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124       &nbsp;</TD>
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133   </TABLE>
135    <TR>
137      <H3 ALIGN=CENTER>
138       <FONT FACE="Arial Black,Arial,Helvetica"><FONT SIZE="4">Feedback</FONT></FONT></H3>
139      <P>
140       Would you like to <A HREF=";i=1&amp;a=sign"><B>sign</B></A> 
141       or <A HREF=";i=1&amp;a=view"><B>read</B></A> 
142       the guest book? :-)</P>
143      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
144       If you are an employer in the USA or Canada and you like my software,
145       would you be interested in seeing my r&eacute;sum&eacute; [<A HREF="../download/hrcv-30mar04.html">.html</A>]
146        [<A HREF="../download/hrcv-30mar04.doc">.doc</A>]? I am working in
147       the UK at the moment but I am emigrating in August 2004. I am
148       confident that I would be an asset to your firm. (Well, I would say
149       that, wouldn't I?)</P>
150      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
151       If you are looking at this page because you are having trouble with
152       Mondo then please go to <A HREF="../support/support.html">Support</A> 
153       for details of how to receive technical support.</P>
154      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
155       Mondo is a collaborative effort by dozens of contributors and
156       thousands of users (a.k.a. beta-testers *wink*). If you are
157       interested in taking part then please contact us.</P>
158      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
159       If Mondo does not work for you then please bear in mind the following:</P>
160      <UL>
161       <LI CLASS="mvd-P">
162       <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
163        It works for most computers, most Linux distributions, most users and
164        most hardware/software combinations<BR>
165        <LI CLASS="mvd-P">Your problem might be unique; to find out, ask on
166        the mailing list to see if anyone else has experienced something similar<BR>
167        <LI CLASS="mvd-P">The bug might actually be in another piece of
168        software - for example, your pthreads library or your tape streamer's
169        kernel-level driver<BR>
170        <LI CLASS="mvd-P">It is hard for us to troubleshoot a problem if we
171        do not have access to your exact hardware and software configuration<BR>
172        <LI CLASS="mvd-P">If you would like us to make Mondo run perfectly on
173        your exotic tape streamer then please contribute financially or, even
174        better, offer to loan us said exotic tape streamer</P>
175       </UL>
176      <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
177       If you would like to contribute financially in return for 1-to-1
178       technical support, please click on the PayPal button at the top of
179       the page (or e-mail me for my mailng address if you would prefer to
180       write a check). Companies and individuals interested in receiving
181       contract-based support from me, please e-mail me <A HREF="[CPT]">here</A>.
182        If you don't understand why you should pay for free stuff, <A HREF="">click
183        here</A> to read my views</P>
184      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
185       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="2">
186       </P>
187      <P>
188       <B>Users' comments</B></P>
189      <BLOCKQUOTE>
190       <P>
191        &quot;I'd just like to thank you for creating Mondo. It is the most
192        full-featured and stable recovery/cloning system I have ever had the
193        pleasure to use. I have started implementing it across our
194        organization with very good results.&quot; - D.V.</P>
195       </BLOCKQUOTE>
196      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
197       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
198       </P>
199      <BLOCKQUOTE>
200       <P>
201        &quot;Thanks for a great piece of code, for the quick response to
202        questions, for not tolerating incompetence. [...] I've asked 6
203        questions in 6 days, and gotton reasonable answers to all of them. As
204        a sysadmin ( and previously mainframe systems programmer) for 25
205        years, I know how tempting it is to answer with 'Sure! and I'll just
206        stop at the Men's and pick up a roll,, so I can wipe your BUTT
207        too!'... And you mostly manage to avoid that. I haven't seen any
208        other OpenSource project, that responds to questions (paid or not) in
209        less then 48 hours. And when I wasn't paying I got responses too! And
210        it's very much appreciated.&quot; - J.R.</P>
211       </BLOCKQUOTE>
212      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
213       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
214       </P>
215      <BLOCKQUOTE>
216       <P>
217        &quot;Mondorescue is a great product, I really enjoy it and i&#180;m
218        glad about its existence, but you suck!!&quot; - Bruno Negr&atilde;o []</P>
219       </BLOCKQUOTE>
220      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
221       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
222       </P>
223      <BLOCKQUOTE>
224       <P>
225        &quot;Awesome piece of software - works perfectly on our dual-CPU
226        Compaq servers with hardware RAID and Red Hat 73 - thank you for
227        providing the best disaster recoverytool I've ever used!&quot; - R.Y.</P>
