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1If you're making a backup with mondoarchive on a Proliant system that you want to be able to restore using the Virtual Media function of Proliants, then you have to ensure that the required drivers will be available at restore time.
2In order to ensure that, you may want to do on 2.2.x versions:
3- Edit your /usr/sbin/mindi script
4- Look for declaration of the variable FORCE_MODS.
5- Change it to FORCE_MODS="usb-storage sr_mod"
7On 3.x.y version:
8- Edit your /etc/mindi/mindi.conf configuration file
9- Look for declaration of the variable mindi_force_mods
10- Change it to mindi_force_mods="usb-storage sr_mod"
12Those drivers will then be available at restore time, and your virtual media thus detected and supported.
13As the CD-ROM emulated is a USB one, it will be a slower restore than using a real CD, or the network, but can be an easy way to load the mindi boot image e.g. and launch the rest of the restore through the network.
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