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#69 mondoarchive NFS does not work with zeroconf installed assigned bruno defect normal 4.0.2
#85 abandoned files assigned bruno defect low 4.0.2
#35 mondo should have more item in configuration files new bruno enhancement high 4.0.1
#36 mondoarchive should use an FHS-compliant location assigned bruno enhancement high 4.0.1
#39 support for long opitions (GNU type) new bruno enhancement low 4.0.2
#40 have a live CD including mondo rescue assigned bruno enhancement low 4.0.2
#42 Switch in Mondo to Stop it From Following Symlinks new bruno enhancement normal
#67 mondoarchive should have an option to select NIC new bruno enhancement normal 4.0.0
#75 Need a 'go back' option in ncurses interface new bruno enhancement low 4.0.2
#125 Add option for suppress of evalcall and progress-form assigned bruno enhancement low
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