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#809 allow mondoarchive to reuse a mindi image previously built new bruno enhancement normal
#810 Look at mbuffer instea of buffer new bruno enhancement normal
#817 Mondo/mindi creating unbootable ISOs new bruno defect normal
#822 kmod needed on opensuse 42.2 new bruno enhancement normal
#823 /dev/loop0 getting left behind assigned bruno defect normal
#830 Not able to boot using mondo/mindi new bruno defect normal
#834 Have isolinux files parametrized based on distributions new bruno defect normal
#835 EFI support issue on Ubuntu 16.04 new bruno defect normal
#843 Create debian 9/stretch packages new bruno defect normal
#847 mismatch between filelist and afio files assigned bruno defect normal
#5 Manual CD tray + DVD not supported yet. new bruno defect low
#39 support for long opitions (GNU type) new bruno enhancement low
#40 have a live CD including mondo rescue assigned bruno enhancement low
#75 Need a 'go back' option in ncurses interface new bruno enhancement low
#85 abandoned files assigned bruno defect low
#86 graphic tape issue and text progress indicator assigned bruno defect low
#95 Physical extent size for volume group isn't preserved assigned bruno defect low
#109 add a timestamp to the logfiles name assigned bruno enhancement low
#125 Add option for suppress of evalcall and progress-form assigned bruno enhancement low
#232 Owner of symbolic links is not restored correctly. assigned bruno defect low
#387 Backup with SELINUX=permissive may result to restore errors due to /proc & /sys extended attributes assigned bruno defect low
#489 Too many | generated when using an exclude list new bruno defect low
#601 mondoarchive on shared directory : Operation not permitted reopened bruno enhancement low
#648 Additional Control Over Boot in Mindi Configuration assigned bruno enhancement low
#678 mondoarchive -x option with a few NTFS partitions ntfs new bruno enhancement low
#740 add iscsi support for RHEL4 new bruno enhancement low
#788 No progress indicated when copying in USB mode new bruno defect low
#793 Incorrect localization after restore new bruno defect low
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