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1running: dmesg -n1 > /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.tmp 2> /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.err
2--------------------------------start of output-----------------------------
3--------------------------------end of output------------------------------
4...ran just fine. :-)
5Mondo Archive v2.05 --- http://www.mondorescue.org
6running on i386 architecture
8NB: Mondo logs almost everything, so don't panic if you see
9some error messages. Please read them carefully before you
10decide to break out in a cold sweat. Despite (or perhaps
11because of) the wealth of messages. some users are inclined
12to stop reading this log. If Mondo stopped for some reason,
13chances are it's detailed here. More than likely there's a
14message at the very end of this log that will tell you what
15is wrong. Please read it! -Devteam
18[Main] main.c->welcome_to_mondoarchive#179: One...
19 [Main] main.c->welcome_to_mondoarchive#180: Two...
20 [Main] main.c->welcome_to_mondoarchive#181: Three...
21 [Main] main.c->welcome_to_mondoarchive#182: Four...
22 [Main] main.c->distro_specific_kludges_at_start_of_mondoarchive#199: Unmounting old ramdisks if necessary
23running: umount `mount | grep shm | grep mondo | cut -d' ' -f3` > /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.tmp 2> /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.err
24--------------------------------start of output-----------------------------
25Usage: umount [-hV]
26umount -a [-f] [-r] [-n] [-v] [-t vfstypes] [-O opts]
27umount [-f] [-r] [-n] [-v] special | node...
28--------------------------------end of output------------------------------
29...ran with res=512
30running: mount | grep cdrom | grep super > /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.tmp 2> /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.err
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32--------------------------------end of output------------------------------
33...ran with res=256
34running: mount | grep floppy | grep super > /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.tmp 2> /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.err
35--------------------------------start of output-----------------------------
36--------------------------------end of output------------------------------
37...ran with res=256
38[Main] libmondo-tools.c->mount_boot_if_necessary#1387: Started sub
39 [Main] libmondo-tools.c->mount_boot_if_necessary#1388: About to set g_boot_mountpt[0] to '\0'
40 [Main] libmondo-tools.c->mount_boot_if_necessary#1390: Done. Great. Seeting command to something
41 [Main] libmondo-tools.c->mount_boot_if_necessary#1393: Cool. Command = 'cat /etc/fstab | grep -v ":" | grep -vx "#.*" | grep -w "/boot" | tr -s ' ' ' ' | cut -f1 | head -n1'
42 [Main] libmondo-tools.c->mount_boot_if_necessary#1395: tmp = 'LABEL=/boot'
43 [Main] libmondo-tools.c->mount_boot_if_necessary#1397: /boot is at LABEL=/boot according to /etc/fstab
44 [Main] libmondo-tools.c->mount_boot_if_necessary#1403: ...ignored cos it's a label :-)
45[Main] libmondo-tools.c->mount_boot_if_necessary#1429: Ended sub
46[Main] libmondo-tools.c->get_kernel_version#394: g_kernel_version = 2.421000
47[Main] libmondo-tools.c->reset_bkpinfo#948: Hi
48root is mounted at /dev/sda
50No, Schlomo, that doesn't mean /dev/sda is the root partition. It's just a debugging message. Relax. It's part of am_I_in_disaster_recovery_mode().
51[Main] libmondo-devices.c->am_I_in_disaster_recovery_mode#363: Is this a ramdisk? result = 0
52running: rm -Rf /tmp/changed.files* > /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.tmp 2> /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.err
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54--------------------------------end of output------------------------------
55...ran just fine. :-)
56Checking sanity of your Linux distribution
57 [Main] libmondo-tools.c->some_basic_system_sanity_checks#1082: Free space on given partition = 4109 MB
58running: cat /proc/devices | grep ramdisk > /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.tmp 2> /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.err
59--------------------------------start of output-----------------------------
601 ramdisk
61--------------------------------end of output------------------------------
62...ran just fine. :-)
63running: mount | grep -w vfat | grep -v /dev/fd | grep -v nexdisk > /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.tmp 2> /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.err
64--------------------------------start of output-----------------------------
65--------------------------------end of output------------------------------
66...ran with res=256
67running: mount | grep -w dos | grep -v /dev/fd | grep -v nexdisk > /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.tmp 2> /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.err
68--------------------------------start of output-----------------------------
69--------------------------------end of output------------------------------
70...ran with res=256
71 [Main] libmondo-files.c->find_home_of_exe#419: find_home_of_exe () --- Found cmp at /usr/bin/cmp
72running: mindi -V > /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.tmp 2> /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.err
73--------------------------------start of output-----------------------------
74mindi v1.05-r254
75--------------------------------end of output------------------------------
76...ran just fine. :-)
77running: parted2fdisk -l | grep -i raid > /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.tmp 2> /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.err
78--------------------------------start of output-----------------------------
79--------------------------------end of output------------------------------
80...ran with res=256
82 [Main] libmondo-devices.c->sensibly_set_tmpdir_and_scratchdir#2518: bkpinfo->tmpdir is being set to /tmp/tmp.mondo.8257
83 [Main] libmondo-devices.c->sensibly_set_tmpdir_and_scratchdir#2522: bkpinfo->scratchdir is being set to /tmp/mondo.scratch.4999
84 [Main] libmondo-files.c->find_home_of_exe#419: find_home_of_exe () --- Found afio at /usr/bin/afio
85 [Main] mondo-cli.c->process_switches#436: '/' is pleonastic.
