      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
249       1. Boot from your Knoppix 3.3 LiveCD.<BR>
250       2. Open a terminal on the GUI.<BR>
251       3. Type:<BR>
252       &nbsp; # su -<BR>
253       &nbsp; to become root.</P>
254      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
255       4. Insert your Mondo Install CD in your other CD-ROM/DVD drive or
256       mount it across your network.<BR>
257       5. Mount it. If you are mounting another CD drive, it will be
258       something like this:<BR>
259       &nbsp; # mkdir /mnt/auxcd<BR>
260       &nbsp; # mount /dev/hdd /mnt/auxcd -t iso9660 -o ro<BR>
261       &nbsp; # /mnt/auxcd/setup</P>
262      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
263       &nbsp; In my case, I have the original filesystem on my network, so I
264       do this:<BR>
265       &nbsp; # mkdir /mnt/mondostuff<BR>
266       &nbsp; # netcardconfig setup the network<BR>
267       &nbsp; # mount /mnt/mondostuff -t nfs<BR>
268       &nbsp; # /mnt/mondostuff/MondoCD/setup</P>
269      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
270       6. When asked whether you want (S)table or (D)evelopment, type D &lt;Enter&gt;.<BR>
271       7. When the 'setup' script terminates, type:<BR>
272       &nbsp; # export PATH=/ramdisk/usr/bin:/ramdisk/usr/sbin:$PATH<BR>
273       &nbsp; # mkdir -p /ramdisk/foo<BR>
274       &nbsp; # echo hi &gt; /ramdisk/foo/bar.txt<BR>
275       &nbsp; # mondoarchive -OVt -d /dev/st0 -gF -I /ramdisk/foo -x
276       /dev/hda1 -W<BR>
277       &nbsp; (Something like that, anyway.)</P>
278      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
279       The mondoarchive command is a typical call to mondoarchive execpt for:<BR>
280       a) the dummy loading of regular files, thanks to /ramdisk/foo<BR>
281       b) the fact that it backs up my NFS partition (-x /dev/hda1)<BR>
282       c) the fact that the archives are NOT bootable (-W)</P>
283      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
284       I've backed up /dev/hda1 (NTFS partition), wiped it w/ dd if=zero
285       of=/dev/hda1 ..., restored from backups, and booted back into Windows
286       2000. It appears Mondo now backs up and restores NTFS partitions
287       while running on a Knoppix LiveCD.</P>
288      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
289       Users are welcome to report their experiences, problems, etc. to the
290       mailing list.</P>
291      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
292       Next on the agenda - Fedora Core 2 support, Bacula support, AMD64
293       support, Itanium 2(?) support.</P>
294      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
295       <I>March 12th, 2004</I></P>
296      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
297       My wife and I have emigrated to Fresno, California. I returned to
298       England today to re-sit a Law exam but I expect to join my wife again
299       in the States shortly.</P>
300      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
301       <I>February 12th, 2004</I></P>
302      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
303       Debian, meet my last nerve. Last nerve, meet Debian. Be nice to each other.</P>
304      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
305       <I>January 10th, 2004</I></P>
306      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
307       Happy New Year. My wife and I are (a) expecting a baby and (b)
308       emigrating to California soon. I am doing full-time contract work for
309       an Internet start-up in Martlesham, Suffolk. Kate still isn't allowed
310       to work and my US visa still isn't here. Gotta love Immigration. Oh,
311       and there's a new(ish) article on Mondo - <A HREF=";file=article&amp;sid=71">click
312        here</A>.</P>
313      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
314       <I>November 18th, 2003</I></P>
315      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
316       I've updated Mindi 0.9x's busybox from 0.60.5 to 1.0.0pre3 and its
317       uClibc from 0.9.19 to 0.9.23, in preparation for adding kernel 2.6.x
318       support to the development branch. NTFS support in Mondo 1.7x is
319       finally fixed for good. It took six months but I think it will be
320       worth the effort.</P>
321      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
322       <I>November 10th</I></P>
323      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
324       Groovy. WebDragon has created a pretty little logo for people who
325       want to tell the world their website is protected by Mondo. I have
326       dropped one onto the front page of this website.</P>
327      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
328       <I>November 8th</I></P>
