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#375 mondoarchive / mondorestore will segfault if the partition decidied by sensibly_set_tmpdir_and_scratchdir() is read-only Bruno Cornec defect highest blocker
#381 When passsing -E "/path1 /path2 /path3" path3 is not excluded Bruno Cornec defect high major
#388 xattr for sym-links not backed-up preventing normal system-boot after restore if SELINUX=enforced Bruno Cornec defect high critical
#377 Segfault in pause_and_ask_for_cdr() Bruno Cornec defect normal critical
#382 exclude option for devices should exclude all device references Bruno Cornec enhancement normal normal
#383 in DSF check with 8e for LVM is not sufficient Bruno Cornec defect normal normal
#384 device not excluded correctly in some cases Bruno Cornec defect normal normal
#385 mindi doesn't exclude LVs whose VGs are excluded Bruno Cornec defect normal normal
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