228       </BLOCKQUOTE>
229      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
230       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
231       </P>
232      <BLOCKQUOTE>
233       <P>
234        &quot;Special thanks go to all the people that develop Mondo. While
235        our M$ administrators are still sorting out the odds and ends of data
236        backup and catastrophy recovery, we've depended on Mondo for our
237        Linux system backup/recovery and have had nothing but A++ Results.
238        Thanks for making our jobs much easier!&quot; - D.W.</P>
239       </BLOCKQUOTE>
240      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
241       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
242       </P>
243      <BLOCKQUOTE>
244       <P>
245        &quot;If you want to list us as users, please go ahead - Winnipeg
246        School Division, Kevin Druet, Senior Systems Administrator. We use it
247        to back up our Linux Terminal Servers as well as a number of Windows
248        servers across the various LAN's throughout the division.&quot; - Xnyx</P>
249       </BLOCKQUOTE>
250      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
251       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
252       </P>
253      <BLOCKQUOTE>
254       <P>
255        &quot;A few days ago, I did a backup [with Mondo]. Well, disaster
256        struck yesterday. A hard disk went bad. Well, this morning, I bought
257        a new hard disk and popped in the first of my 7 backup CD's. It all
258        went great! I'm back, with nothing lost. I'd like to shake your hand
259        for a freaking good job and say thanks a million times for the hard
260        work you and your team did.&quot; - F.B.</P>
261       </BLOCKQUOTE>
262      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
263       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
264       </P>
265      <BLOCKQUOTE>
266       <P>
267        &quot;I am an IT professional and I know what effort it must have
268        taken to get Mondo to this level.&quot; - R.D.</P>
269       </BLOCKQUOTE>
270      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
271       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
272       </P>
273      <BLOCKQUOTE>
274       <P>
275        &quot;I just finished comparing my first cd backup. It's really great
276        to have a tool like mondo. The skill and care you have spent on the
277        project really shows. Thank you.&quot; - D.M.</P>
278       </BLOCKQUOTE>
279      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
280       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
281       </P>
282      <BLOCKQUOTE>
283       <P>
284        &quot;Part of my development on my current project requires me to
285        start with a clean install before testing...and mondo makes it a
286        snap. Thanks for giving back to the community in such a generous
287        way.&quot; - J.B.</P>
288       </BLOCKQUOTE>
289      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
290       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
291       </P>
292      <BLOCKQUOTE>
293       <P>
294        &quot;Really a great piece of software - saved my butt a few
295        times&quot; - D.R.</P>
296       </BLOCKQUOTE>
297      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
298       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
299       </P>
300      <BLOCKQUOTE>
301       <P>
302        &quot;Mondo absolutely rocks, and I'm very impressed at the
303        professional quality of this tool. Keep up the brilliant work - this
304        is going to save me a lot of grief from now on....&quot; - A.S.</P>
305       </BLOCKQUOTE>
306      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
307       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
308       </P>
309      <BLOCKQUOTE>
310       <P>
311        &quot;Went to my machine last evening to check my e-mail and was
312        greeted [by a] long string of messages about not being able to
313        read/write inodes. A reboot resulted in some horrible sounds from my
314        hard drive... Fortunately, I run Mondo once a week! [After] a quick
315        trip to buy a new hard drive, [I'm] back up and running... This is a
316        great system.&quot; - E.S.</P>
317       </BLOCKQUOTE>
318      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
319       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
320       </P>
321      <BLOCKQUOTE>
322       <P>
323        &quot;It's been said before but I'll say it again: Mondo is great!
324        The ability to backup to an NFS-mounted drive, to run custom
325        post-archive commands, and the flexible restore options allowed me to
326        configure Mondo perfectly for my custom setup... Mondo's flexibility
327        makes me feel prepared to deal with any disaster. My data has never
328        been so safe!&quot; - Anon.</P>
329       </BLOCKQUOTE>
330      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
331       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
332       </P>
333      <BLOCKQUOTE>
334       <P>
335        &quot;With [Mondo], a person can backup to CD and, if he/she ougrows
336        CD, move up to a tape device. Great job! Wish there were more logical
337        people in the software worlld!&quot; - B.W.</P>
338       </BLOCKQUOTE>
339      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
340       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
341       </P>
342      <BLOCKQUOTE>
343       <P>
344        &quot;Now the gushy praises: My experience with backup programs might
345        be limited, but i don't think i'll need to learn much more with
346        something this easy to use, and reliable. There's no joke that you
347        can trust a solid backup from this program. Hugo, eugenius. :-)&quot; 
348        - J.T.</P>
349       </BLOCKQUOTE>
350      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
351       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
352       </P>
353      <BLOCKQUOTE>
354       <P>
355        &quot;Mondo is the only non-commercial back-up/restore and recovery
356        program that works. You should be collecting consulting fees.&quot; - M.P.</P>
357       </BLOCKQUOTE>
358      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
359       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
360       </P>
361      <BLOCKQUOTE>
362       <P>
363        &quot;I would likre to thank you, as one of the numerous people
364        GIVING time and competencies to the other people. Sincerely, some of
365        our projects (small ones) would not have been possible without you.
