Jan 28, 2012, 1:51:28 AM (7 years ago)

svn merge -r 2849:2935 ../3.0

  • Adds 3 binaries called potentially by udev o support USB key mount at restore time (Victor Gattegno)
  • mindi only sets the boot flag of a USB device if none is present already (should avoid flip/flop situation)
  • Fix a compatibility bug in analyze-my-lvm whete exclude lists with '|' was incorrectly analyzed (' ' still expected)
  • Precise that -J is not supported by mondorestore yet.
  • Fix a compatibility bug in mindi where exclude lists with '|' was incorrectly analyzed (' ' still expected)
  • Install an MBR on USB devices when possible
  • Improve error message in case mondorestore isn't found
  • Adds support for more virtio devices for KVM restore
  • Improve mbr.bin handling
  • Fix an issue in test of FindKernel? for Xen and non Xen cases
    • Fix #492 by removing an extra useless fi
    • Move fvat nd fat modules to CDROM_MODS in order to have them in the initrd to support saving logs to a USB device e.g.
    • Fix an error when dmidecode reports comments before system name
    • Fix previous broken patch on comment management for bkphw
    • Improve msgs printed during kbd analysis
    • Fix a small remaining pb with new comment support
    • Try to again improve the mount/umount stuff in mondo -Adds mention to OEL, CentOS, ScientifLinux? as RHEL clones
  • Fix a panadoid_free done on the wrong variable (solve a memory leak)
  • Solve #495 by skipping the potential (auto-read-only) when analyzin /proc/mdstat result
  • Fix some markup in man pages
  • adds the post-nuke script sample for Debian (Guillaume Pernot/Andrée? Leidenfrost)
  • Avoid a useless umount when changing of afio set, let insist_on_cd check and perform if needed
  • Copy everything under .ssh of root account to allow for sshfs mount without passwd at restore time.
  • Adds support for bnx2i driver
  • Try to fix #496 by supporting the protocol in the output of the mount command (sshfs#...)
  • Uses the -d option of the mount command to avoid leaving loop devices in use. Probably provoked by the usage of a more recent busybox, but anyway that option doesn't hurt, and does nothing for non-loop devices. Should fix the problems reported on the ML with NFS and more than 8 ISO images (8 being the default number of loop devices available)
  • Attempt to fix #436 by adding some newtDrawForm where appropriate.
  • Fix bugs in the kernel detection routine of mindi (some echo were done without capturing their output, confusing the return). This should also help the Xen detection issue
  • Change the logging function to be nearer from 2.2.10, and start using some
  • Initialize some global fields with an empty string, now that newt Draws more regularly progress forms
  • Mindi progression still not good, but showing now 3% when calling mindi. Would need a specific handling for the progress bar to evolve more afterwards
  • Add compatibility with the latest SSSTK + PSP content for HP ProLiant? + branding homogeneous now. We only take conrep out of the SSSTK pending a package availability. Using hpacuscripting now. Review of parameters called following test made.
  • Fix #501 by pushing BOOT_SIZE to 36864 for certain Ubuntu cases
  • Fix some remaining inconsistencis in the ProLiant? HW backup. ready for usage.
  • Fix an issue on udevadm call (needs an intermediate variable)
  • Fix a remaining ProLiant? tool call
  • Remove again some wrong variable initialization for Net in order to not have strange messages now we call Draw more often
  • Adds support for hwaddr (MAC addresses) at restore time, and map to the correct NIC if it's found at restore time (based on code from Stefan Heijmans)
  • Try to Fix #499 by changing init in order to never exit, and rebooting using sysrq in /proc (not portable). Maybe should move to using a real init, and a separated rcS script.
  • Fixes the shell msg error by using setsid as per Busybox FAQ
  • Fix #491 by correctly checking Xen kernel used for a dom0 env (apollo13)
  • Improves logging in Die()
  • Improve again ProLiant? HW support, by adding references to the yet to come SSSTK rpm so that conrep is called at its future right place.
  • Improve mindi support for kernel 3.x
  • Fix #499 for good, by using a real init from busybox and moving our init script to etc/init.d/rcS. We also now call the reboot from busybox to exit, which indeed reset the system correctly (in a VM at least which wasn't the case before). Reauires a new mindi-busybox as well.
  • Attempt to solve #503 by handling /lib64 separately for udev and only if not a link (to /lib) for Ubuntu 64
  • Improve again previous tests for bug #503
  • Improve -d option description for NFS
  • Allow http download for ftp content
  • New italian mirror
  • Fix #505 by documenting environment variables
    • Fix a bug where on OBDR mode compression was turned off to create the OBDR content but not back on (report from the mailing list)
  • solve http://trac.mondorescue.org/ticket/520 by Victor Gattegno
  • Fix #524 as option -U needs a size also
  • Removes useless gendf option
  • Fix #511 now stabgrub is called also after conf file modifications
  • Adds support for SUID binaries
  • remove a useless xenkernelname variable from mindi
  • Should fix #512 by clearing old scratchdir before changing to a new
  • Simplify the function engaging SCSI for Smart Array controllers, and support as many controller as we have
  • Add some binaries used on SLES 10 by udev
  • Fix a syntax issue in newt-specific.c
  • Fix a memory free bug where a used variable was freed to early
  • Fix a memory free bug where a used variable was misused in asprintf/free
  • Fix #498 by using an external program (hpsa_obdr_mode) which can set the mode of the tape to CD-ROM or Sequential at will.

