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#726 Mondoarchive failing with error (FATAL ERROR. Please install mindi-kernel package. You need it.) bruno defect highest 3.2.0 mondo
#428 Unable to restore from Ubuntu 10.04 AMD64 on 2Tb Raid bruno defect high mondo
#488 How to replace a folder without formating/erasing the partitions bruno enhancement high 3.0.0 mondo
#692 backup broken: no inittab file found tux-59 defect high 3.0.4 mondo
#708 Unsupported file system: error message bruno defect high 3.0.4 mindi
#10 Kernel bug at slab.c:815! bruno defect normal mondo
#143 Network configuration on target system bruno enhancement normal 2.2.1 mondo
#161 mondo should handle VMFS filesystem type for ESX support bruno defect normal 2.2.6 mondo
#218 installing grub fails bruno defect normal 2.2.5 mondo
#235 FTP support bruno enhancement normal 4.0.0 mondo
#238 update of debian packages fails bruno defect normal 2.2.6 mondo
#240 Provide emergency ISO in downloads bruno defect normal 2.2.6 website
#257 Problem with tar in mindi and RHEL 3 bruno defect normal 2.2.7 mindi
#402 udev device naming bruno defect normal 4.0.0 mondo
#405 raid detection bruno defect normal mondo
#420 support for vmfs bruno enhancement normal mondo
#432 mondorestore trys to mount external hard disk device to directory bruno defect normal mondo
#442 mondoarchive ignores -N switch when using autofs direct maps bruno defect normal mondo
#480 Sparse files are not handled properly bruno defect normal mondo
#486 Small syslinux problem with -s option bruno enhancement normal mindi
#493 Mondo Rescue for Solaris 10 Sparc bruno defect normal 3.0.0 mondo
#588 Backup of kcore in chroot environments, e. g. ntpd bruno defect normal 3.0.4 mondo
#592 Ability to use wildcards for exclusion bruno enhancement normal 3.0.1 mondo
#608 Mondorestore crashes while restoring bruno defect normal 3.0.4 mondo
#620 Add /bin/dash in minimal.d bruno defect normal 3.0.2 mindi
#663 Windows dynamic partition bruno enhancement normal 3.0.3 mondo
#775 Unusual error messages at restore time bruno defect normal 3.3.0 mondo
#824 floppy error: -5 while reading block 0 bruno defect normal 3.3.0 mondo
#26 Try using bit Torrent bruno task low mondo
#27 Backup from subdirectory bruno enhancement low mondo
#111 -V option ignores Ctrl-C bruno defect low mondo
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