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Addition of busybox 1.2.1 as a mindi-busybox new package
This should avoid delivering binary files in mindi not built there (Fedora and Debian are quite serious about that)

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5  <li><b>30 June 2006 -- BusyBox 1.2.0</b>
6    <p>The -devel branch has been stabilized and the result is
7    <a href="">Busybox
8    1.2.0</a>.  Lots of stuff changed, I need to work up a decent changelog
9    over the weekend.</p>
11    <p>I'm still experimenting with how long is best for the development
12    cycle, and since we've got some largeish projects queued up I'm going to
13    try a longer one.  Expect 1.3.0 in December.  (Expect 1.2.1 any time
14    we fix enough bugs. :)</p>
16  <li><b>17 May 2006 -- BusyBox 1.1.3 (stable)</b>
17    <p><a href="">BusyBox
18    1.1.3</a> is another bugfix release.  It makes passwd use salt, fixes a
19    memory freeing bug in ls, fixes "build all sources at once" mode, makes
20    mount -a not abort on the first failure, fixes msh so ctrl-c doesn't kill
21    background processes, makes patch work with patch hunks that don't have a
22    timestamp, make less's text search a lot more robust (the old one could
23    segfault), and fixes readlink -f when built against uClibc.</p>
25    <p>Expect 1.2.0 sometime next month, which won't be a bugfix release.</p>
27  <li><b>10 April 2006 -- BusyBox 1.1.2 (stable)</b>
28    <p>You can now download <a href="">BusyBox 1.1.2</a>, a bug fix release consisting of 11 patches
29    backported from the development branch: Some build fixes, several fixes
30    for mount and nfsmount, a fix for insmod on big endian systems, a fix for
31    find -xdev, and a fix for comm.  Check the file "changelog" in the tarball
32    for more info.</p>
34    <p>The next new development release (1.2.0) is slated for June.  A 1.1.3
35    will be released before then if more bug fixes crop up.  (The new plan is
36    to have a 1.x.0 new development release every 3 months, with 1.x.y stable
37    bugfix only releases based on that as appropriate.)</p>
39  <li><b>27 March 2006 -- Software Freedom Law Center representing BusyBox and uClibc</b>
40    <p>One issue Erik Andersen wanted to resolve when handing off BusyBox
41    maintainership to Rob Landley was license enforcement.  BusyBox and
42    uClibc's existing license enforcement efforts (pro-bono representation
43    by Erik's father's law firm, and the
44    <a href="">Hall of Shame</a>), haven't
45    scaled to match the popularity of the projects.  So we put our heads
46    together and did the obvious thing: ask Pamela Jones of
47    <a href="">Groklaw</a> for suggestions.  She
48    referred us to the fine folks at</p>
50    <p>As a result, we're pleased to announce that the
51    <a href="">Software Freedom Law Center</a>
52    has agreed to represent BusyBox and uClibc.  We join a number of other
53    free and open source software projects (such as
54    <a href=""></a>,
55    <a href="">Wine</a>, and
56    <a href="">Plone</a>
57    in being represented by a fairly cool bunch of lawyers, which is not a
58    phrase you get to use every day.</p>
60  <li><b>22 March 2006 -- BusyBox 1.1.1</b>
61    <p>The new maintainer is Rob Landley, and the new release is <a href="">BusyBox 1.1.1</a>.  Expect a "what's new" document in a few days.  (Also, Erik and I have have another announcement pending...)</p>
62    <p>Update: Rather than put out an endless stream of 1.1.1.x releases,
63    the various small fixes have been collected together into a
64    <a href="">patch</a>,
65    and new fixes will be appended to that as needed.  Expect 1.1.2 around
66    June.</p>
67  </li>
68  <li><b>11 January 2006 -- 1.1.0 is out</b>
69    <p>The new stable release is
70    <a href="">BusyBox
71    1.1.0</a>.  It has a number of improvements, including several new applets.
72    (It also has <a href="">a few rough spots</a>,
73    but we're trying out a "release early, release often" strategy to see how
74    that works.  Expect 1.1.1 sometime in March.)</p>
76    <li><b>Old News</b><p>
77    <a href="/oldnews.html">Click here to read older news</a>
78    </p>
79    </li>
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