366        And I hope that recognition will help you live from your art in a
367        near future.&quot; - B.R., Hewlett-Packard</P>
368       </BLOCKQUOTE>
369      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
370       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
371       </P>
372      <BLOCKQUOTE>
373       <P>
374        &quot;Due to an apparent bug in [my Linux distribution's sysadm
375        tool], my base system directories were overwritten, <I>twice!</I> 
376        Fortunately, I had just made (and tested) mondo backups just a few
377        days before. Mondorestore worked just great. It restored everything
378        just as it was...&quot; - K.A..</P>
379       </BLOCKQUOTE>
380      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
381       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
382       </P>
383      <BLOCKQUOTE>
384       <P>
385        &quot;I had terrific success on a Red Hat 7.3 install on my home box
386        &amp; similar results on 2 mailservers running Red Hat 7.1 at the
387        office. I was originally looking at GHOST &amp; just kept having some
388        quirkiness ... Can't have that in a disaster recovery scenario which
389        is what I was tasked to build a plan for. [Mondo is] a tremendous
390        package. It simply WORKS!&quot; - D.F.</P>
391       </BLOCKQUOTE>
392      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
393       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
394       </P>
395      <BLOCKQUOTE>
396       <P>
397        &quot;I'm a software developer and I can tell you it's a very
398        professional job! Mondo is doing its job very well, looks fantastic
399        and helps us to keep our eyes on the work and sleep well without any
400        doubt if our data are in safe. Congratulations ... [and] just keep
401        going!&quot; - S.F.</P>
402       </BLOCKQUOTE>
403      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
404       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
405       </P>
406      <BLOCKQUOTE>
407       <P>
408        &quot;[Mondo]...will be the only [backup] program you'll ever need to
409        use. I don't know where to begin... I've pretty much had my socks
410        blown off by it. [The devteam] has thought of things and capabilities
411        I never even considered, and they are well-implemented.&quot; - B.T.</P>
412       </BLOCKQUOTE>
413      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
414       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
415       </P>
416      <BLOCKQUOTE>
417       <P>
418        &quot;We were looking at writing/developing our own backup solution.
419        But your product enables even our most computer illiterate staff to
420        quickly rescue a server. Our test benchmark restored our test server
421        from a partition wipe in 7m36s! We are glad that you have released a
422        great GPL'd product.&quot; - A.O.</P>
423       </BLOCKQUOTE>
424      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
425       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
426       </P>
427      <BLOCKQUOTE>
428       <P>
429        &quot;I probed your Mondo Rescue and IT'S GREAT!!!!!!!!! I'm part of
430        a company located in Argentina and we're selling servers with Linux
431        pre-installed and pre-configured using software out there in the GPL
432        world... and we charge a fee for the pre-configured and key-on-hand
433        to the customer... We are looking for a backup solution and voila!
434        It's here.&quot; - A.M.</P>
435       </BLOCKQUOTE>
436      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
437       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
438       </P>
439      <BLOCKQUOTE>
440       <P>
441        &quot;Great program! I talked to the Symantec Ghost people and they
442        couldn't touch your programs functionality in several different areas
443        for the win32 platform.&quot; - M.D.</P>
444       </BLOCKQUOTE>
445      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
446       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
447       </P>
448      <BLOCKQUOTE>
449       <P>
450        &quot;I would like to thank you for developing such a great backup
451        program. A couple of months ago, I stumbled across mondo on
452        freshmeat, tried it out and discovered the CD burning feature of the
453        tool. I immediately bought myself a set of CD-RWs and ran a backup. I
454        didn't touch the program for a couple of months and one day, I
455        started using my PC only to discover that ... all of my valuable data
456        was gone and corrupted beyond recovering.</P>
457       <P>
458        &quot;I was in despair for a couple of days realizing that I had lost
459        everything from software that I had been working on to digital
460        pictures of my family and friends. I finally remembered that I had
461        made those backups. I booted up a restore and ... it worked like a
462        charm! My system was back to the way I had it along with most of my
463        software and pictures! So, basically I thought that I'd give you this
464        little anecdote to show you that your hard work had saved my butt.
