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1Document: mondo
2Title: Mondo Rescue and Mindi Linux HOWTO
3Author: Hugo Rabson, Mikael Hultgren, Stan Benoit ("Troff"), Randy Delfs,
4 Cafeole, Bryan J. Smith
5Abstract:  Mondo Rescue is a Disaster Recovery Solution which allows you to
6 effortlessly backup and interactively restore Linux, Windows and other
7 supported filesystem partitions to/from CD-R/RW media, tape, NFS, ... and
8 Mindi Linux provides the bootable emergency restore CD/floppy set which Mondo
9 uses at boot-time.
10Section: utils
12Format: HTML
13Index: /usr/share/doc/mondo-doc/html/index.html
14Files: /usr/share/doc/mondo-doc/html/*.html
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