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Port from stable important patches for 2.2.2:

  • Improve Gentoo packaging


  • Better messages for analyze-my-lvm
  • Add support for newer Qlogic drivers (qla2300 & 2400), mpt, dm and ohci
  • Fix a bug in mindi for the FAILSAFE support
  • PATH fixed for init in restore (/usr/games added for petris)
  • Fiw a bug where restore failing because no archive files are found when -G is used
  • /media is now completely excluded as per StandardsCompliance


  • Handle no compression + verify correctly
  • various HOWTO fixes
  • Fix temporarily a bug when a biggiefile > 32MB was compressed below the size

of a slice (16MB)

  • Better module loading in insmod_crucial_modules
  • Improve Gentoo packaging
  • Small typo fix for mondorestore man page
  • Small memory management improvements
  • Store NFS config only once
  • Fix a flaw in libmondo-mountlist.c (there since rev [1] !!)
  • Increased MAX_STR_LEN to 384 to make it divisible without remainder by eight

for 64 bits platforms

  • Fix a bug where no bzip2 format file would be found when supporting gzip
  • CentOS fixes
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