465        Keep up the good work!&quot; - C.M.</P>
466       </BLOCKQUOTE>
467      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
468       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
469       </P>
470      <BLOCKQUOTE>
471       <P>
472        &quot;Seeing mondo work brings tears to my eyes... So long have I
473        searched high and low for a solution to meet my needs. I have
474        successfully restored my box to another machine. Ladies and
475        gentlemen, we have found a winner for my Disaster Recovery Plan for
476        the linux servers <heavy applause from the crowd>.&quot; - B.W.</P>
477       </BLOCKQUOTE>
478      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
479       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
480       </P>
481      <BLOCKQUOTE>
482       <P>
483        &quot;I did a ground up restore to another drive of a different
484        geometry. [...] Everything is excellent. No matter how you feel about
485        GPL, and what you could have done, a lot of us do appreciate your
486        work. I have donated a total of $[xxx] USD to you and your project,
487        and feel that it was worth every penny. Thanx alot for an excellent
488        GPL project.&quot; - K.D.</P>
489       </BLOCKQUOTE>
490      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
491       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
492       </P>
493      <BLOCKQUOTE>
494       <P>
495        &quot;There have been several other projects to create a backup
496        system that uses CD's but yours seems to be the most feature-rich and
497        most stable. The other projects seemed to peter out without finishing
498        what the authors had started.&quot; - J.M.</P>
499       </BLOCKQUOTE>
500      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
501       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
502       </P>
503      <BLOCKQUOTE>
504       <P>
505        &quot;There is really one word that sums it up. AWESOME!!!&quot; - J.H.</P>
506       </BLOCKQUOTE>
507      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
508       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
509       </P>
510      <BLOCKQUOTE>
511       <P ALIGN=CENTER>
512        <!-- $MVD$:spaceretainer() -->&nbsp;</P>
513       <P>
514        &quot;I think Mondo is wonderful. I have been running around loading
515        it on everything I can get my hands on to try a 'nuke' restore. So
516        far I have been able to successfully restore every box I have tried.
517        It is all very cool!&quot; - M.S.</P>
518       </BLOCKQUOTE>
519      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
520       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
521       </P>
522      <BLOCKQUOTE>
523       <P>
524        &quot;Just wanted to drop a mail, and let you know your program is
525        extremely slick, easy to use, and [under] great ongoing
526        development.&quot; - J.S..</P>
527       </BLOCKQUOTE>
528      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
529       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
530       </P>
531      <BLOCKQUOTE>
532       <P>
533        &quot;Works a treat! You da man!&quot; - K.P.</P>
534       </BLOCKQUOTE>
535      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
536       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
537       </P>
538      <BLOCKQUOTE>
539       <P>
540        &quot;Your application is great. Thank you for helping a newbe do the
541        backups. ... [Mondo] is a beautiful thing when you get the hang of
542        it.&quot; - T.S.</P>
543       </BLOCKQUOTE>
544      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
545       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
546       </P>
547      <BLOCKQUOTE>
548       <P>
549        &quot;Just a short note of thanks for your cool program. Thank you
550        for creating/maintaining a great, and well needed app for linux
551        users.&quot; - L.W.</P>
552       </BLOCKQUOTE>
553      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
554       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
555       </P>
556      <BLOCKQUOTE>
557       <P>
558        &quot;You have just saved me the best part of a day of restoration...
559        [Mondo is] a quality product. Thanks for giving the Linux community
560        something it has seriously needed.&quot; - B.K.</P>
561       </BLOCKQUOTE>
562      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
563       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
564       </P>
565      <BLOCKQUOTE>
566       <P>
567        &quot;Let me say that this product saved my rear end!&quot; - T.G.</P>
568       </BLOCKQUOTE>
569      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
570       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
571       </P>
572      <BLOCKQUOTE>
573       <P>
574        &quot;Mondo is an excellent piece of software. It does exactly what
575        it says that it does. I've been a Mondo user for about 1 year
576        now.&quot; - R.M.</P>
577       </BLOCKQUOTE>
578      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
579       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
580       </P>
581      <BLOCKQUOTE>
582       <P>
583        &quot;I have been using your program for about three days now, and it
584        is a great solution that fills a gap in the available software.