That program will have to be downloaded from http://cciss.sf.net

  • Adds support for the route command in mindi-busybox
  • Force block size back to 32768 in OBDR mode after skipping the 2 tape marks, to read the additional rootfs data corerctly - Fix #498 for good it seems
  • Adds support for a new pata_atiixp driver
  • Fix #525 and improve printing when no /etc/raidtab, but still md devices
  • Exclude /run similarly to /sys and /proc
  • Fix a bug in mindi when having multiple swap partiions with same starting string (/dev/dm-1 and /dev/dm-16). We now add a space in the grep to avoid mischoice.
  • Fix grub installation if we had to go in the hack part which wasn't using the correct variables to make decisions !
  • Remove all mention of mondorescue.com from code
  • Fix some website typo on the download page and precise that we now develop on Mageia
  • Exclude sysfs devpts and tmpfs partitions found in RHEL 6.2 from analyze by mindi (made error messages)
  • Force activation of first partition which should not be optional as everything is destroyed before
  • Fix a bug in analyze-my-lvm where LVs were created in random order (the one of lvscan) instead of using the dm-xxx order, which creates issues at restore time between the mapping created then and the one we had at backup time which could be inconssistent

-mondoarchive now exists if the mt command is missing when needed

  • Proper fix for analyze-my-lvm
  • Fix #500 and #473 by adding support of old metadata format for mdadm if using grub < 0.9x or lilo on a md boot device (to be tested)
  • Really never inject or eject when the -e option is passed or device is inappropriate (USB, Net, ...)
  • Fix #577 by having factor back as a float (not a long ! it's a decimal value) and making the appropriate cast.
  • Fix #578 by improving the regexp used for CD/DVD detection with -scanbus option
  • Adds more verbosity when LVM creation fails.
  • Fix #579 by checking with pipes on both sides of the string
  • debugfs should be excluded from the device considered for fstab analysis
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  • branches/3.1/mondo-doc/mondoarchive.8

