Dec 15, 2007, 2:24:34 AM (12 years ago)
Bruno Cornec
  • Fix lack of /etc/raidtab at restore rime in the right place
  • Adds support for nls_utf8 and pata_serverworks Patches from Dirk Husung (husung_at_tu-harburg.de)
  • Add efibootmgr to deplist.txt in order to be able to modify EFI menu at restore time on ia64
  • Usage of the new testver param of pb 0.8.12 to deliver 2.2.5 packages in a test dir.
  • Update pbcl files for upcoming delivery of 2.2.5
  • Fix an issue on parted output (K instead of KB) in parted2fdisk at restore time
  • Adds support for alb/aft types of bonding on Intel cards (Mark Pinkerton <Mark.Pinkerton_at_emageon.com>)
  • Escape variables in a perl script like mindi-bkphw
  • Better Proliant support at restore time now.
  • Fix a label bug where the variable label should also be re-initialized at each loop
  • start-nfs should NOT do exit => kernel panix as init exits
  • some other fixes for init on denymods
  • Adds boot options denymods (for udev) and forcemods (if not udev)
  • kqemu is denied. Probably should also be done for kvm stuff
  • Fix again the bug on modules link at root of the initrd. Hopefully for good.
  • Wait more around the USB CD emulated by iLO as it takes up to 5 seconds to come up
  • Attempt to fix udev support for RHEL 5.1
  • Better support for automatic iLO Virtual Media with udev
  • Some VMWare support improvements (however, it seems that VMWare support won't be possible anytime soon)
  • during init at restore time, copy all static evices availble for udev, as some distro implementation are no

t yet supported correctly for udev. Not very elegant, but should solve our current issues

  • Fedora 8 now supported as a build target for pb
  • svn.log removed.
  • dependencies reviewd for rhel_3
  • Attempt to fix the lack of modules loaded at restore time - especially fs device drivers
  • removes bkphw dir before potential creation
  • render mount command more vebose at restore time
  • Should fix #217
  • Increase BOOT_SIZE and EXTRA_SIZE to support features such as HW recovery
  • Handles udev.files files which could be symlinks
  • Improve udev support for distro with compressed modules (mdv e.g.)
  • Fix modules.dep copy
  • /sbin/pam_console_apply is needed by mdv udev conf
  • Adds support for nohw boot option to avoid re-setuping the HW conf
  • Improved support for Proliant on cpqacuxe
  • RstHW should be called after driver initialization
  • For debian/ubuntu mindi dpends on mindi-busybox
  • Update mindi-busybox pbcl for correct debian changelog generation, and up2date infos
  • Should fix #215
  • Fix #214 (Thanks to xdelaruelle)
  • Fix again svn.log not used anymore with new pb version
  • Adaptation of build process to upcoming 0.8.12 version of pb
  • Remove MONOTONIC clock to continue to support 2.4 kernels (RHEL 3 e.g. or ESX)
  • Attempt to solve ia64 BMC access through the serial port
  • parted2fdisk binary no more generated
  • do not require perl modules (strict.pm) at restore time
  • try to avoid modprobe messages at restore time
  • on ia64 now use the perl script parted2fdisk at retore time also
  • Also modprobe modules for udev after decompressing the additional ones
  • replace gzip -v9 by gzip -c9. Fix a bug at least on ia64
  • For all modules supported, create symlinks under the mountpoint and extract dev files as some are not automat ically created at the moment
  • Support /vmfs/volumes for ESX
  • Finally do not use vdf for ESX. Only creates issues.
  • Avoids continuing hw support if no product name found
  • Improves ia64 support for bootable image build
  • Fix a potential problem with ramdisk_blocksize param
  • MAKEDEV should also be included in deplist.txt
  • More fixes for udev support for Debian
  • Do not mount /boot if it's already mounted - avoids ESX hang
  • Fix NICs renumbering on Debian at least
  • Udev startup improvement to support iLO + NFS so modprobing all modules seems required as of now
  • Update to version 1.7.3 of busybox for pb
  • Load USB earlier in order to support KBD such as with iLO
  • Do busybox ldd first in order to create a potential /lib64 link correctly and then use it later in the image
  • Use variable DF in mindi to be able to support the ESX vdf
  • Fix mindi for Debian x86_64 where /lib64 is a link
  • Fix issue at restore time for ext2fs params not reused (Fix from Klaus Ade Johnstad <klaus_at_skolelinux.no>)
  • Do not copy udev files if they do not exist In udev case do not insert modules at all (udev should do it alone) May avoid the issue with rhel4.5 kernel ? To be tested
  • Update dependencies for rpm base build as well
  • And also perl is a debian/ubuntu dep
  • Better debian/ubuntu dependecies requirements (mtools)
  • Fix modes on mindi-bkphw (Thanks Phil Walker phil.walker_at_hp.com)
  • Complete rev [1771] for upper case RESTORE cli with syslinux as well
  • Update mindi-busybox to 1.7.3
  • Use RESTORE consistently across mondo to restore without interaction (report from Takeshi Shoji t.shoji_at_tripodw.jp)

