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All references to busybox in mindi have been cleaned up.

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    r136 r834  
    11Mindi uses the busybox (http://busybox.net) project to create the boot environement used during restore.
    3 If you want to modify the busybox support, you have to:
    5 1/ Get busybox sources and extract them
    6 2/ Copy as a base the .config file from the mindi directory under the name .config in this source directory.
    7    3 files are proposed:
    8    .config-busybox-i386.net : Configure busybox for Network support (NFS, PXE)
    9    .config-busybox-i386     : Configure busybox for Normal support (CDs, DVD, Tapes)
    10    .config-busybox-ia64     : Configure busybox for Normal and Network support on ia64/Itanium
    11 3/ Reconfigure busybox (make menuconfig)
    12 4/ Rebuild the new busybox (make busybox)
    13 5/ copy the new busybox binary from that directory to rootfs/bin under the mindi source tree
    14    3 files are proposed:
    15    busybox-i386.net : busybox with Network support (NFS, PXE)
    16    busybox-i386     : busybox with Normal support (CDs, DVD, Tapes)
    17    busybox-ia64     : busybox with Normal and Network support on ia64/Itanium
    18 6/ Relaunch mindi or mondoarchive if you use it.
     3The best manner to use it is to also install our mindi-busybox package/tar file with your mindi installation.
     4If you rather want to install your distribution busybox, you'll have to check it supports all the required function our is providing, that it's place under /usr/lib/mindi/rootfs/bin/busybox and that ll required links are created.
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