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#291 Mondo restore process automatically deletes all files on NFS share reopened bruno defect highest
#627 Mondorestore CTL+ALT+DEL Fails to Cancel Repartitioning assigned bruno defect highest
#667 issue at restore time with cLVM new bruno defect highest
#1 sprintf used without checks memory assigned bruno defect high
#15 mondorestore conitnue to restore even with FS full new bruno defect high
#35 mondo should have more item in configuration files new bruno enhancement high
#36 mondoarchive should use an FHS-compliant location assigned bruno enhancement high
#168 Make ALL kernel modules be visible during restore assigned bruno enhancement high
#280 Unable to backup to multiple tapes assigned bruno defect high
#338 restore problem assigned bruno defect high
#379 mondoarchive should try to protect itself against recursive links new bruno defect high
#628 3.0.2-1 Fail to Restore from External Hard Disk assigned bruno defect high
#640 mondo.tmp.xxxxx & mondo.scratch.xxxxx Issues reopened bruno defect high
#714 Cannot restore iso created with v3.0.4 mondorescue on RHEL5u6 grub error 15, restore, trap, sparse, star assigned bruno defect high
#783 wrong dependencies in mondo SLES 12 rpm package reopened bruno defect high
#794 Provide SLES 11 SP4 support with UEFI new bruno defect high
#802 mindi aborts on Debian 8 on UEFI system assigned bruno defect high
#805 mr-parted2fdisk should use parted when there's a lot of disks mr-parted2fdisk fdisk parted reopened bruno enhancement high
#842 failed to find config file/archive restore, mondo new bruno defect high
#849 Restored VM Fails to Boot assigned bruno defect high
#42 Switch in Mondo to Stop it From Following Symlinks new bruno enhancement normal
#67 mondoarchive should have an option to select NIC new bruno enhancement normal
#69 mondoarchive NFS does not work with zeroconf installed assigned bruno defect normal
#83 Create a package hierarchy to ease installation assigned bruno defect normal
#91 Error message goes to console, but not to log assigned bruno defect normal
#94 Show Command Assembled in GUI new bruno enhancement normal
#98 continue even if wrong media inserted new bruno enhancement normal
#104 Mondoarchive segfaults when encoutering deep filesystem arborescence assigned bruno defect normal
#116 Encryption support new bruno enhancement normal
#118 In compare mode allow mountlist changes before operation assigned bruno enhancement normal
#122 Build a FreeBSD version new bruno enhancement normal
#133 mr_strtok doesn't always give the same result new andree defect normal
#139 Option in a restore from differencial (-D) backup to remove files deleted following full backup new bruno enhancement normal
#149 mondorestore should use efibootmgr to recreate menu entries on ia64 assigned bruno enhancement normal
#152 Bootable USB that backs up to DVDs assigned bruno enhancement normal
#167 VxFS support assigned bruno defect normal
#171 use "say" in sys|isolinux.cfg files new bruno enhancement normal
#183 LVM restore incorrect when cloning assigned bruno enhancement normal
#196 Parallel BZip2 for SMP faster backups new bruno enhancement normal
#197 Count deleted files in compare and show total along with popup changelist. reopened bruno enhancement normal
#198 Wrong ext3 block size after restore assigned bruno defect normal
#202 Backup of partition larger than local tmp and scratch space tags$ assigned bruno enhancement normal
#213 XFS volumes with external log could not be mounted during restore xfs external logging assigned bruno defect normal
#230 allow exclusion of files assigned bruno defect normal
#231 mondorescue: Storage Dir form input limited to 51 characters assigned bruno defect normal
#267 UIDs / GIDs not enough bits assigned bruno defect normal
#272 mondo should support other type of NICs assigned bruno defect normal
#276 Adds full OCFS2 support assigned bruno defect normal
#301 Add EMC Powerpathed boot from SAN support assigned bruno defect normal
#303 create a mondoarchive on an automounted nfs share without mounting first assigned bruno enhancement normal
#336 Pre-mondorestore script option script pre reopened bruno enhancement normal
#348 Dynamic libraries openend with dlopen are not part of initrd new bruno defect normal
#349 error message on screen assigned bruno defect normal
#350 Screenshots in documetation are illegible doc screenshot mini image picture resolution size png assigned bruno defect normal
#351 mondoarchive and exclude list problem exclude nfs catalog assigned bruno defect normal
#352 Adds VxVM support new bruno enhancement normal
#365 quiet option for mondoarchive new bruno defect normal
#374 Support Encrypted FS new bruno defect normal
#378 making mondo archives from a live USB assigned bruno defect normal
#380 mondorestore should support a response file new bruno enhancement normal
#386 Automagically toggle the -z flag when SELinux is on assigned bruno enhancement normal
#394 post= option not working assigned bruno defect normal
#396 Mondo does not timeout or exit if the tape drive fails new bruno defect normal
#403 mondo ignore non system partitions assigned bruno defect normal
#406 persistent devices and naming by id assigned bruno enhancement normal
#422 Support for FS > 2 TB new bruno defect normal
#423 Compare mode in mondoarchive doesn't work with -d option correctly. assigned bruno defect normal
#437 mondoarchive doesn't create multiple images on external USB drive new bruno defect normal
#456 OBDR mode is not compatible with -H option of mondoarchive assigned bruno defect normal
#506 NFS mount could be done automatically assigned bruno enhancement normal
#507 Place scratch dir automatically on NFS assigned bruno enhancement normal
#509 pre script limitation assigned bruno enhancement normal
#510 grub install issue with dm multipath assigned bruno defect normal
#515 Provide a newt interface to LVM modifications new bruno enhancement normal
#603 DNS names do not work at restore time on RHEL 6.2 new bruno defect normal
#613 Update user interface new bruno enhancement normal
#619 Improve cloning support new bruno enhancement normal
#625 lvm size appear to zero assigned bruno enhancement normal
#635 To check grub after mondorestore, add to mondorescue this shell-script grub new bruno enhancement normal
#636 mondo doesn't handle SMBIOS NIC names from PCI card new bruno defect normal
#642 mondoarchive -OVN does not exclude automounts automount exclude assigned bruno defect normal
#682 extend -A option to run command for USB as well new bruno enhancement normal
#684 Feature request: generic mondo ISO generic iso new tux-59 enhancement normal
#688 Improve Smart array support in case of driver conflicts new bruno enhancement normal
#691 Document the manual tape restore process new bruno enhancement normal
#695 Mondo does not seem to support drbd assigned bruno enhancement normal
#710 Ability to use the HP ProLiant SD card slot for DR assigned bruno enhancement normal
#719 Ability to restore having DHCP on one NIC and NFS on another new bruno defect normal
#739 Add support for guest mounted SMBFS new bruno enhancement normal
#750 two initrd.img in mondorescue.iso new bruno defect normal
#756 [MondoRestore][Expert Mode] - Software Raid 1 - option to disable 'wait for md resync' software-raid new bruno enhancement normal
#758 partial scratch dirs usage for USB media new bruno enhancement normal
#762 Fail to create 1Tb USB's recovery disk USB disk new porrego defect normal
#790 mondorestore says a partition is occupied assigned bruno defect normal
#797 ldlinux.c32 not found while booting assigned bruno defect normal
#807 Improve hardlink support for mondoarchive new bruno defect normal
#809 allow mondoarchive to reuse a mindi image previously built new bruno enhancement normal
#810 Look at mbuffer instea of buffer new bruno enhancement normal
#817 Mondo/mindi creating unbootable ISOs new bruno defect normal
#822 kmod needed on opensuse 42.2 new bruno enhancement normal
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