585        [Mondo's] time is overdue.&quot; - D.E.</P>
586       </BLOCKQUOTE>
587      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
588       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
589       </P>
590      <BLOCKQUOTE>
591       <P>
592        &quot;Great product! This kind of applications make the open-source
593        community big. Thanks and keep on rocking.&quot; - R.B.</P>
594       </BLOCKQUOTE>
595      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
596       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
597       </P>
598      <BLOCKQUOTE>
599       <P>
600        &quot;Mondo is coming along nicely. It beats the hell out of
601        Ghost.&quot; - B.C.</P>
602       </BLOCKQUOTE>
603      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
604       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
605       </P>
606      <BLOCKQUOTE>
607       <P>
608        &quot;This is great. I've been looking for such a tool for Linux for
609        too long. This will be a great time-saver for lots of people.&quot; - DucP</P>
610       </BLOCKQUOTE>
611      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
612       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
613       </P>
614      <BLOCKQUOTE>
615       <P>
616        &quot;Fantastic. I have now successfully backed up and restored a
617        couple of machines using different drives and hardware
618        successfully.&quot; - D.E.</P>
619       </BLOCKQUOTE>
620      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
621       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
622       </P>
623      <BLOCKQUOTE>
624       <P>
625        &quot;One of the best backup applications I've ever seen. With the
626        best support.&quot; - J.W.</P>
627       </BLOCKQUOTE>
628      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
629       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
630       </P>
631      <BLOCKQUOTE>
632       <P>
633        &quot;Found this on Freshmeat a few months ago and have been using it
634        religiously ever since. Have backed up and restored my system
635        numerous times. Mondo is great, and Hugo provides excellent
636        support.&quot; - M.M.</P>
637       </BLOCKQUOTE>
638      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
639       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
640       </P>
641      <BLOCKQUOTE>
642       <P>
643        &quot;Mondo is a great tool allowing the creation of custom CD-ROMs
644        to reinstall whatever system.&quot; - B.C.</P>
645       </BLOCKQUOTE>
646      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
647       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
648       </P>
649      <BLOCKQUOTE>
650       <P>
651        &quot;You just made it very easy for me to clone a disk. No fdisk, no
652        making ext3, just nuke the spare disk. Absolutely awesome.&quot; - S.S.</P>
653       </BLOCKQUOTE>
654      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
655       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
656       </P>
657      <BLOCKQUOTE>
658       <P>
659        &quot;It [is] awesome software. Makes disaster recovery idiot
660        proof.&quot; - J.O.</P>
661       </BLOCKQUOTE>
662      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
663       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
664       </P>
665      <BLOCKQUOTE>
666       <P>
667        &quot;I've been needing something like this for ages.&quot; - J.P.</P>
668       </BLOCKQUOTE>
669      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
670       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
671       </P>
672      <BLOCKQUOTE>
673       <P>
674        &quot;Mondo is perfect for my needs.&quot; - S.H.</P>
675       </BLOCKQUOTE>
676      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
677       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
678       </P>
679      <BLOCKQUOTE>
680       <P>
681        &quot;This is great software.&quot; - C.H.</P>
682       </BLOCKQUOTE>
683      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
684       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
685       </P>
686      <BLOCKQUOTE>
687       <P>
688        &quot;Mondo is so damn cool!&quot; - J.P.</P>
689       </BLOCKQUOTE>
690      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
691       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
692       </P>
693      <BLOCKQUOTE>
694       <P>
695        &quot;Pretty slick stuff&quot; - D.N.</P>
696       </BLOCKQUOTE>
697      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
698       <HR ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="100%" SIZE="1">
699       </P>
700      <BLOCKQUOTE>
701       <P>
702        &quot;Mondo is [a] good tool to consider for your backups if you use
703        a CD burner rather than tapes.&quot; - Linux Journal - OK, that was
704        not exactly a glowing testimonial but to my knowledge it was the
705        first time Mondo was mentioned in a major Linux publication... but
706        not the last. December 2001's Linux Journal had a 4-page spread on Mondo.</TD>
707    </TR>
708   </TABLE>
710    <TR>
711     <TD BGCOLOR="#333333" VALIGN=CENTER>
712      <P>
713       <IMG SRC="shared_graphics/spacer.gif" WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="1" VSPACE="0" HSPACE="0" BORDER="0"></TD>
714    </TR>
715    <TR>
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719This mirror provided by the lovely Joe Cooper of <a href=>SwellTech</a>.
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