86[Main] mondo-cli.c->process_switches#445: include_paths is now '/'
87 [Main] mondo-cli.c->process_switches#671: -N means we're now excluding /usr/local/custom /tmp/backup /projects /data /pipeline/patho /pipeline/pathway /pipeline/genomic /pipeline/analysis /animalAG /genesis /tz /bli /gem /datacuration /mining /renessen /comparative /Data /corn /PhysMap /From_Hood_Original /FLI /estproc /usr/remote /usr/rmt /mba /PhenEx /vc_map /RefSeq /proc_data /proc_data/rice /proc_data/tmp /people1 /gsa /new_blast_data /phy ix
88[Main] newt-specific.c->fatal_error#366: Fatal error received - 'Your '-E' parameter is too long. Please use '-J'. (See manual.)'
89 [Main] newt-specific.c->fatal_error#384: OK, I think I'm the main PID.
90 [Main] newt-specific.c->fatal_error#392: I'm going to do some cleaning up now.
91 [Main] newt-specific.c->fatal_error#393: killall mindi 2> /dev/null
92running: kill `ps wax | grep "/mondo/do-not" | awk '{print $1;}' | grep -vx "\?"` > /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.tmp 2> /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.err
93--------------------------------start of output-----------------------------
94--------------------------------end of output------------------------------
95...ran with res=15
96running: kill `ps wax | grep "tmp.mondo" | awk '{print $1;}' | grep -vx "\?"` > /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.tmp 2> /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.err
97--------------------------------start of output-----------------------------
98--------------------------------end of output------------------------------
99...ran with res=15
100running: kill `ps wax | grep "partimagehack" | awk '{print $1;}' | grep -vx "\?"` > /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.tmp 2> /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.err
101--------------------------------start of output-----------------------------
102--------------------------------end of output------------------------------
103...ran with res=15
104 [Main] newt-specific.c->fatal_error#401: Waiting for child processes to terminate
105 [Main] newt-specific.c->fatal_error#401: Waiting for child processes to terminate
106 [Main] newt-specific.c->fatal_error#401: Waiting for child processes to terminate
107 [Main] newt-specific.c->fatal_error#401: Waiting for child processes to terminate
108 [Main] newt-specific.c->fatal_error#401: Waiting for child processes to terminate
109 [Main] newt-specific.c->fatal_error#401: Waiting for child processes to terminate
110 [Main] newt-specific.c->fatal_error#401: Waiting for child processes to terminate
111 [Main] newt-specific.c->fatal_error#401: Waiting for child processes to terminate
112 [Main] newt-specific.c->fatal_error#401: Waiting for child processes to terminate
113 [Main] newt-specific.c->fatal_error#401: Waiting for child processes to terminate
114 [Main] libmondo-files.c->register_pid#800: Unregistering PID
115 [Main] libmondo-files.c->register_pid#800: Unregistering PID
116 [Main] libmondo-files.c->register_pid#802: Error unregistering PID
117running: umount /mnt/cdrom > /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.tmp 2> /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.err
118--------------------------------start of output-----------------------------
119umount: /mnt/cdrom: not mounted
120--------------------------------end of output------------------------------
121...ran with res=256
122running: rm -Rf /mondo.scratch.* /tmp.mondo.* > /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.tmp 2> /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.err
123--------------------------------start of output-----------------------------
124--------------------------------end of output------------------------------
125...ran just fine. :-)
126running: rm -Rf /tmp/tmp.mondo.8257 /tmp/mondo.scratch.4999 > /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.tmp 2> /tmp/mondo-run-prog-thing.err
127--------------------------------start of output-----------------------------
128--------------------------------end of output------------------------------
129...ran just fine. :-)
130 [Main] libmondo-tools.c->do_libmondo_global_strings_thing#1580: libmondo-tools.c, do_libmondo_global_strings_thing, 1580: Freeing globals