    r2850 r2937  
    114114Use ISO files (CD images) as backup media. This is good for backing up your
    115115system to a spare hard drive. The
    116 .B -n
     116.B \-n
    117117switch is a wiser choice if you plan to restore from a remote filesystem.
    161161This is the prefered and recommended option when doing partial archiving.
    162162Note that mondo automatically excludes removable media (/mnt/floppy,
    163 /mnt/cdrom, /proc, /sys, /tmp). For example, if you are backing up to an NFS mount but you
     163/mnt/cdrom, /proc, /sys, /run, /tmp). For example, if you are backing up to an NFS mount but you
    164164do not want to include the contents of the mount in a backup, exclude your
    165165local mount-point with this switch. It will also work with partitions, e.g.
    175 .BI "-I " "\*(lqpath|...\*(rq"
     175.BI "\-I " "\*(lqpath|...\*(rq"
    176176Include paths(s) in backup. The paths should be separated with a pipe and surrounded by quotes.
    177177This option is mainly used to perform tests
    186186.BR \-E
    187187option, the \-E content should be subdirectories of those mentioned in
    188 the \-I only, as -I takes precedence.
    190 .TP
    191 .BI "-J " "file"
     188the \-I only, as \-I takes precedence.
     191.BI "\-J " "file"
    192192Specify an explicit list of files and directories to include in a plain text file, one item
    193193(file or directory) per line. Beware that directories placed in that file are not managed recursively contrary to what is done with the \-I option.
    196 .BI "-N"
     196.BI "\-N"
    197197Exclude all mounted network filesystems. This currently means NFS, SMB, Coda, MVFS, AFS
    198198OCFS and Netware. In other words, only backup the local hard disk(s).
    201 .BI "-d " "dev|dir"
     201.BI "\-d " "dev|dir"
    202202Specify the backup device (CD/tape/USB) or directory (NFS/ISO). For CD-R[W] drives,
    203203this is the SCSI node where the drive may be found, e.g. '0,1,0'. For tape
    205205this is the device name of your key or external disk. For ISO users,
    206206this is the directory where the ISO images are stored. For NFS users, this is
    207 the directory within the NFS mount where the backups are stored. The default
     207the subdirectory under the NFS mount where the backups are stored. The default
    208208for ISO and NFS is '/var/cache/mondo'.
    211 .BI "-g "
     211.BI "\-g "
    212212GUI mode. Without this switch, the screen output of mondoarchive is suitable
    213213for processing by an 'expect' wrapper, enabling the user to backup nightly via
    218 .BI "-k " "path"
     218.BI "\-k " "path"
    219219Path of user's kernel. If you are a Debian (<3.0) or Gentoo (<1.4) user then specify
    220220.B \-k FAILSAFE
    224 .BI "-m "
     224.BI "\-m "
    225225Manual (not self-retracting) CD trays are often found on laptops. If you are
    226226a laptop user, your CD burner has BurnProof technology or you experience
    230 .BI "-o "
     230.BI "\-o "
    231231Use OBDR (One Button Disaster Recovery) type of tapes.
    232232By default, tapes are not bootable. With this flag, tape will be made bootable
    236 .BI "-s " "size"
     236.BI "\-s " "size"
    237237How much can each of your backup media hold? You may use 'm' and 'g' on the end
    238238of the number, e.g. '700m' for an extra-large CD-R. You no longer need to
    242 .BI "-x " "'dev ...'"
     242.BI "\-x " "'dev ...'"
    243243Specify non-Linux partitions which you want to backup, e.g. NTFS or BeOS.
    247247.TP 13
    248 .BI "-[0-9] "
     248.BI "\-[0-9] "
    249249Specify the compression level. Default is 3. No compression is 0.
    252 .BI "-A " "command"
     252.BI "\-A " "command"
    253253This command will be called after each CD/NFS/ISO file is written. It is useful
    254254if you want to do something with an ISO after creating it, e.g. write it to a
    255255CD burner using a non-standard command.
    256 .B -A
     256.B \-A
    257257understands two tokens \- _ISO_ and _CD#_ - which will be translated into the
    258258ISO's filename and its index number (1, 2, ...) respectively. So, you could use
    269 .BI "-H "
     269.BI "\-H "