329      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
330       Good news for all you Yum users out there! Good ole Uncle Jesse has
331       taken care of you. Here is a copy of an e-mail Jesse sent to the
332       mailing list today:-</P>
333      <UL>
334       <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
335        <FONT FACE="Courier New"><FONT SIZE="2">For the adventurous, there is
336        now a yum repository of CVS snapshot mondo/mindi rpms, as well as the
337        stable version of their deps not found on regular Red Hat media
338        (afio, buffer, lzo, lzop). I'll be making rpms of CVS snapshots every
339        couple of days or so, continuously updating the yum repot. If you
340        wish to use yum, add a block to your /etc/yum.conf that looks
341        something like this:</FONT></FONT></P>
342       <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
343        <FONT FACE="Courier New"><FONT SIZE="2">[mondo]</FONT></FONT><BR>
344        <FONT FACE="Courier New"><FONT SIZE="2">name=Red Hat Linux
345        $releasever - Mondo</FONT></FONT><BR>
346        <FONT FACE="Courier New"><FONT SIZE="2">baseurl=</FONT></FONT></P>
347       <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
348        <FONT FACE="Courier New"><FONT SIZE="2">Or for your Fedora Core
349        users, I haven't left you out:</FONT></FONT></P>
350       <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
351        <FONT FACE="Courier New"><FONT SIZE="2">[mondo]</FONT></FONT><BR>
352        <FONT FACE="Courier New"><FONT SIZE="2">name=Fedora Core $releasever
353        - Mondo</FONT></FONT><BR>
354        <FONT FACE="Courier New"><FONT SIZE="2">baseurl=</FONT></FONT></P>
355       <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
356        <FONT FACE="Courier New"><FONT SIZE="2">Soon to come is RHL 7.3,
357        RHEL3, and Immunix 7.3 repots.</FONT></FONT></P>
358       <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
359        <FONT FACE="Courier New"><FONT SIZE="2">If you don't use yum, but
360        would like to access the rpms, just click on the &quot;baseurl&quot; 
361        link above, and dive into the RPMS/ directory. If you wish to have
362        the .src.rpms to play with, you can find them here:</FONT></FONT></P>
363       <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
364        <FONT FACE="Courier New"><FONT SIZE="2"></FONT></FONT></P>
365       <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
366        <FONT FACE="Courier New"><FONT SIZE="2">This layout may change in the
367        future, as well as the package naming scheme.</FONT></FONT></P>
368       <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
369        <FONT FACE="Courier New"><FONT SIZE="2">But for now, happy hacking!</FONT></FONT></P>
370       </UL>
371      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
372       You heard it here first, folks.</P>
373      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
374       <I>November 7th</I></P>
375      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
376       Mondo v1.67 and Mindi v0.87 were released a few days ago without any
377       fanfare at all. :) On the whole, the response has been positive. A
378       few bugs still exist (don't they always?). They are listed on the <A HREF="../support/support.html#knownbugs">Known
379        bugs</A> section of the Support page. We're working on them when we
380       have time.</P>
381      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
382       I am now in full-time employment again, my dissertation is due in a
383       month, I have two 3000-word papers due in 2 weeks, and so on. Of
384       course, this means Mondo must take a back seat.</P>
385      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
386       <I>October 22nd</I></P>
387      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
388       New Mondo 1.6x, 1.7x and Mindi 0.8x, 0.9x snapshots are being
389       uploaded now. I've added a <A HREF="../support/support.html#knownbugs">'Known
390        bugs</A>' section to the <A HREF="../support/support.html">Support</A> 
391       page. I'm adding support for Red Hat 6.0 and 7.0 for fun. :)</P>
392      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
393       I am also working on a page concerning <A HREF="mini-pcs.html">mini-PCs</A>.
394        Check it out.</P>
395      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
396       <I>October 8th</I></P>
397      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
398       Check out <A HREF="">these</A> <A HREF=";admit=716493758+1065611144746+28353475">references</A> <A HREF="">to</A> <A HREF="">Mondo</A> <A HREF=";admit=716493758+1065611473837+28353475">Rescue</A> <A HREF=";pid=1142">here,</A> <A HREF="">here,</A> 
399       and <A HREF="">here</A>.
