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9<h1>Support around Mondo Rescue</h1>
11    <div class="h2-1">
12      <h2>Help yourself</h2>
13    </div>
14    <p>First, when you have an issue, please try to read the various log files that Mondo Rescue produces. 99% of the time, the error is described in it in clear text. Those file are:
15    <ul>
16            <li><tt>/var/log/mondo-archive.log</tt></li>
17            <li><tt>/var/log/mindi.log</tt></li>
18            <li><tt>/var/log/mondo-restore.log</tt></li>
19    </ul></p>
20    <p>Second look at the <a href="/docs.shtml">Mondo Rescue documentation</a> and the extensive FAQ section of the Mondo Rescue HOWTO, as a lot of good tip and tricks are provided there.</p>
21    <p>Third look at the <a href="">Mondo Rescue wiki</a> which may contain additional comments,and feel free to contribute by adding your remarks.</p>
22    <p>Fourth look at the <a href="">Mondo Rescue Mailing List Archives</a> as you're probably not the first with this problem.</p>
23    <p>Finally post on the <a href="">Mondo Rescue Mailing List</a> if you did not find what you were looking for, as there are more than 400 users there who could help you, including dev team members. <b>But</b>, they can only help you if your provide at least the above mentionned <b>2 first log files</b>.</p>
24    <p>If your think you found a bug in Mondo Rescue, please <a href="">fill a bug report</a> and also include the log files.</p>
25    <p>Likely, if you wish Mondo Rescue had your dreamed new shiny function, feel free to create an <a href="">feature request</a>.</p>
26    <div class="h2-3">
27            <h2>Mondo Rescue Mailing Lists</h2>
28    </div>
29    <p>There are 4 mailing lists for the Mondo Rescue Community:</p>
30    <ul>
31            <li>The <a href="">Mondo Rescue Announce Mailing List</a> with low traffic dedicated to annoucements around Mondo Rescue.</li>
32            <li>The <a href="">Mondo Rescue Itanium (aka ia64) Mailing List</a> with moderate traffic dedicated to discussions around Mondo Rescue port on the Intel Itanium processor based systems.</li>
33            <li>The <a href="">Mondo Rescue Mailing List</a> with most of the traffic dedicated to discussions around Mondo Rescue.</li>
34            <li>The <a href="">Mondo Rescue Developpers Mailing List</a> with moderate traffic dedicated to discussions between Mondo Rescue developpers.</li>
35    </ul>
36    <div class="h2-5">
37            <h2>Professional support services</h2>
38    </div>
39    <p>For commercial support contracts for Mondo Rescue please contact one of the following companies:
40    <ul>
41            <li><b><a href="">Linagora</a></b> - Contact: <a href="">Support Service</a></li>
42    </ul></p>
43    <p>For commercial enhancement and consulting services around Mondo Rescue,
44    please contact one of the following companies:
45    <ul>
46            <li><b><a href="">Hewlett-Packard</a></b> - Contact: <a href="">Free, Libre and Open Source Expertise Center</a></li>
47            <li><b><a href="">Harms Consulting</a></b> - Contact: <a href="">Consulting Department</a></li>
48    </ul></p>
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51  </body>
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