Jul 24, 2011, 4:12:44 AM (9 years ago)
Bruno Cornec

svn merge -r 2773:2849 2.2.9 in 2.2.10

  • Adds 3 binaries called potentially by udev o support USB key mount at restore time (Victor Gattegno)
  • Really support both mkisofs and genisoimage everywhere
  • Try to handle netfs_user better in all cases (NFS and SSHFS)
    • Improve logging in init script
    • Format improvement
    • Removes a warning when trying to launch udevadm and it doesn't exist (RHEL 5 e.g.)
    • Fix syntax description in mondoarchive man page for -E & -I with |
  • Adds download entries for new distro supported (Mageia, Fedora 15, Ubuntu 11.04)

-Fix mindi-get-perl-modules when perl dirs in @INC are symlinks (case on Ubuntu 11.04)

  • Fix option --findkernel in case of Xen kernel so that mondoarchive get a correct answer instead of an empty one.
  • Fix multi-media restore by umounting it before looping to ask for the next (as if already mounted, will not pass to the next alone)
  • Fix 485 by replacing a wrong call to mr_asprintf which was provoking core dumped.
  • Fix -E and -I example in man page which were lacking the '|' as separator
  • Fix #484 by adding support for the arcmsr driver (to support the Areca ARC-1220 RAID Controller)
    • Avoids error msgs if no mondo-restore.cfg file exists (when mindi used stdalone)
    • Adds the swapon feature to mindi-busybox
    • Attempt to fix Xen kernel support by avoiding to remove xen kernel fro; the possible_kernels list too early, whereas it's used afterwards to get them.
    • Fix #481 by supporting the new kbd file in latest Ubuntu 10.10+ (victor.gattegno_at_hp.com)
  • Update from Lester Wade on P2V doc including RHEL6 validation and some minor additions
  • removes telinit call in busybox o try to fix problems whn reboot at end of restore.
  • if -E option for mondoarchive was not specified, variable excp points to NULL, so string exclude_pathes contained '(null)' instead of being avoided (derived from a patch from taguchi_at_ff.iij4u.or.jp)
  • fix -maxdepth option for find command. it sould be '-maxdepth .. -name ..', not '-name .. -maxdepth ..' (patch from taguchi_at_ff.iij4u.or.jp)
  • Adds an extraversion for revision support
  • Adds support for ifconfig and ping for PXE+NFS boot for this version of mindi-busybox
  • Example of MINDI_ADDITIONAL_BOOT_PARAMS in mindi.conf added
  • fix a compilation error
  • Remove an absolute ref in the docs web page
1 edited


  • branches/2.2.10/mondo/src/mondorestore/mondorestore.c

    r2816 r2850  
    838838                        "Using tune2fs to identify your ext2,3 partitions");
    840     mr_asprintf(tmp, "label-partitions-as-necessary %s < /tmp/fstab >> %s 2>> %s", g_mountlist_fname, fstab_fname, MONDO_LOGFILE, MONDO_LOGFILE);
     840    mr_asprintf(tmp, "label-partitions-as-necessary %s < /tmp/fstab >> %s 2>> %s", g_mountlist_fname, MONDO_LOGFILE, MONDO_LOGFILE);
    841841    res = run_program_and_log_output(tmp, TRUE);
    842842    mr_free(tmp);
    20472047    mvaddstr_and_log_it(g_currentY, 0, "Restoring from archives");
    2048     log_msg(2, "Insisting on 1st CD");
     2048    log_msg(2, "Insisting on 1st media, so that I can have a look at LAST-FILELIST-NUMBER");
    20492049    if (g_current_media_number != 1) {
    20502050        log_msg(3, "OK, that's jacked up.");
    21362136        }
    21372137        mr_free(tarball_fname);
     2139        /* Now we need to umount the current media to have the next mounted by insist_on_this_cd_number */
     2140        run_program_and_log_output("umount " MNT_CDROM, FALSE);
    21382141    }
    21392142    mr_free(mds);
    28172820                run_program_and_log_output("mkdir -p /tmp/isodir", 5);
    28182821                if (strstr(bkpinfo->netfs_proto, "sshfs")) {
    2819                     mr_asprintf(tmp, "sshfs -o ro %s /tmp/isodir", bkpinfo->netfs_mount);
     2822                    if (bkpinfo->netfs_user) {
     2823                        mr_asprintf(tmp, "sshfs -o ro %s@%s /tmp/isodir", bkpinfo->netfs_user,bkpinfo->netfs_mount);
     2824                    } else {
     2825                        mr_asprintf(tmp, "sshfs -o ro %s /tmp/isodir", bkpinfo->netfs_mount);
     2826                    }
    28202827                } else {
    2821                     mr_asprintf(tmp, "mount %s -o nolock,ro /tmp/isodir", bkpinfo->netfs_mount);
     2828                    if (bkpinfo->netfs_user) {
     2829                        mr_asprintf(tmp, "mount %s@%s -o nolock,ro /tmp/isodir", bkpinfo->netfs_user,bkpinfo->netfs_mount);
     2830                    } else {
     2831                        mr_asprintf(tmp, "mount %s -o nolock,ro /tmp/isodir", bkpinfo->netfs_mount);
     2832                    }
    28222833                }
    28232834                run_program_and_log_output(tmp, 1);
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