400        That last one plays the role of a sorbet, to clear the palate. <A HREF="">Fred
401        Saft</A> - do one thing. Blow me. :-)</P>
402      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
403       <I>October 5th</I></P>
404      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
405       Mondo 1.7x (the development branch) now differs from Mondo 1.6x in
406       the following ways:-</P>
407      <UL>
408       <LI CLASS="mvd-P">
409       <P>
410        It supports native DVD (re)writing<BR>
411        <LI CLASS="mvd-P">It supports OnStream tape drives<BR>
412        <LI CLASS="mvd-P">It has proper NTFS support<BR>
413        <LI CLASS="mvd-P">It catalogues your filesystem 20-30% faster than
414        Mondo 1.6x does, with a pretty UI to boot<BR>
415        <LI CLASS="mvd-P">Its GUI detects your NFS partitions and excludes
416        them by default<BR>
417        <LI CLASS="mvd-P">Its GUI detects your Windows (NTFS) partitions and
418        'partimages' them by default<BR>
419        <LI CLASS="mvd-P">It supports text-only restore, which is handy for
420        SuSE users and others w/ broken Newt libraries<BR>
421        <LI CLASS="mvd-P">It lets you specify your own filelist via the -J switch<BR>
422        <LI CLASS="mvd-P">It lets you ask for the CD-ROM drive never to
423        eject, which is handy if your computer case would break in the event
424        of an unexpected ejection (WTF is wrong with PC designers these days?)<BR>
425        <LI CLASS="mvd-P">The code is much cleaner and has better inline documentation</P>
426       </UL>
427      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
428       You're welcome to try it (in conjunction with Mindi 0.9x) but please
429       remember, it is beta-quality code. If it eats your data, you are on
430       your own. Still, I've finally fixed Mondo 1.7x's NTFS support. I
431       zeroed out the destination hard disk &amp; then nuke-restored my main
432       development box onto it. I was able to boot into Windows 2000, watch
433       DVD movies, chat on the Net, etc. Everything was there, right down to
434       the orange roof on Howard Johnson's outhouse. This is great.</P>
435      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
436       <I>September 26th</I></P>
437      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
438       New snapshots are coming soon which support DVD-writing! (1.7x only)<BR>
439       # mondoarchive -OVr 2 -d /dev/scd0 -gF</P>
440      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
441       That's how I backup my PC. :-)</P>
442      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
443       Oh, and Jesse Keating is mentioned in an <A HREF="">article
444        on HyperSCSI</A>. It's about time someone acknowledge his hard work.
445       He has so many fingers in so many pies (21 at last count...).</P>
446      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
447       <I>September 24th</I></P>
448      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
449       Debian 3.0's 2.4.18 stock kernel (available on CD#5) appears to
450       support Mondo. That's right, folks: Debian and Mondo play nicely. I
451       don't know who made it so but I'm glad they did.</P>
452      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
453       Mondo also works with Trustix 2.0 and SME 5.6 now. The new packages
454       are on the Download page.</P>
455      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
456       I am documenting the code at the moment. Fun.</P>
457      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
458       Oh, and Mondo made it onto the cover of <A HREF="">Linux
459        Journal</A>. There is five-page <A HREF="">article</A>.
460        For anyone interested, here is the predecssor - my 2yo <A HREF="">article</A> 
461       in the same magazine. inside, too.</P>
462      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
463       <I>September 21st</I></P>
464      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
465       Mondo v1.7x has multi-tape support again. I'm quite excited about
466       this because Mondo v1.7x now supports OnStream ADR and ADR-2 drives,
467       which were always tricky in the past. The GUI is a little nicer too.