    270270When you boot from the tape/CD, your hard drive will be wiped and the archives
    271271will be restored. Your decision to boot from the tape/CD will be taken as
    276 .BI "-L "
     276.BI "\-L "
    277277Use lzo, a fast compression engine, instead of bzip2. You may find lzo on
    278278Mondo's website or via FreshMeat. WARNING! Some versions of LZO are unstable.
    281 .BI "-G "
     281.BI "\-G "
    282282Use gzip, the standard and quicker Linux compression engine, instead of bzip2.
    285 .BI "-Y "
     285.BI "\-Y "
    286286Use lzma, the new quicker and optimized Linux compression engine, instead of bzip2.
    289 .BI "-R "
     289.BI "\-R "
    290290EXPERIMENTAL. Do not use in mission-critical environments. Star is an
    291291alternative to afio. Mondo now supports POSIX ACLs and extended
    295 .BI "-P " "tarball"
     295.BI "\-P " "tarball"
    296296Post-nuke tarball. If you boot into Nuke Mode and everything is restored
    297297successfully then the
    306 .BI "-S " "path"
     306.BI "\-S " "path"
    307307Specify the full pathname of the scratchdir, the directory where ISO
    308308images are built before being archived. If you have plenty of RAM and
    312 .BI "-T " "path"
     312.BI "\-T " "path"
    313313Specify the full pathname of the tempdir, the directory where temporary
    314314files (other than ISO images being assembled) are stored. See
    318 .BI "-W "
     318.BI "\-W "
    319319Don't make your backup self-booting. This is a really bad idea, IMO. Don't do
    320320this unless you have really great boot disks in your hand and you are an anally
    325 .BI "-b "
     325.BI "\-b "
    326326Specify the internal block size used by the tape drive. This is usually 32K but
    327327some drives just don't like that. They should but they don't. That's what
    332 .BI "-e "
     332.BI "\-e "
    333333Don't eject the CD or tape when backing up...
    336 .BI "-f " "device"
     336.BI "\-f " "device"
    337337Specify the drive on which your Master Boot Record lives. Usually, this is
    338338discovered automatically. A good use case may be when you have software RAID.
    341 .BI "-l " "GRUB|LILO|ELILO|RAW"
     341.BI "\-l " "GRUB|LILO|ELILO|RAW"
    342342Specify the boot loader. By default, your Master Boot Record is examined and
    343343the boot loader can usually be discovered. If you specify RAW then the MBR will
    349 .BI "-Q "
     349.BI "\-Q "
    350350Give more detailed information about the boot loader.
    353 .BI "-K " "loglevel"
     353.BI "\-K " "loglevel"
    354354Specify the loglevel. Use 99 for full debug. Standard debug level is 4.
    357 .BI "-v "
     357.BI "\-v "
    358358Gives mondoarchive version.
    361 .BI "-z "
     361.BI "\-z "
    362362Use extended attributes and acl for each file and store them in the
    363363backup media. Use this option if you use SElinux e.g. but it will slow
    377377support questions.
     380.IR ARCH
     381This variable is passed to the environment by mondoarchive so that
     382parted2fdisk.pl is aware of the underlying hardware architecture.
     385This variable is passed to the environment by mondoarchive so that
     386mindi is aware that it's called from it and act accordingly. It contains
     387the shared directory for the mondo package.
     389.IR PATH
     390This variable is modified internally by mondoarchive so that /sbin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/sbin
     391are appended to it systematically in order to find the required tools.
     393.IR TMPDIR
     394This variable is used, if defined, as the target directory to create
     395all the temporary files needed during the operation (not the scratch files)
     397.IR TMP
     398This variable is used, if defined and if TMPDIR is not defined, as the target
     399directory to create all the temporary files needed during the operation
     400(not the scratch files)
    380402.SH NOTES
    451473.BI USB:
    452 Backup to your USB key, using gzip compression:
    453 .br
    454 .I "mondoarchive -OU -d /dev/sda -G"
     474Backup to your 4GB USB key, using gzip compression:
     476.I "mondoarchive -OU -d /dev/sda -s 4g -G"
    456478.BI RAID:
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