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#1 sprintf used without checks assigned bruno defect 3.3.1 high
#15 mondorestore conitnue to restore even with FS full new bruno defect high
#35 mondo should have more item in configuration files new bruno enhancement 4.0.1 high
#36 mondoarchive should use an FHS-compliant location assigned bruno enhancement 4.0.1 high
#168 Make ALL kernel modules be visible during restore assigned bruno enhancement 4.0.2 high
#280 Unable to backup to multiple tapes assigned bruno defect high
#338 restore problem assigned bruno defect high
#379 mondoarchive should try to protect itself against recursive links new bruno defect high
#628 3.0.2-1 Fail to Restore from External Hard Disk assigned bruno defect 3.0.5 high
#640 mondo.tmp.xxxxx & mondo.scratch.xxxxx Issues reopened bruno defect 3.0.5 high
#714 Cannot restore iso created with v3.0.4 mondorescue on RHEL5u6 assigned bruno defect 3.0.5 high
#783 wrong dependencies in mondo SLES 12 rpm package reopened bruno defect high
#794 Provide SLES 11 SP4 support with UEFI new bruno defect 3.3.1 high
#802 mindi aborts on Debian 8 on UEFI system assigned bruno defect 3.3.1 high
#805 mr-parted2fdisk should use parted when there's a lot of disks reopened bruno enhancement 3.3.0 high
#832 RHEL 5 repo - some rpms are signed by unsupported GPG key assigned bruno defect 3.3.0 high
#833 Issues when restoring RHEL7 /boot under XFS format. Just getting GRUB RESCUE prompt assigned bruno defect 3.3.0 high
#836 grub2 not restored correctly on RHEL 7.3 and upper assigned bruno defect 3.3.0 high
#842 failed to find config file/archive new bruno defect 3.3.0 high
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