Sep 27, 2007, 12:21:18 PM (13 years ago)
Bruno Cornec
  • Fix bug #197 (based on an initial patch of Scott Cummings)
  • Fix a bug where df was using locale to print messages and wasn't filtered correctly
  • mkdtemp checked in configure
  • reset_bkpinfo called as early as possible by both main program.
  • It creates a tmpdir cleanly with mkdtemp in setup_tmpdir subfunction, which takes in account TMPIR and TMP env var. Remains to see what tmpfs does and tests
  • configure.in should also be filtered.
  • Remove g_bkpinfo_DONTUSETHIS
  • remove bkpinfo also from header files
  • Render bkpinfo global (potential issue on thread, but should not be a problem as that structure is indeed static during archive)
  • Apply patch from Andree Leidenfrost, modified a bit to use bkpinfo->tmpdir instead of /tmp or MINDI_CACHE when appropriate. Fix security issues in mondo. Thanks al ot Andree for catching all those issues.
  • /tmp => /var/log for mondorestore.log in mindi
  • Update linux terminfo to fix a color issue (Andree Leidenfrost)
  • Removes useless log file (Andree Leidenfrost)
  • replace vi with find_my_editor during restore (Andree Leidenfrost)
  • sync in bg in mindi (VMWare issue to look at)
  • mindi/mindi-busybox have a different version than mondo for pb
  • PB-SUF also added to spec file
  • Fix a bug for pb build (omission of PB-SUF declaration)

(merge -r1631:1662 $SVN_M/branches/2.2.5)

1 edited


  • branches/stable/mondo/src/mondorestore/mondo-rstr-tools.h

    r1580 r1663  
    55void free_global_filenames(void);
    6 void get_cfg_file_from_archive_or_bust(struct s_bkpinfo *);
     6void get_cfg_file_from_archive_or_bust();
    77bool is_file_in_list(char *, char *, char *);   /* needle, haystack, preamble */
    8 int iso_fiddly_bits(struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo, bool nuke_me_please);
     8int iso_fiddly_bits(bool nuke_me_please);
    99void kill_petris(void);
    10 int mount_cdrom(struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo);
     10int mount_cdrom();
    1111int mount_device(char *, char *, char *, bool);
    1212int mount_all_devices(struct mountlist_itself *, bool);
    1313void protect_against_braindead_sysadmins(void);
    14 int read_cfg_file_into_bkpinfo(char *cfg_file, struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo);
    15 struct s_node *process_filelist_and_biggielist(struct s_bkpinfo *);
     14int read_cfg_file_into_bkpinfo(char *cfg_file);
     15struct s_node *process_filelist_and_biggielist();
    1616int backup_crucial_file(char *path_root, char *filename);
    2424void streamline_changes_file(char *, char *);
    2525void set_signals(int on);
    26 void setup_global_filenames(struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo);
     26void setup_global_filenames();
    2727void twenty_seconds_til_yikes(void);
    2828int run_raw_mbr(bool offer_to_hack_scripts, char *bd);
    3030void termination_in_progress(int);
    3131int unmount_all_devices(struct mountlist_itself *);
    32 int get_cfg_file_from_archive(struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo);
     32int get_cfg_file_from_archive();
    3333void ask_about_these_imagedevs(char *infname, char *outfname);
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