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#794 Provide SLES 11 SP4 support with UEFI new bruno defect high 3.3.1
#802 mindi aborts on Debian 8 on UEFI system assigned bruno defect high 3.3.1
#805 mr-parted2fdisk should use parted when there's a lot of disks reopened bruno enhancement high 3.3.0
#844 lack of packages for mondo install on el6 new bruno defect high 3.3.0
#152 Bootable USB that backs up to DVDs assigned bruno enhancement normal 4.0.0
#834 Have isolinux files parametrized based on distributions new bruno defect normal 3.3.0
#835 EFI support issue on Ubuntu 16.04 new bruno defect normal 3.3.0
#601 mondoarchive on shared directory : Operation not permitted reopened bruno enhancement low 4.0.0
#648 Additional Control Over Boot in Mindi Configuration assigned bruno enhancement low 3.0.5
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