Mondo Rescue and Mindi Linux HOWTO



Chapter 8. Compare

Before you trust your backup CD, make sure your BIOS can boot CD (and that it is configured to do so).

bash# compare 

Follow the on-screen instructions. This will compare your backup against your original file system.

FYI, no bad archives have been created since May 2000. Having said that, I would still encourage you to run Compare before trusting the backups.

To view the file differences, look at the file '/tmp/changed.txt'. Normal differences include logs and other dynamic system files that changed during the time of the backup process. If only a few files differ - e.g. files in /var, files ending in '˜', logs, temporary files, /etc/mtab, /etc/adjtimex - then you know the archives are good. Your logs will change over time, too. Bear in mind that a difference between the backup and the live copy does not indicate a flaw in Mondo. It indicates that you or your filesystem changed the files, so the backup is no longer 100% up to date. However, that is inevitable, as your filesystem changes from moment to moment (which is why you back it up regularly).




Backup Command and Options