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    2121server is the ip addr of the NFS server
    2222mountpoint is the mount point on the NFS server to use (should be in /etc/exports of the NFS server)
     23rmadisk_size may have to be increase to 131072 on more recent distributions such as rhel 5
    2324The [] mean this parameter is optional
    2425The () mean that you have a choice with the '|' meaning 'or'
    4041During boot mondorestore will start your NFS configuration and mount mondo's content from the network rather than from a physical media. You may alter the IP configuration stored from the original machine by passing the ipconf option describing respectively the IP address, netmask, broadcast and default gateway you want to setup for the machine, separated by ':'. Or alternatively, you may specify the dhcp keyword so that a DHCP request is made to get those information. In the 2 cases, you have to mention on which physical interface those parameters should apply. On some configurations, you may also want to increase the number of ping queries made before the NFS mount, which is of 3 by default, using the ping option and give the number you want. If you have a different NFS server for the deployment than for the archiving, you can also precise it through the nfsmount option. The structure on both server under the mountpoint has to be the same.
     43CAVEAT: the limit to the number of char on the append line is 255. Use symlinks to reduce the size of your path if needed.
    4245Please report any problem around that tool to bruno@mondorescue.org
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