Mondo Rescue and Mindi Linux HOWTO


Chapter 1. About this HOWTO


1.2. Feedback

This HOWTO is incomplete but accurate to the best of my knowledge. Please provide suggestions and recommendations for improving this document in a separate e-mail to the mailing list. Join the mailing list at; e-mail the list at; tell us what is wrong and how it should be fixed. Include the section title and recommended changes. Whenever possible, include the exact, spell-checked, grammar-checked text that you think would improve the document.

See Mondo's Feedback page for more information.

Please note that we do our best to help everyone but it is difficult for us to help you if you do not attach a log file to your e-mail. Let me say that again - attach your log file to your e-mail! Thank you. Without it, we can only wave our hands and say, "Well, it could be this or it could be that," and we can't offer any tangible help because you aren't either. That's what the log file is for. It is located at /var/log/mondo-archive.log; please use gzip to compress it before attaching it, or it will be too big for the mailing list.

Re: punctuation and spelling

I was born and raised in England. I spent three years in the USA, where I picked up some of the associated spelling, etc. Much of Mondo's development took place in the US; so, rather than confuse matters, I am keeping all source code and documentation in US English. All criticisms should be made with that in mind.

When I was at school, the apostrophe would be present when pluralizing an acronym - e.g. CD's, ISO's - but nowadays that is considered old hat and even incorrect by some, which came as a shock to me when I found out. It surprises me how quickly grammar, spelling and punctuation have evolved even during my brief liefetime. I am afraid I am still in the habit of writing CD's instead of CDs. If you would like to draw my attention to technical, grammatical or typographical errors, please feel free but remember to couch your e-mail in language which shows you are doing this out of a spirit of compassion for the poor sods who have to read the documentation, not out of a spirit of pedantry. :)




Purpose / Scope of this Guide


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