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Addition of busybox 1.2.1 as a mindi-busybox new package
This should avoid delivering binary files in mindi not built there (Fedora and Debian are quite serious about that)

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4<h3>BusyBox is licensed under the GNU General Public License</h3>
6<p>BusyBox is licensed under <a href="">the
7GNU General Public License</a> version 2 or later, which is generally
8abbreviated as the GPL.  (This is the same license the Linux kernel is under,
9so you may be somewhat familiar with it by now.)</p>
11<p><a href="/products.html">Anyone thinking of shipping BusyBox as part of a
12product</a> should be familiar with the licensing terms under which they are
13allowed to use and distribute BusyBox.  Read the full test of the GPL (either
14through the above link, or in the file LICENSE in the busybox tarball), and
15also read the <a href="">Frequently
16Asked Questions about the GPL</a>.</p>
18<p>Basically, if you distribute GPL software the license requires that you also
19distribute the source code to that GPL-licensed software.  So if you distribute
20BusyBox without making the source code to the version you distribute available,
21you violate the license terms, and thus infringe on the copyrights of BusyBox.
22(This requirement applies whether or not you modified BusyBox; either way the
23license terms still apply to you.)  Read the license text for the details.</p>
25<p>BusyBox's copyrights are enforced by the <a
26href="">Software Freedom Law Center</a>, which
27"accepts primary responsibility for enforcement of US copyrights on the
28software... and coordinates international copyright enforcement efforts for
29such works as necessary."  If you distribute BusyBox in a way that doesn't
30comply with the terms of the license BusyBox is distributed under, expect to
31hear from these guys.  Their entire reason for existing is to do pro-bono
32legal work for free/open source software projects.  (We used to list people who
33violate the BusyBox license in <a href="/shame.html">The Hall of Shame</a>,
34but these days we find it much more effective to hand them over to the
37<p>Our enforcement efforts are aimed at bringing people into compliance with
38the BusyBox license.  Open source software is under a different license from
39proprietary software, but if you violate that license you're still a software
40pirate and the law gives the vendor (us) some big sticks to play with.  We
41don't want monetary awards, injunctions, or to generate bad PR for a company,
42unless that's the only way to get somebody that repeatedly ignores us to comply
43with the license on our code.</p>
45<h3>A Good Example</h3>
47<p>These days, <a href="">Linksys</a> is
48doing a good job at complying with the GPL, they get to be an
49example of how to do things right.  Please take a moment and
50check out what they do with
51<a href="">
52distributing the firmware for their WRT54G Router.</a>
53Following their example would be a fine way to ensure that you
54have also fulfilled your licensing obligations.</p>
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