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1README for mondo/mrmini usage with tools to backup Hardware configuration
3Some Hardware Manufacturers such as HP provide tools to store the Hardware configuration of their systems, such as the BIOS setup, the RAID setup, ...
5mrmini has a script able to store the Hardware configuration and those parameters may be restored before launching mondorestore during the boot phase computed by mrmini, in order to re-setup the machine as the original one.
7For the moment, only HP Proliant systems are supported. If you have tools to allow support for other type of machines, feel free to contribute patches to that script.
9If you have a Proliant system you first need to get the Smart Start Scripting Toolkit. Due to licenses issues, mrmini cannot provide those tools itself. You need to get them from
11mrmini expects to find those tools under /usr/local/bin as described in the deplist.d/proliant.conf configuration file. Here are the steps to set it up correctly:
13Older URL:
17cd /tmp
19mkdir ssstk
20cd ssstk
21tar xvfz ../ss-scripting-toolkit-linux-1.90.tar.gz
22cp -a utilities/hponcfg /usr/local/bin
23cp -a utilities/conrep /usr/local/bin
24cp -a utilities/conrep.xml /usr/local/bin
25cp -a utilities/cpqacuxe/cpqacuxe /usr/local/bin
26cp -a utilities/cpqacuxe/bld /usr/local/bin
27mv /usr/local/bin/bld/*.so /usr/local/lib
28echo /usr/local/lib >> /etc/
31You're now ready to check your configuration by running:
32mrmini-bkphw /var/cache/mrmini /etc/mrmini
33[First parameter is the directory where files will be generated,
34 Second parameter is the directory of the file proliant.files is located]
36For these tools to work you may have to install additional packages such as hpasm and hprsm from the HP Web site, as well as some libstdc++ compatibility packages (compat-libstdc++-33 and compat-libstdc++-296 on RHEL 5 e.g.)
38In order to have a working hponcfg binary you also need to install the hprsm/hpasm packages from HP Web site. Refer to
402007-05-30 Initial file
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