Morris Dancing

Subversion commit access requires an account on Morris. The server behind and If you want to be able to commit things to Subversion, first contribute some stuff to show you are serious, can handle some responsibility, and that your patches don't generally need a lot of cleanup. Then, very nicely ask one of us (Rob Landley for BusyBox, or Erik Andersen for uClibc) for an account.

If you're approved for an account, you'll need to send an email from your preferred contact email address with the username you'd like to use when committing changes to SVN, and attach a public ssh key to access your account with.

If you don't currently have an ssh version 2 DSA key at least 1024 bits long (the default), you can generate a key using the command ssh-keygen -t dsa and hitting enter at the prompts. This will create the files ~/.ssh/id_dsa and ~/.ssh/ You must then send the content of '' to me so I can set up your account. (The content of 'id_dsa' should of course be kept secret, anyone who has that can access any account that's installed your public key in its .ssh/authorized_keys file.)

Note that if you would prefer to keep your communications with us private, you can encrypt your email using Rob's public key or Erik's public key.

Once you are setup with an account, you will need to use your account to checkout a copy of BusyBox from Subversion:

svn checkout svn+ssh://


svn checkout svn+ssh://

You must change username to your own username, or omit it if it's the same as your local username.

You can then enter the newly checked out project directory, make changes, check your changes, diff your changes, revert your changes, and and commit your changes using commands such as:

svn diff
svn status
svn revert
EDITOR=vi svn commit
svn log -v -r PREV:HEAD
svn help

For additional detail on how to use Subversion, please visit the the Subversion website. You might also want to read online or buy a copy of the Subversion Book...

A morris account also gives you a personal web page ( comes from ~/public_html on morris), and of course a shell prompt you can ssh into (as a regular user, root access is reserved for Erik and Rob). But keep in mind an account on Morris is a priviledge, not a requirement. Most contributors to busybox and uClibc haven't got one, and accounts are handed out to make the project maintainers' lives easier, not because "you deserve it".