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1Mindi uses the busybox ( project to create the boot environement used during restore.
3If you want to modify the busybox support, you have to:
51/ Get busybox sources and extract them
62/ Copy as a base the .config file from the mindi directory under the name .config in this source directory.
7   3 files are proposed:
8 : Configure busybox for Network support (NFS, PXE)
9   .config-busybox-i386     : Configure busybox for Normal support (CDs, DVD, Tapes)
10   .config-busybox-ia64     : Configure busybox for Normal and Network support on ia64/Itanium
113/ Reconfigure busybox (make menuconfig)
124/ Rebuild the new busybox (make busybox)
135/ copy the new busybox binary from that directory to rootfs/bin under the mindi source tree
14   3 files are proposed:
15 : busybox with Network support (NFS, PXE)
16   busybox-i386     : busybox with Normal support (CDs, DVD, Tapes)
17   busybox-ia64     : busybox with Normal and Network support on ia64/Itanium
186/ Relaunch mindi or mondoarchive if you use it.
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