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Bruno Cornec
  • Update mindi-busybox to 1.21.1
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  • branches/3.2/mindi-busybox/networking/udhcp/Config.src

    r2725 r3232  
    99    bool "udhcp server (udhcpd)"
    1010    default y
    11     depends on PLATFORM_LINUX
     11    select PLATFORM_LINUX
    1212    help
    1313      udhcpd is a DHCP server geared primarily toward embedded systems,
    4040      time a new lease has been accepted, thus eliminating the need
    4141      to send SIGUSR1 for the initial writing or updating. Any timed
    42       rewriting remains undisturbed
     42      rewriting remains undisturbed.
     45    bool "Select IP address based on client MAC"
     46    default n
     47    depends on UDHCPD
     48    help
     49      If selected, udhcpd will base its selection of IP address to offer
     50      on the client's hardware address. Otherwise udhcpd uses the next
     51      consecutive free address.
     53      This reduces the frequency of IP address changes for clients
     54      which let their lease expire, and makes consecutive DHCPOFFERS
     55      for the same client to (almost always) contain the same
     56      IP address.
    4458config DHCPD_LEASES_FILE
    5367    bool "udhcp client (udhcpc)"
    5468    default y
    55     depends on PLATFORM_LINUX
     69    select PLATFORM_LINUX
    5670    help
    5771      udhcpc is a DHCP client geared primarily toward embedded systems,
    7387config FEATURE_UDHCP_PORT
    7488    bool "Enable '-P port' option for udhcpd and udhcpc"
    75     default y
     89    default n
    7690    depends on UDHCPD || UDHCPC
    7791    help
    99113      search lists via option 119, specified in RFC 3397,
    100114      and SIP servers option 120, specified in RFC 3361.
     116config FEATURE_UDHCP_8021Q
     117    bool "Support for 802.1Q VLAN parameters"
     118    default y
     119    depends on UDHCPD || UDHCPC
     120    help
     121      If selected, both client and server will support passing of VLAN
     122      ID and priority via options 132 and 133 as per 802.1Q.
    102124config UDHCPC_DEFAULT_SCRIPT
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