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1Used programs to generate documentation:
4Sources are: MonitasConcept.lyx
5             diagrams/*.dia
8Diagrams are drawn with "Dia v 0.88.1" see
9and exported as *.eps
11Text is written with "LyX version 1.1.6fix4" see
12the .eps graphics were inserted and the final document was
13exported as *.html and *.pdf
15Of course there has to a configured latex system in the background when you
16want to export the foreign formats from lyx, but if you only want to modify
17the documenation this isn't necessary.
19N.B: my version of lyx has sometimes problems to display the graphics onscreen.
20Enter following into a shell will circumvent the problem:
21 xhost +localhost
22This allows all programs on the local machine to interact with the local
23X-Server (display windows and read keyboard input). No problem if you're on
24your own at the machine, but will be a security hole when other people run
25processes there.
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