source: MondoRescue/branches/2.2.10/mondo/src/common/libmondo-string.h @ 2356

Last change on this file since 2356 was 2356, checked in by Bruno Cornec, 11 years ago

Remove function spread_flaws_across_three_lines and expand it at the single place where it was useful, and fix memory allocation issues in it.
(backport from 2.2.9)

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2 * $Id: libmondo-string.h 2356 2009-08-28 23:00:03Z bruno $
3 */
5char *build_partition_name(const char *drive, int partno);
6void center_string(char *in_out, int width);
7char *commarize(char *);
8char *disklist_entry_to_string(struct list_of_disks *disklist, int lino);
9long friendly_sizestr_to_sizelong(char *incoming);
10char *leftpad_string(char *incoming, int width);
11char *marker_to_string(int marker);
12char *mountlist_entry_to_string(struct mountlist_itself *mountlist,
13                                int lino);
14char *number_of_disks_as_string(int noof_disks, char *label);
15char *number_to_text(int i);
16char *resolve_naff_tokens(char *ip, char *value, char *token);
17char *slice_fname(long bigfileno, long sliceno, char *path, char *s);
18int special_dot_char(int i);
19int strcmp_inc_numbers(char *stringA, char *stringB);
20char *strip_afio_output_line(char *input);
21void strip_spaces(char *in_out);
22char *trim_empty_quotes(char *incoming);
23char *truncate_to_drive_name(char *partition);
24char *turn_raid_level_number_to_string(int raid_level);
25void printf_silly_message(void);
27int compare_two_filelist_entries(void *va, void *vb);
28int severity_of_difference(char *filename, char *out_reason);
30char *percent_media_full_comment();
31char *media_descriptor_string(t_bkptype);
32inline void turn_wildcard_chars_into_literal_chars(char *out, char *in);
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