(merge -r1769:1841 $SVN_M/branches/2.2.5)

1 edited


  • branches/stable/mondo/src/mondorestore/mondo-rstr-tools.c

    r1770 r1842  
    458458                mr_msg(1,
    459459                        "That's OK. I called mount w/o a filesystem type and it worked fine in the end.");
     460            } else {
     461                log_to_screen("Unable to mount device %s at %s", device,
     462                    mountdir);
    460463            }
    461464        }
    476479 *END_MOUNT_DEVICE                                                        *
    477  **************************************************************************/
    500503           sizeof(struct mountlist_itself));
    501504    sort_mountlist_by_mountpoint(mountlist, 0);
    503507    mvaddstr_and_log_it(g_currentY, 0, _("Mounting devices         "));
    545549    }
    546550    close_progress_form();
    547     run_program_and_log_output("df -m", TRUE);
    548551    if (retval) {
    549552        if (g_partition_table_locked_up > 0) {
    550553            log_to_screen
    551                 (_
    552                  ("fdisk's ioctl() call to refresh its copy of the partition table causes the kernel to"));
    553             log_to_screen(_
    554                           ("lock up the partition table. You might have to reboot and use Interactive Mode to"));
    555             log_to_screen(_
    556                           ("format and restore *without* partitioning first. Sorry for the inconvenience."));
     554                (_("fdisk's ioctl() call to refresh its copy of the partition table causes the kernel to"));
     555            log_to_screen
     556                (_("lock up the partition table. You might have to reboot and use Interactive Mode to"));
     557            log_to_screen
     558                (_("format and restore *without* partitioning first. Sorry for the inconvenience."));
    557559        }
    558560        mr_asprintf(&tmp, _("Could not mount devices %s- shall I abort?"),
    563565            retval = 0;
    564566            log_to_screen
    565                 (_
    566                  ("Continuing, although some devices failed to be mounted"));
     567                (_("Continuing, although some devices failed to be mounted"));
    567568            mvaddstr_and_log_it(g_currentY++, 74, _("Done."));
    568569        } else {
    580581    return (retval);
    582  /**************************************************************************
    583   *END_MOUNT_ALL_DEVICES                                                   *
    584   **************************************************************************/
    587 /*
     584*END_MOUNT_ALL_DEVICES                                                   *
    588589* Mount the CD-ROM or USB device at /mnt/cdrom.
    589590* @param bkpinfo The backup information structure. Fields used:
    594595* @return 0 for success, nonzero for failure.
    596 int mount_media()
    598598    char *mount_cmd = NULL;
    655655    } else if (bkpinfo->backup_media_type == usb) {
    656656        mr_asprintf(&mount_cmd, "mount -t vfat %s %s", bkpinfo->media_device, MNT_CDROM);
    657     } else if (strstr(bkpinfo->media_device, "/dev/"))
     657    } else if (strstr(bkpinfo->media_device, "/dev/")) {
    658658#ifdef __FreeBSD__
    659     {
    660659        mr_asprintf(&mount_cmd, "mount_cd9660 -r %s %s", bkpinfo->media_device,
    661660                MNT_CDROM);
    662     }
    664     {
    665662        mr_asprintf(&mount_cmd, "mount %s -t iso9660 -o ro %s",
    666663                bkpinfo->media_device, MNT_CDROM);
    667     }
    670     else {
     665    } else {
    671666        if (bkpinfo->disaster_recovery
    672667            && does_file_exist("/tmp/CDROM-LIVES-HERE")) {
    704699        mr_msg(2, "Mounted media OK");
    705700    }
    706702    return (res);
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