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#2 lilo choice should not be proposed for bootable CD creation Bruno Cornec defect low 1.0.8 normal
#11 Mindi does not find (some) needed kernel modules Bruno Cornec defect normal 1.0.8 normal
#243 Includes in modprobe.conf Bruno Cornec enhancement normal 2.2.5 normal
#257 Problem with tar in mindi and RHEL 3 Bruno Cornec defect normal 2.2.6 normal
#262 mondorestore fails on Debian etch + softraid due to mindi error Bruno Cornec defect normal 2.2.6 normal
#270 all NFS images removed at restore time Bruno Cornec defect highest 2.2.6 critical
#278 Mondo/mindi fails on Lenny Bruno Cornec defect normal 2.2.7 normal
#283 MAKEMOUNTLIST command does not complete Bruno Cornec defect normal 2.2.0 normal
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