468       It's all coming together, thanks to the hard work of all members of
469       the devteam. Oh, and NTFS support is now better than ever, thanks to partimagehack-static.</P>
470      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
471       <I>September 16th</I></P>
472      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
473       Mondo v1.7x now uses partimagehack-static (a bastardized partimage,
474       available from Mondo's Download page) to backup and restore NTFS
475       partitions without backing up the unused sectors. I have also
476       rewritten mondo-makefilelist as a C subroutine, which shaves 30s or
477       so off mondoarchive's execution runtime. The -D (differential) flag
478       no longer supports multi-level differentials. If you want it badly
479       enough, you'll write a patch, right? :)</P>
480      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
481       <I>September 13th</I></P>
482      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
483       I saw <I>American Pie 3 </I>last night with my wife. We had a super time.</P>
484      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
485       NTFS support still isn't quite right in 1.7x, although it is fine in
486       1.6x; will I have 1.7x ready by December? Time will tell. I've
487       rewritten 1.7x's tape buffer code and it seems to work fine with ADR
488       and ADR-2 drives, which were always problematic until now.</P>
489      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
490       There is a meeting on Sunday at 18:00 GMT in #mondo on
491; everyone is welcome.</P>
492      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
493       <I>September 10th</I></P>
494      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
495       The user-friendly <A HREF="../download/isos/mondo-install-cd.iso">Mondo
496        installer ISO</A> is now available.</P>
497      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
498       <I>September 6th</I></P>
499      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
500       A new PDF manual is on the way, courtesy of... you'll see. :) There
501       is a new, souped-up installer CD on the way too. I am looking at
502       ArkLinux, Gentoo, Debian and an ADR2 (wait, isn't that a rifle?) tape
503       streamer this weekend.</P>
504      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
505       I've recently added Partimagehack support to Mondo. Partimagehack is
506       just partimage with a few hacks by yours truly, so that Windows users
507       may backup NTFS partitions with Mondo without backing up the unused
508       sectors as well. Partimagehack is available for download from the
509       obvioius place (yes, the Download page), as is the Mondo 1.7x branch
510       and its corresponding Mind 0.9x branch.</P>
511      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
512       <I>August 1st</I></P>
513      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
514       New 1.6x, 1.7x snapshots are out. They fix a couple of silly bugs
515       which were floating around for months but which I could not fix
516       because I did not possess suitable hardware for testing my bugfixes.
517       I do now, thankfully.</P>
518      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
519       <I>July 29th</I></P>
520      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
521       Nightmare. Ugh. CVS bad. Hugo's sources good. Hugo tired of
522       firefighting. Hugo need rest. Unfortunately, Hugo has just moved
523       house and is now working full-time, so Hugo can't bust his butt for
524       freeloading quarterbacks anymore. ;) His wife won't let him. Still,
525       new finals are out so Hugo can rest easy knowing people are now able
526       to protect their vital bits for free.</P>
527      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
528       <I>July 15th</I></P>
529      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
530       New snaphots. CVS should be okay now but please send all feedback to
531       us, just in case.</P>
532      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
533       <I>July 10th</I></P>
534      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
535       New snaphots. We have had problems with CVS and are working on them
536       at the moment.</P>
537      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
538       Nice script from Phazeman and Crash3m, to backup/restore over NFS
539       using Mondo and a cronjob - <A HREF="../download/backup-kungfu-0.1.tar.bz2">backup-kungfu-0.1.tar.bz2</A> 
540       - check it out.</P>
541      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
542       Rhys has set up a groovy new PHP-based forum for Mondo users - go to <A HREF=""></A> 
543       :-) It will soon be but that will take a few days.</P>
544      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
545       <I>June 29th</I></P>
546      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
547       Back from vacation. New snapshots.</P>
548      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
549       <I>June 12th</I></P>
550      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
551       New snapshots. Lots of minor bugfixes. Groovy, baby. I've tried to
552       improve SME support.</P>
553      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
554       <I>June 4th</I></P>
555      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
556       The auto-mirroring between and was
557       broken. Thank you, Dagfinn Bakken, for pointing that out. I believe
558       the bug has now been fixed.</P>
559      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
560       <A HREF="news-2003-05.html">May 2003 and earlier...</A></P>
561      <P>
562       <!-- $MVD$:spaceretainer() -->&nbsp;</TD>
563    </TR>
564   </TABLE>
566    <TR>
567     <TD BGCOLOR="#333333" VALIGN=CENTER>
568      <P>
569       <IMG SRC="shared_graphics/spacer.gif" WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="1" VSPACE="0" HSPACE="0" BORDER="0"></TD>
570    </TR>
571    <TR>
573      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
574       Comments? Suggestions? Click <A HREF="../feedback/feedback.html">here</A> 
575This mirror provided by the lovely Joe Cooper of <a href=>SwellTech</a>.
576    </TR>
577   </TABLE>
578 </BODY>
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